Author's note: this is my first attempt at something depressing

Warning: please note that in this story Naruto doesn't know about kyuubi & he is kakashi's student.

…Now to our feature presentation…


Rain drops

Naruto liked the rain. He liked the cold wetness that seeped into his clothes. He felt a connection to it. No one was ever out to enjoy the feel of the rain slither across their skin, to welcome the droplets back to earth. The people didn't want to risk getting sick.

Yes…he felt very much like the rain drops.


Kakashi sighed. He didn't like rain. But here he was standing in the middle of it, looking for his student.

He turned the corner and sighed again. Where was he?


Naruto tipped his face up toward the crying sky and smiled, but it was soon washed away. He never could hide from the rain.


Kakashi finally found him in the most unlikely of spots. Out in the middle of no where. He had had to use his nin dog to track him down.

Now he almost wishes he hadn't.


Naruto barely registered the presence of his sensei, leisurely striding up behind him. All his focus was on the rain that calmly fell on to his open palm.


Kakashi observed as his student's cupped palm filled with water and then watched as it overflowed and slowly slid down the back of his hand. He knows now that he has been a fool. A blind fool. So he says the only thing that comes to mind.

"Naruto doesn't exist does he?"


Naruto kept gazing, as if in a trance, at the sparkling rain water balanced in his hand and replied.

"No he doesn't…

"But there is a boy…

"A scared boy…

"A lost boy…

"A guilty boy…


Kakashi's head snapped toward his charge as Naruto continued.


"There's something wrong with him. Something terribly wrong…"

Naruto tipped his palm so that the water poured out and fell to the ground. He stared blankly at it before speaking again.

"He's made a mistake somewhere in the past. One he doesn't remember…

"He's tried hard to, really he has. But it's useless, he just can't remember…

"But he's sure he deserves the treatment they give him…

"That there's a rational explanation, they're just not willing to share it with him…

"Yeah…They're just not willing to share, that's all…

"There's got to be reason…

Naruto looks up to the sky again.

"There has to be."


Naruto didn't notice the arms that now held him tightly. Didn't notice that the rain had stopped. He was still lost in the dark recess of his mind.