The Winx Club Cast's Twisted Reality

You don't want to know why I did this!

Summary: Yes I know I have a lot of fanfics to update and stuff that I haven't finished chapters to, but bear with me. Because this is funny!

Disclaimer: It's not so much a story as it is a desperate cry for help

Dedication: Everyone who really likes this story and is in friggin' love with me for writing it!

The Laws of Pixies

The First law of pixies: If there is a group of magical pixies then there will always be one who needs a translator. (Titi) She will hopefully be bonded to a fairy who understands her.

Piff: Dob bah dob do dah!

Chatta: Piff said that was rude

The second law of pixies: If there is a group of magical pixies then there has to be one who talks too much and will be bonded to the shy fairy with no self esteem.

Chatta: But I'll cheer her on! Go Flora!

Flora: (runs off crying because she really didn't want anyone to know about her self esteem issues)

The third law of pixies: It makes sense to have your name be Tune even if you are the pixie of manners and you have nothing to do with music. Infact you can't even sing!

Tune: (Screams) That was very rude!

The fourth law of pixies: No matter what you may think, the power to sleep really helps the team when you're trying to beat up evil people (Thank you Purple Nova)

Piff: Goo gahh? Ahh?

Lockette: Piff says, what do you mean sleep doesn't help?

Sadly that is all I could think of. Please read and review.

And if I think of more rules for Pixies I'll make a part two.