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Nick hung up the phone and sighed. His old friend Jake had called, he was in town and wanted Nick to shown him around town. 'It's not like I'm out on the town everyday, what am I supposed to show him, the lab? He took his best pants and a black shirt, he was going to meet Jake in thirty minutes at his hotel.

"Tell me again why I'm doing this?" Sara asked her friend Joan as she tried to put her hair up.

"Because, I think you need to get out more, and since you love me you always do as I say!"

"Yeah, right!" She smiled her toothy smile and shook her head.

"C'mon, you know I'm right! You spend too much time at work, your whole life is based on dead guys! I mean you've had like what, one date since Hank left you."

"Well, when you're a CSI work takes up a lot of time, and maybe I didn't want to go on dates after Hank!" Joan understood by Sara's voice that the conversation about her love life was over. Joan sat down on Sara's bed, she was dressed in a black leather dress which by Sara's opinion looked as if it belonged to a doll, and her shining red hair was curled. Sara herself was dressed in a dark, red, halter neck dress, it was a bit too shiny and Sara thought about taking it off. 'This isn't me, I don't have these kinds of curves.'

"What am I going to do with my hair?" Sara sighed. Joan walked over to her with a brush in her right hand. She started combing her hair and finally made it look nothing like Sara was used to. She looked in the mirror, stunned and pleased.

"How'd you do that?" Sara smiled.


Nick pulled up at the hotel and saw Jake coming down the stairs, he was wearing blue jeans and a black t-shirt. He stepped into the car and smiled.

"Hey man, what's up?" Jake asked.

"Hey, not much… you ready to go?" Nick replied.

"Yep, where're we going?" Jake asked.

"Well, I don't know, I hardly ever get out so I don't really know the places."

"Good, cause this friend of mine told me about this club, The Blue something something…"

"Yeah I think I know where it is…" Nick said and started the engine.

"You sure, cause it's not really your stile." Jake teased.

"I know, but one of the bartenders there killed this chick about a year ago."

"Oh, okay!"

Joan looked around and stopped the car.

"Here it is." Sara looked around. 'So I guess we're going to walk a bit then.'

"I don't see any club." Sara said.

"No but do you see the bunch of people over there? That's the line." Joan explained.

"Great… well I'm glad you convinced me to wear these shoes then." Sara replied sarcastically and glanced down at the little black shoes with a thin heel.

"Don't be so negative about everything!" The two women got out of the car and started walking. When they had been standing in line for fifteen minutes Joan leaned over and whispered to Sara.

"You know, I used to have a VIP card here before, and we could go up to the guard and say that I forgotten it, hopefully he'll remember me!"

"And if he doesn't?"

"Well, I guess we're pretty screwed then" She said and laughed. Sara shook her head as she smiled at her naive friend, but Joan had already started walking. When Sara saw this she ran after her until she was walking next to her again. He guard was really tall and looked pretty annoyed, but as he saw Joan walking towards him he smiled. Joan walked in a way that made every guy bend their neck.

"Joanie! Long time no seen!" The guard said to her with a grin.

"Yeah well you know, some vacation from Vegas is always needed." The guard laughed and turned to Sara. His smile disappeared.

"What are you doing here? Got another complain to do?" Sara finally knew why she recognized this guy. The murdered girl from last year… Killed by a bartender. The memories flashed by as she remembered yelling at the guard after telling her and Nick that they couldn't pass without a VIP card.

"No, I'm just here to have some fun." Sara replied, trying not to sound serious.

"Well, we don't want any of you agent guys running around here…"

"She's with me!" Joan finally jumped in. "This is my friend Sara, but I guess you guys already met…" The guard looked confused, like it was too much information on one night.

"So the CSI is friend with our little dancing princess, huh? Well, where's your card?" Joan smiled and started looking through her purse.

"Oh, God, I think I've lost it! Oh no!" The guard looked a bit suspicious and Sara wondered if this was actually going to work. Joan pulled her hand out of the purse.

