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Chapter 14:

Today was the day, and Harry dreaded it. The halls were filled with nervous anticipation, churning Harry's insides. Bones creaking with a stiffness Harry couldn't remember having since his time spent under the stairs back at Number four private drive, Harry sat in his Transfiguration class his quill tapping silently against the desk.

"Mr. Potter, are you paying attention?"

Nodding his head, Harry lazily started to write down the instructions. A sniffle caught his attention, turning his head slightly he caught sight of a puffy red eyed Hermione. Feeling slightly guilty, Harry thought about apologizing, quickly he shook his head. Apologizing? For what? He'd done nothing wrong, how could someone blame him for her doings? Easy, judging by the look Ron was shooting him.

The bell chimed softly, "I want a thirteen inch parchment on Human Transformations, the differences between the known five. For Bonus marks, you may talk about certain famous transformations where things have gone wrong, or the steps that was taken to achieve these transformations. Due in two days."

Feeling slightly alone, Harry began the short journey to the Charms class room. His name being called angrily had him pausing in mid stride. Turning his head slightly, Harry spotted Ron storming through the crowd, a livid expression smearing his face. Harry quickly turned the corner, attempting to stop the confrontation by escaping. A sharp jerk on his elbow cut off his thoughts, as he was thrown quite angrily into the stone wall.

With an angry growl Harry had his wand pointed into his attacker's throat, feeling guilty that he was forced to use violence against such a good friend.

"Ron, what in the name of Merlin are you doing?" Harry growled his wand steadily trained on the red faced boy.

"Me? Look at yourself! Pointing your wand at me as if I was Malfoy-"

"If you recall Ronald, you were the one who made the first move of violence, or does throwing ones friend into a wall not count?"

"That's not the same, mate! I tried to get your attention. What you did to Hermione was uncalled for!"

"Uncalled for? Like what you are doing to me now? I believe that was uncalled for. Did you by any chance ask Hermione why I had that conversation at all? It was for the benefit of our friendship."

Harry lowered his wand, taking one last look at Ron's angered face; Harry spun on his heel and continued his way to the Charms classroom. Stopping again, Harry spun to face Ron. "She had no idea what she was doing to our friendship! She's pushing me away with all her consistent nagging! I took, I took her aside to tell her that, but she just kept pushing- kept treating me as if I were a child! I snapped!"

Ron looked flabbergasted for a good second before the angry flush slowly ebbed away. "Harry, she has been somewhat pushy lately, hasn't she? It's just that after the Order meeting, Dumbledore pulled us aside and asked us to look after you, make sure you were okay, I guess Hermione just took it a little more seriously than expected."

Ron watched a little timidly as Harry's look darkened, "Harry?"

"Look, we're really late for class. I don't know about you, but I'm hungry, you want to head down to the kitchens?"

"Umm, sure. You alright mate? You look a little pissed."

Taking a deep breath, Harry nodded but seeing the look Ron shot him Harry felt inclined to elaborate. "I'm just tired of everyone trying to run my life. It's like I'm some bloody pawn on a chess board. It's just tiring, is all."

"Oh, I didn't know it was that bad." Ron tickled the pear quickly, entering the kitchen with a large smile as the fumes from the food met his eager nose.


It was time. If he wanted to pull this off, he would have to do it now. Slipping away from everyone, Harry made his way to the 'Den'. Draco was waiting patiently for him, the spell book opened to the section on his lap.

"So this is what you plan on doing?" Draco asked grey eyes trained on Harry's form, dropping Celestica Blood and Rune Magic, by Fredric Harmings on the table.

"Yes. I tweaked it so it will counter when I say the 'magic words'." Harry said irritably, "Did you know that Dumbledore had Ron and Hermione looking out for me. That was the reason why Hermione has been acting like an over bearing hen! Someday that old coot is going to get what's coming to him."

"And what is exactly coming to him?"

"A sharp kick in the ass, and denied his bloody candy for a few years." Harry muttered darkly.

