Hello people Darkmelody here, this is my new fanfiction, because of my obbsesion of Gaara and Hinata, in my opinion the best characters.

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Love Hurts, Lust Hurts More

Chapter One: Pathetic

Have to try harder, Hinata draws in another breath, she's so tired, but won't quit, determined to be better. Father, I'll make you proud, I'll make you like me. Again Hinata fights the invisible enemy in front of her with the faces of the people in her way, she's unaware of the eyes watching her every move. Not good enough! Try harder!


Gaara watches the girl not to far in front of him, to busy to notice him in the tree. He just went for his nightly walk while the rest of his team sleep peacefully, when he saw the usually meek, and weak girl, fighting somebody who isn't there, her thick jacket is on the ground, surprising him with the many curves the girl has in her simple tank top. Even from where Gaara is he can see the dark circles under the girls eyes in the candle light, he can't quiet remeber the girls name.


Hinata, cries in shock when one of her legs go out, landing her face first in the dirt, so tired, her eyes slowly close. NO! Get up! She orders herself, she can't stop not now. She uses her weakened and tired muscles to get her to her hands and knees, but her body is to tired to get herself higher than that, she needs rest, in which she hasn't had in three long days.

"Get up," she orders herself, voice small, "please get up?" Her order turns into a plea, tears start to trail down her pale cheeks. I have to get stronger, I have to get up, I HAVE TO PROVE FATHER WRONG! But her attempts get her no where, she falls back to the ground weakly, I'm useless, I'm nothing, more tears spill, making the dirt cake on her face.

"And I thought you were actually worth something, how pathetic," A cold voice makes it's way to Hinata's ears, she weakly looks up, her pearl colored eyes meeting a pair of cold, glass like blue eyes, she gasps in fear and cluches the dirt into her hands, this is the first time she's seen him sence the chunin exam three years ago, he hasn't entered the recent years, why is he here?

"L-leave m-me alone," She orders, fear numbing out all other sences, all other thoughts, she remembers seeing him kill, he enjoyed it, couldn't get enough, that thought alone scares Hinata beyond words. Then the thought dawns on here, death, no more pain, my father would be happy. Hinata's body unvoluntarily tences when the demon possesed boy kneels down beside her.

"Did you just give me an order?" He asks, venom running off his tongue, Hinata fills her lungs with air, holding it there, everyone will be more happy if I was dead.

"Wh-what if I d-did?" She asks, but it's not sarcastic or carefree, as she had wished it to be, it was weak, scared, she's terrified none the less, but she wants to be brave, she wants to make everyone one happy. She flenches when she hears him laugh, a cold merciless laugh, that would scare even her cousin Neji.

"If that wasn't so pathetic I would kill you," He says before getting up and leaving Hinata completly alone with her sorrows. Pathetic, the word echo's in her mind, mocking her, more tears fall, with new streignth and renewed determination Hinata gets to her feet, I'm not pathetic! I'll show you, I'll show everyone!


Gaara is only a few steps away from the hot springs, but he stops as a voise fills the air, a voice usually full of fear, and weakness filled with bravery and hate, loud enough and clear enough to wake the whole village, her voice,


A smirk appears on Gaara's lips, this girl doesn't know who she's messing with.

I know this one was short, and kinda sucks, the others should be longer and better.