"But c'mon, you know I'm VIP! I just forgot the card at home!"

"Fine, but don't forget it the next time! And you, he turned his face to Sara, I'll keep an eye on you!" Sara didn't care, she'd been threatened before, she just kept on walking after Joan.

Nick and Jake pulled up at the street and walked out of the car. 'That's probably the longest line I've ever seen.' But Jake didn't seem to care.

"Now this, this is Vegas!" He laughed and looked over to Nick.

"I guess so…" He replied. After forty minutes they were almost at the entrance. Jake made sure he looked good. When they got to the door, there was a blond young woman standing there.

"Welcome boys!" She said with a smile as they passed. The crowd was unbelievable, every inch was either someone or something.

"C'mon Nicky, lets get something to drink!"

"I'll get some drinks and you go find a place to sit!" Joan had to yell so that Sara would hear her over the music. Sara nodded and disappeared when she heard Joan say to the bartender:

"Two of the strongest you've got!" After a bit of searching Sara found a little table with three chairs in the corner. She sat down and looked around. The place was full of people, she could never see herself at a club like this. The music was pretty good though. After just a minute Joan appeared in front of Sara.

"Here, take this." Joan said and held out a glass of some blue liquid.

"What is this?" Sara thought about all the times she had gotten the case of someone drinking poison just because they didn't know what it was. Joan could read the look on her face.

"Don't worry, I've had these a thousand times! Just drink it fast!" She said.

"Yeah, and look how you turned out!" Sara replied. Joan gave her a sarcastic smile and lifted her glass.

"Here we go! To a girl's night out!" She said and put the glass to her lips.

"To a girl's night out…" Sara repeated and drank about half the glass. One taste of the drink and she was about to spit it out. She looked at Joan who sat there, trying to keep her mouth closed.

"What the hell is this?" Sara asked.

"Trust me, you don't wanna know."

Jake stood by the bar ordering drinks as Nick took a look at the place.

"Nice girls in this town!" Jake laughed again and handed Nick his glass. After a few drinks, some catching up talk and about a dozen girls asking them to dance they were both a bit drunk. Every time Jake saw another girl smiling at him he turned to Nick and said something like 'Did you see that one? Nick, did you see the look on her face? Hey, Nick look at that girl!' 'I feel like I'm baby sitting a high school boy…' When two blond women came up and asked them to dance they put their glasses down and followed the women to the dance floor.

"You look like you're about to throw up!" Joan laughed at Sara's face as she took her fourth blue drink. They were both a bit drunk and Sara felt that she was a lot more relaxed then when they first got there.

" I think it's time to dance!" Joan stood up and held out her hand. Sara grabbed it, against her one will, and pulled herself up. They walked to the huge dance floor and started dancing.

"I can't dance Joan! You know that!" Sara yelled.

"It's a lot easier now when your drunk, just move with the music!" Sara did as she was told and after just a second she and Joan were dancing with the music, moving after the rhythm.

"Hey Nicky, look over there." As always Nick turned his head to look Jake's latest dream.

"What?" He asked and looked in the direction of Jake's finger.

"You see, those two girls, the brunette and the red head? Look at the way they're dancing!" Nick looked and he came to think about Sara Sidle, that brown hair. He' had feelings for her since the first time he saw her, but lately he had been thinking about her more and more. And when she started seeing that Hank guy he couldn't help not to get jealous.

"Let's go!" Nick looked confused. "We'll go dance with them and buy them a drink later!"

"You go, I'll be there in a minute…" Jake gave his a slap on the shoulders and danced away. The two women were dancing closely and Nick tried to se their faces. The one with red hair turned and faced Nick, 'she looks cute' and just like that Jake was dancing with her. 'I guess I'll take the other one then…' He thought as he started to walk slowly towards them. The other woman had chocolate brown hair, but she never turned so he didn't get a chance to see what she looked like. The young woman wrapped her arms over her head and moved her hips to the music. 'She's beautiful' When he was just a little bit from her she turned around. Her eyes were closed but her whole face was smiling. Nick felt his heart stop, everything else freezing for just a second. 'What? It can't be, how could it be? But… Oh my God…' He took another step and put his hand on her shoulder,

"Sara?" He almost yelled. She opened her eyes. The smile was gone, here eyes were confused and she stopped moving.

