The Dragon Bane


The dragon is a homoeothermic reptile. In other words, it is a warm-blooded creature and its body temperature is controlled internally. This characteristic enables it to adapt to the different climates of its very extensive habitat and to maintain its activities both day and night throughout the year, as it is not dependent on warmth from the sun like other reptiles. The dragon generally has wings, and its bones are hollow, for lightness. There are dragons, ancient survivors of the distant past, with stumpy legs and no wings. These rare survivors of a remote era are intelligent and fairly aggressive. They belong to a single species known as the "worm of the deep", a species on the verge of extinction. This creature s live for a very long time—there have been no know records of dragons dying of old age. Instead, they died from accidents, diseases, or as a result of the actions of their most relentless enemy: man

Throughout history, dragons and human beings have been unable to co-exist peacefully. As a result, mankind has not been able to benefit from ancient dragon knowledge. Man's cravings for power and his religious beliefs have kept Europe engulfed in interminable and bloody struggles. The dragon lords could not understand the reasons for man's self-destructive behavior, and kept well out of the way, retreating to remote hiding places far from all this confusion. Shrouded in mystery, the dragon's trail remained lost in the obscurity of legend. However, the dragons secretly pursued their quest for knowledge accepting and teaching those few men who sought the essence of truth. In some instances, the dragon's powerful presence hypnotized these few humans and they ended up falling in love with them. On occasion the feelings were returned. Draconian's were the results of these human and dragon relationships. Some Draconian lived among the humans in the wizarding, blending in inconspicuously, never revealing their origins. Others lived among the dragons, creating a empire, even more secure then the Elvin sanctuary.

In the Wizarding world, they created names for themselves, which in time became the most respected families in the world. Among these families were Potter, Malfoy, Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, Slytherin, Nott, Zabini, Wood, Black, Dumbledore, and Flamel. These families became the heads of the wizarding world. There were other lesser-known families, whose names were not recorded, and there are the Draconian who intermingled with the non-magic race, muggle's, and there is only one name to ever be recorded from that group—Evans. Many Draconian families believe that creating any sort of bond with non-magic species was an act worthy of exile. Dargus Evans, the youngest son of a dragon lord, and the only one who refused to ban his son and family.

Chapter 1: Changes

He ran. He didn't know where, but he knew he had to keep going, never slowing his pace. He couldn't stop or they'd catch him, and hurt him; most likely kill him. So he forced himself on. Weary with tiredness, feet aching from the never-ending running, he slipped, triggering one of the many traps around him. For the first time in his life he felt completely helpless.

Sitting deep within a pit with no way out, he screamed, tears of frustration running down tanned cheeks. 'No, I need to find a way out! Need to warn the clan!'

Hearing feet shuffle, he looked up, into the icy blue eyes of man who had haunted his dreams for the past year. He watched, feeling as helpless as a newborn child, as the blue-eyed man jumped down into the pit, dark blue hair flowing in the wind. " Harry Potter…" was the last thing he heard, before seeing the dark electric blue sword swinging toward his head.

Jerking awake, a scream tore through his clenched teeth. Frantically he looked around, sighing deeply when he realized he was alone. 'Safe,' he thought. A stressed grin made its way to Harry Potter's face as he thought about the Dursleys. 'Right, safe.' He snorted as he thought about his treatment within the family.

Thinking about the Dursleys, he held his breath, hoping he didn't wake Vernon but as soon as he let it loose he heard the all to familiar thumps of Vernon Dursley's feet and the shuffling of the metal as he tumbled with the locks. The door flew open, revealing Vernon Dursley. He had a large, red face, not much of a neck, small, watery blue eyes and thick, blond hair that lay smoothly on his thick, fat head.

At the moment his face was contracted into a snarl, revealing rows of straight white teeth. "BOY! How many times do I have to tell you to keep your mouth shut! People are trying to sleep. But no-o-o you think because you have you-know-what that you can do whatever you want! Well you can't. I think it's about time someone show you who's really in charge!"