Draco laughed softly, before his expression turned serious, "Look Harry, these spells are complicated even to an educated wizard; I'm sure Dumbledore would have certain problems with these- without the 'tweaking' you said you've done."

"Ahh, but you forget one important part, mate. We are not just wizards. We are Draconian. That makes up for everything."

"Harry, honestly. Do truthfully expect this to work. You could end up permanently split. One Bane and one Harry Potter. What than?"

Shrugging, Harry refused to acknowledge that, "I'll make do. But have a little faith, it'll work."

"Harry- Fine. You're doing the spell work. We are also going to do it on me."

"No." Harry spat out the moment the words left Draco's mouth.

"You don't have a choice in this matter. Silver Hawk will be there, and if you recall Monday I made an announcement that Draco would be going since Bane and him are such good friends. I have no idea what possessed me to do that."

"Shit. Draco, I don't think it would be a good idea for you to do the splitting as well…I'm going to go prepare for the ritual, think it over."

"Harry, did if ever occur to you that if you are so worried and against me doing the splitting that perhaps you should reconsider yourself?"

With a lazy smirk, Harry shrugged, "Yes, difference there, is that everyone would love to have two Harry Potters…two Draco Malfoy's is a whole other story."

"Go prepare."

Harry entered a side chamber that he had asked Hogwarts for. Years ago, Harry found that if asked politely Hogwarts would help you anyway she could. Walking into the room, Harry looked over the six pointed star located in the center of room. At each point, an object that belonged to Harry and Bane sat, with a deep breath Harry strode purposefully into the center of the star, awaiting him was a pot of red powder. Powerful magic swept over him; swiftly Harry removed his school robes. Shutting his eyes, Harry concentrated on the runes that were supposed to be drawn on to his chest and back, without any physical contact to the powder. His magic flared around him, powder rose from the clay pot, swirling around him in an intricate dance. He could feel a bead of sweat run down his face, not daring to move to swipe it aside, Harry summoned up the runes that he had memorized and looked over multiply of times. Harry felt the soft touch as the powder slowly traced the runes on to his body.

Harry gasped as the last rune was completed, the power that they activated threatened to overwhelm him, speaking he found was proving to be difficult. For the first time since Harry found the spell book, fear over came him. The text had said this is where most failed in the casting. The power that was awoken within the caster was so powerful it overcame the casters ability to finish the spell. Panic seized him; he felt his heart beat quicker, painfully so. Trying to take a deep breath in order to calm himself, Harry found near impossible.

Quickly Harry thought of the incantation, with great force Harry breathed out the words. Whispering the last words of the easy incantation, Harry felt the pressure decrease, instantly Harry felt the panic lessen and his breathing came easier. Now, Harry realized would be the proper time to fit in his 'tweaking'.

"Eòin na mara ri seinn 'sa toirt sòlas dom' chridh'.'S iad ag itealachd gu h-àrd 'san Eilean Dorcha" (A.n I apologize, I hate when authors do this, just wanted every one to know that this verse has no real meaning and it's not mine:P thanks)

Harry felt the tare happen. With an agonized scream, Harry fell to his hands and knees. Another scream sounded in his ears. The change, as he thought it would didn't come. But he could feel the power pulsating from beside him. Turning his head slightly, he caught sight of another version of himself that he became so used too. Bane too was on his hands and knees, his bare chest heaving as he attempted to get more air.

Confused, Harry stretched apprehensively, when nothing seemed to be hurt, he raised himself onto his haunches. Eyeing his counterpart, Harry started to go over why this had happened. "Bane?"

Bane sat up, looking around at his surroundings "No, it's Merlin. Of course it's Bane, you fool."

Shocked, it took Harry a second to reply. "Look, we have a meeting, it should be starting in the next-"

"I know. I am you, remember? I know all about the plan. If you recall I was the one who thought of it."

"Thought of it? How could one of us think of it individually? We are one of the same- you understand that right?"

Bane raised a dark eyebrow at him, "Yes, that is true, but I am the more intelligent one."