"Oh my God, Nick?" She looked around to make sure she was still at the club and not just dreaming. She wasn't. Her heart was still beating fast after the long dance, but seeing Nick made it beat in another way. 'Please don't say he saw me dancing! Why did I have to dance?'

"What are you doing here?" He interrupted her thoughts.

"Well… dancing." She said it like she did this every day. "What about you?"

"Same, almost… Guess it's more drinking then dancing." He smiled at her.

"Are you here with someone?" He asked even though he knew she was there with 'Red head girl'. He just hoped they weren't there with anyone else.

"Yeah, my friend Joan. You here alone?" 'Please don't have a date, please don't have a date!'

"No," 'great…' "I'm here with my old friend Jake from Texas, he's just visiting." 'Yes, yes, yes!' Sara's face was smiling again.

"Do you wanna get a drink?" He asked her.

"Yeah, but not that blue thing, if I have one more you'll probably have to carry me home." They laughed and sat down at the bar. After another few drinks they started to dance again. Sara moved her body close to him. 'I'm not exactly the best dancer, I hope she's drunk enough to not notice…' She danced with her back against his chest.

"You need to loosen up a bit!" She said over her shoulder. Nick looked at her and got a feeling this was all a dream. Then she turned around to him. She put her hands on his hips and moved him with her. The clock hit two and the music turned to a slow dance.

"And now comes a few slower songs for the night's couples!" A voice yelled out through the speakers. Nick looked at Sara thinking she would get off the dance floor, but she only stood there, looking at him. 'Isn't he supposed to ask me to dance?' She looked around and saw Joan, her arms were wrapped around Nick's friend, Jake. 'I should ask her to dance… but I'm not good at dancing, and she probably won't dance with me anyway, she doesn't like me in that way… right?' Sara was looking pretty worried by now, everyone around them were dancing except them. Suddenly a guy walked up to Sara, probably in his early thirty's. He looked at the two of them and smiled.

"You wanna dance?" He gave Sara a big smile and held out his hand. 'Ooh, creepy guy, but if Nicks not going to ask me I might as well dance with him…' She looked at Nick one last time, as if to say "this is your last chance."

"Uhm, I…" Sara was about to take the guys hand when…

"No, she's… already taken…" Nick said and took her hand. The guy looked pretty pissed and walked away. Sara looked into Nick's eyes. He was smiling.

"Would you like to dance, with me?"

"I thought you'd never ask!" She teased him. Nick put his hands on her waist and pulled her closer to him. She wrapped her arms around his neck and closed her eyes. They moved to the soft rhythm. 'I can't believe I'm at a club, dancing with Nick Stokes…' Sara thought to herself and smiled. Nick could feel Sara's body pressing tighter against his. 'I can't believe this is actually happening…' She could smell the sweet smell from his shirt, she loved that smell. When the song was over they pulled away. From that moment they weren't shy anymore. They took a few more drinks, but the mainly danced. After about an hour of fun Joan and Jake came up to them.

"So, what have the two love birds been doing by themselves for so long?" Joan asked with a smile. Sara had told her about 'this Nick guy from work', and was glad that her friend finally had made a move. Jake held his hand around Joan's waist and looked happy.

"Just having fun, dancing. How about you guys?" Nick replied.

"Well…" Jake began.

"We've just been dancing too", Joan filled in. They talked for a while until Sara and Joan disappeared to the lady's room.

"So are you having fun yet?" Joan asked while she put on some more lip gloss. Sara smiled to herself, which was enough answer to Joan. "See! Now aren't you glad I made you go out?"