Stumbling forward, he reached for Harry, pulling him up by his unruly, black hair. Holding him at arms length, he reared his left hand back, bringing it down upon Harry's turned face.

A shriek made Vernon turn his head, Petunia was standing in the doorway, a long narrow hand covering her white face, shock written clearly in her eyes.

"Vernon! What on earth do you think your doing! Release Harry right now!" Her voice quivered, but her flaming brown eyes burned into Vernon's blue ones.

"Pet-tunia, h-he needs to be punished!" Vernon stuttered out.

"Release the boy Vernon. Do you honestly believe it is a good idea to beat a wizard? One who is still developing his magic, and is prone to have accidental bursts, reacting to however strongly he is feeling?" Petunia asked, thin lips setting into a frown, as she stalked towards Harry who was dropped uncaringly to the floor.

"Get out Vernon, before you see what I truly am capable of." She snarled, kneeling down before Harry.

Grabbing his chin, she used her over robe to clean away the blood that was dripping for a small cut that Vernon's wedding ring caused. "I'm so sorry Harry. I should have never let it get this far." A small tear slid from her right eye, running down her thin cheek. "Starting tomorrow, you and I are going to go out and find you some proper clothes, a new hair cut, glasses, and some other necessities." She whispered, a small smile forming on her usually scowling face.

"Aunt Petunia, not to be rude, but why? Why now? I mean you had nearly 16 years to start liking me. Why the change of heart?" Harry asked, his emerald eyes narrowed in confusion.

Petunia frowned, eyes shutting before she exhaled slowly. "I was jealous, believe it or not. I was jealous that you had the gift, that you inherited our family's most treasured gift. Which isn't just becoming a wizard. But I'll leave that for another day. See Lily also inherited this gift, and our parents were so happy, and even though they never mentioned it, they were deeply disappointed in me for being a mere human. And I hated Lily for it. When she died, I thought my anger would simply die with her, but you arrived and the moment I looked into those gorgeous emerald eyes I knew that you would be just like her. And every emotion that I thought had died with Lily and James returned. I just wish we could make up for all the lost time!" She chocked, tears running freely down her face, as she buried her face into her hands.

Harry sat shocked; slowly he raised his arms and encircled her in a gentle hug, giving her enough room to pull away, but instead she clung to him. "Shhh… its okay Aunt Petunia. Everything's all-better now. We'll make up for all the lost time starting this summer. We'll do everything that we never did." Harry said rubbing small soothing circles on her bony back.
--------------------------- -----------------------------------------------

The next day, Harry awoke to a smiling Petunia. " How was your sleep, dear?" She asked happily, pulling the grimy blinds back from the windows, allowing warm rays of light to filter through.

"We defiantly need to get new blinds, don't we?" She mumbled to herself.

Harry watch in amusement as his aunt walked around the room, finally pausing at his open trunk, which was filled to the brim with books, and other school supplies. "Well, we're going to have to make a stop at Diagon Alley and get you some new supplies there, like a new trunk." She mumbled again, shutting the lid.

Turning around, she smiled. "Brunch is downstairs in the sun room. Go have a shower, and get dressed, and we'll leave in say…an hour?" She asked, checking her watch. Seeing Harry nod, she left the room, shutting the door with a soft click.

After showering and dressing in some old, grungy, too big clothing, he met Petunia downstairs. She was sipping her tea, and staring off into the garden. "Hello, Aunt Petunia." He said as he sat down. Grabbing a plate, Harry put an egg, two pieces of bacon, and a piece of toast on its clean surface. Eating quickly, he leaned back in his chair contently.

"Harry is that all you're eating? Surely you must be hungry?" Petunia asked, worry evident in her eyes.

