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Chris Perry Halliwell

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Summery: Chris has just arrived from the future and Piper has an unusual connection

Chris found Leanne at the golden gate bridge. He just stood silently behind her.

"How could you." Chris suddenly shouted making her jump. "I trusted you. And now you come back to the past. I left Bianca for you. I loved you."

"Now Chris don't say things you don't mean. Oh by the way this is my time I went to the future to turn Wyatt not the past." Leanne said.


"Because I didn't want to grow up in a world of good it's no fun."

"So you turned my big brother."

"Yeah it was easy and I will do it again."

"I can't let you do that." Chris said with tears streaming down his face. He pulled out a knife and threw it at her heart. The knife struck its target down and Chris caught her before she fell. Orbing her to a safe place he returned to the manor.

"Leanne won't be bothering us anymore." Chris said looking defeated.

"Why" piper asked.

"Cos she I dead I had to kill her she was the reason Wyatt turned bad." He snapped before breaking down in tears.

Piper's motherly skills kicked in as she pulled her youngest son into a hug. The others joined them for a big family hug has Chris sobbed into his mothers shoulder.

The end.

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