"Yeah… I am." Sara thought about Nick again and couldn't help smiling. As they walked out the bathroom they heard that the speakers had started with the slow dance again. Jake and Nick walked up to them Joan and Jake started to dance right away. Nick took Sara's hand and squeezed it.

"What are we doing?" Sara asked as she wrapped her arms around his neck once again.

"Having fun?" Nick asked into her hair.

"Yeah… But think about Monday, how's it going to be then?" Nick understood what she meant. He had hoped that the subject wouldn't come up.

"Monday isn't until Monday, it's just Saturday, we're here to have fun, right?" Sara stayed quiet for a while then she took a deep breath and started talking again.

"You know, I've had this crush on you since like… forever…" She didn't know what made her say that, she was drunk. But now that she had said it she felt relieved. Nick didn't say anything. After another moment of silent she felt disappointed. 'Great Sara, now you've spoiled the friendship!' She thought to herself. But then Nick spoke up.

"I guess I've had more than a crush on you ever since you walked in on that first day at the lab…" Sara stepped back a bit, just enough so that she could lift up her face and look into his eyes. He leaned down and kissed her softly on her lips, like he was asking for permission. Sara smiled and pulled him closer. They deepened the kiss and continued dancing. When they needed air again they pulled back an inch. They smiled at each other and Sara said:

"That was the best kiss ever…" about a half an hour later a voice yelled out the speakers:

"Okay folks, it's time to close up!" People around them sighed and walked towards the exit. Nick held Sara's hand as the followed the crowd. They saw Joan and Jake kissing like mad and started to laugh. When they got out they realized they had arrived with car, and driving right now wasn't the smartest thing. So they called a cab. When they got to Jake's hotel Joan got out of the cab. She leaned over to Sara.

"Hey, look… I'm gonna go in with Jake, is that okay?" She was smiling and Sara new that since Jake was a friend of Nick's Joan would be safe.

"Sure, I had a great time, have fun and remember to be careful!" The hotel was closest to Nick so that's where they headed. When they were right outside his house Nick turned to see Sara was asleep. He didn't really know what to do, she couldn't just let her sleep and let the driver take her home. He put his hand on her shoulder.

"Sara, wake up…" She blinked and opened her eyes. She sat up properly.

"Where are we?" She asked a bit confused.

"Outside my house… Just wanted to wake you to say bye…" Sara glanced at the driver. He looked tiered and kept smiling at her in the mirror.

"Can I come in with you, just for a while? I need to use the bathroom." She added. Nick looked surprised but nodded. He paid the driver and helped Sara out the car. When they got inside Sara excused herself and went into the bathroom. 'Oh my God…. Look at me…' Her eyes were read and the makeup was almost gone. Her hair was a mess. She cupped her hands and let the cold water fill them. As the water dripped down her face she looked in the mirror again. 'It's four in the morning, and I'm in Nick's house.' When she got out the bathroom Nick was sitting on the couch waiting for her.

"Hey, how're you feeling?" He asked and moved a bit so that she could sit down.

"Good, a bit tired though…" She giggled.

"Well, do you want me to call another cab?" He asked but Sara shocked her head.

"I don't wanna go home… That means I have to go back to reality…"

"You could stay here for a while. Do you want something to drink, non alcoholic though!"

"Sure…" Nick came back with two cups of coffee and they settled in on the couch.

"You wanna watch some TV?" Nick asked after a moment of awkwardness.

"Yeah." Sara replied with a bit of relived. Nick flicked through the channels until he found a good movie. 'Hopes she likes this one… ' Nick thought and glanced over to Sara. She was sitting and watching the movie, but she could feel his eyes on her. 'This is so weird, but still nice in some way…'. When they'd watch the movie for about ten minutes Nick turned to Sara to tell her something. But Sara was already asleep. Her eyes were closed and her chest slowly lifted. 'Should I wake her up?' But he new that she was tiered, so he softly wrapped his arms around her body and picked her up. He carried her to his bedroom and put her in the bed. He took a blanket and a pillow to have on the living room couch. After just a second he was asleep.

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