Harry was about to protest, but his stomach growled. Face going hot in embarrassment, he ducked his head. "Oh Harry! You don't need to worry about not eating anymore. Here let me fill your plate." She grabbed his clean plate from him, and loaded it up. "This is what Dudders eats. Surely you can eat that too; both of you are growing boys." She smiled fondly.

Harry stared in amazement, hoping his aunt didn't expect him to eat everything on his plate. Grabbing his fork, he dug in, stuffing eggs in his mouth.


The drive into London was long, and quiet. Harry made small talk with his aunt about flowers or other normal things. Finally Harry spotted the 'Leaky Caldron' hidden in its usual place.

"That's the Leaky Caldron?" Aunt Petunia inquired, her nose curled up in distaste. The Leaky Caldron was a tiny grubby-looking pub.

"Yeah, amazing isn't it? Only people who have magic or are accompanied by a wizard can see it." Harry said, not realizing his aunt was simply appalled by the grubbiness of it.

"Are all wizarding stores similar?" She asked, frowning.

"Some, others are just really fancy, clustered, or dangerous. So don't wander around by your self, okay? I've gotten lost so many times." Harry said, smiling.

Walking through the pub, he was stopped by many who just wanted to touch his robes, or shake his hand. Finally after what seemed hours to Harry they reached the brick wall.

"Why are we stopping? Did we go the wrong way?" Petunia asked worriedly.

"No, this is the entrance to Diagon Alley."

Tapping the right brick sequence with his wand, he watched his aunt's mouth open in shock, as pieces of the brick seemed to melt away. Finally, all the bricks were gone, revealing crowded streets packed with witches and wizards, and shops crammed into every space provided.

"Welcome Aunt Petunia, to Diagon Alley!"

"Oh, Harry it still looks exactly the same since the last time I stepped foot here, with your mother." She whispered, hands gripping her purse tightly.


Two weeks and four days later Petunia went out of her way to make a special lamb dinner for Harry's birthday. She sent Dudley and Vernon out to the movies, and then a boxing match in order to keep them out of the way.

"Oh Harry, you're turning 16! I'm so happy for you!" She exclaimed happily, after dinner was ready, handing him a large thin rectangular package.

Harry grinned and ripped off the green wrapping paper. It was a wooden box with carvings of dragons, and humans with wings all up the left side. "Aunt Petunia, it's absolutely brilliant." He whispered, running his fingers across the silver outlining of the dragon, and over the emerald eyes.

Petunia let out a light laugh. "Oh Harry dear! You haven't even opened the actual present!"

Blushing bright red, he slowly opened the box. A small gasp escaped his mouth as he gazed upon the item. " Oh Merlin! Aunt Petunia it's absolutely gorgeous." He whispered, his hand picking up the large sword. The hilt, which seemed to be a dragon in flight fit perfectly with his hand, the sword part was a vibrant dark emerald green, with old hieroglyphs carved tastefully on one side of the sword. "What do the hieroglyphs mean?" He asked his aunt.

"My father said that, once translated it has a different meaning for whoever holds the sword. It's been passed down from generation to generation to whoever has the gift. Tonight you will receive that gift. Do not ask what it is because I do not know the full extent of the gift. You will not be coming back to Privet Drive, for they will take you with them. When they come, do not fight for it will only end horribly." Petunia said, holding Harry's hand lightly. "Come, it is late and almost time for you to receive your inheritance."

Looking at the clock, she realized he only had an hour to get sleep before the transformation. "Go, I will see you when you return home from Hogwarts." Giving him a hug she sent him on his way to his room.

"Whoa, wait, what on earth are you talking about Aunt P? This is sounding ominous!" Harry said eyes wide. Smiling sadly his aunt sent him up to his room, whispering 'Good Luck' and 'I love you Harry' in his ear.

Harry lay sleepily on his new queen sized bed, drifting in between the dream world and awareness. Suddenly he felt something, a prickle in between his shoulder blades. Eyes snapping open, he arched off his bed…