Severus sat in the living room after another long year of teaching. He was tired of all the students that pretended to care about his classes. Just than a 10-year-old girl walked in.

She had dark black hair pulled into a ponytail that reached her mid-back, and dark brown eyes. She wore a dark emerald color robe and carried in a tray with two cups of tea.

"Tired father," said the girl.

"Lillian," said Professor Snape looking over as she took a seat across from him and set the tea down.

Professor Snape took a glass and looked at his daughter. She would be starting school next year.

"Everything ok?" asked Professor Snape as he looked over.

"No, just wanted to sit here and have some tea. I thought you might like some as well," said Lillian.

Lillian sat there, she knew better than to ask of anything from her father. Most people didn't seem the loving side to him that there was. Even she didn't see it much either, only when he was really worried about her.

Professor Snape looked over and saw that look that she was hiding something.

"What's going on?" asked Snape as he took a slip of his tea.

"Huh," said Lillian.

"I know you young lady and I know that when you want to talk to me about something you are unsure of you are very quiet and you also look down a lot as well. So what is it?" asked Snape.

"As you and I both know I am going to be going to Hogwarts next year and…" said Lillian.

"And what?" asked Snape.

"I don't want people knowing who I am," said Lillian.

"What?" asked Snape thinking he didn't hear her right?

"I don't want people to know that I am Lillian Snape," said Lillian trying to chose her words carefully. "It will cause nothing but trouble."

"How do you know that?" asked Snape even thought he had an idea.

"Well one thing, I have been to Hogwarts effort to tell that almost all of the school is scared of you. Two, I will get the stupid thing saying you go easier on my marking that could get not only me but you as well into trouble and also I want to make friends who will like me for me, not for what my father is or isn't," said Lillian looking at him.

"If you want it to be that way alright," said Snape. "I'll tell Dumbledore."

"Thanks," said Lillian who would have hugged him but knew better since her father hated it.

Lillian was about to leave when she turn and looked at him.

"Father," said Lillian.

"Yes?" asked Snape looking over.

"Would my mother be proud of me?" asked Lillian.

This question caught Snape off-guard. How was he to answer that? He didn't have any feelings for Samantha. After all it was an arrange marriage.

Lillian also knew this and soon walked out of the room feeling stupid of what she just asked. She had asked the stupidest thing ever and her father looked at her with confusion as to what she wanted.

Lillian quickly ran up to her room after giving the tray to a house elf. She sat there and began to cry. She was so stupid. She was going to be 11 in less than a few days and this is how she acts.

Meanwhile downstairs Professor Snape had got up after his daughter ran out of the room. He wanted to say something but he couldn't.

A/N: Alright I thought it would be cool to see how the book would go with Professor Snape having a daughter. More to come soon.