Lillian walked down to the gate and they stopped and looked at each other.

"You will write right?" asked Hermonie.

"Yeah," said Ron.

"I'll do what I can but my father has this summer lessons plan for me," said Lillian.

"And I don't know about me. It's up to my aunt and uncle," said Harry.

"You sure you want the school knowing about your father?" asked Ron.

"I'll live though it. Besides I'm tired of keeping up the lie. I'm going to miss all of you," said Lillian as she lightly hugged all of them.

"We will see each other next year Lil. So how come you are not riding on the train?" asked Harry.

"I go home with my dad," said Lillian.

"Come on you three you will miss the train!" yelled Hagrid.

"Take care guys," said Lillian as they took off.

"Bye Lil!" They all yelled.

Lillian watch as they left and soon saw the smoke of the train as well. Snape walked over and Lillian looked at him.

"I may not like Potter or the other two very much but…" Began Snape. "They seem to mean a lot to you so I won't ever stop you from being their friend."

"Thanks dad," said Lillian. "I can't believe I was first with Hermonie at the top of the year."

Snape didn't say anything just walked away. Lillian quickly follows him and couldn't wait for next year where she would see them again.

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