"I'm sure we both hold the same amount of intelligence."

"Yes, but you cannot do any Draconian magic. So therefore I am the more powerful one." Here Bane gave Harry a vicious smirk.

More than a little shocked at his other half, Harry shook his head, "Look, I hope you don't decide to act like this."

"Act like what?" Bane asked innocently, getting to his feet. Lazily he stretched, before sauntering towards the door.

"Bane." Harry growled out, "You will act accordingly. Is that understood?"

Bane continued out the door, ignoring Harry's empty threat. Harry hurrying after him encountered Bane standing extremely close to Draco, seemingly smelling the blonde. Harry thundered over to him, yanking Bane around "What do you think your doing?"

Bane growled low in his throat. "Draco is part of my pack."

"Our pack," Harry corrected instantly.

Watching the exchange with wide eyes, Draco took a step back, before opening his mouth to speak, "I see things went well?"

"Well enough" both replied, before glaring at one another.

Draco let out a bark of laughter; turning to Harry he regarded him with questioning eyes, "You are no longer Draconian. I can smell the change."

"I separated the wizard from the Draconian. I just thought that it was going to be me in the Draconian form. But I suppose it makes little to no difference. I just never realized that Bane is such an arse."

"An arse? Who are you calling an arse, you plebian?" Bane snarled defensively.

"Plebian? Dear me, are you calling yourself a plebian Bane." Draco asked off handily, a pale eyebrow raised in question. Taking one step closer, Draco smirked, "Remember Bane, you do not exist without Harry. You'd do well to remember that."

Harry watched with wide eyes, never having had Draco stand up to him, Bane growled threateningly, but Draco for the fist time since the transformation stood his ground. "It would seem you are not as powerful as you are combined with Harry."

"How dare you-" Bane started before stopping, "You are right of course. I do not know what came over me. But I do know that the meeting is to be starting soon."

Draco glanced down at his wrist watch, "Yes, we have half an hour to be there." Glancing at Bane he asked, "Do you know what to say?"

"Of course." Bane snapped, spinning away to the wardrobe room.

"Bit of an odd one he is." Harry commented half heartedly. "Thanks for that. It feels rather different to be only Harry."

Draco nodded stiffly, "Look, Dumbledore stopped by during the ritual, he said that we are to attend, and that Silver Hawk is going to be running 'errands', he wants you to be dressed in these" here he gestured to a stack of clothes sitting on the couch.

"Draco, are you okay? You seem really withdrawn."

Draco cast him a quick glance, "I do not feel comfortable around either of you. It seems wrong."

Harry felt those words like they were a knife being driven into his back, "I'm sorry, but it won't be much longer."

"Happen if everything went wrong- you're 'tweaking' didn't work. What than? You might have just destroyed everything." Draco snarled, wringing his hands.

"Destroyed- Draco what have I destroyed. We'll still be friends, if- and that's a big IF I messed up the spell."

"That's just it Harry, we're only going to be 'friends'. We aren't friends! We are brothers- and we can't be unless we're whole."

Harry laid a reassuring hand on Draco's shoulder, before raising his hand to show Draco, "Draco, look- do you see it? That is the bond, it is still there, and whole- nothing will change that. I'm still the same."

"You're not the same. You not Draconian."

"Does it really matter? Will it affect our friendship?"

Draco paused, before shrugging. "We have to get ready- I'll do your hair."

Perplexed at the abrupt change in Draco, Harry shrugged, going to wave his hand to spell on his clothes they jumped slightly but stayed put. Frowning, Harry sighed, brining out his wand. With a quick flourish his clothes had changed. Glancing down at the outfit, Harry frowned, "Draco why does Dumbledore want me to wear battle robes?"

"Don't ask me." Draco said, coming out with a bottle of hair products, giving Harry a once over, he shrugged, "they look good on you."

Harry sat down, allowing Draco to spike his hair. "I don't understand why I have to wear them. I'm not going to go up against Bane- I'm not, am I?"

"No your not. I have no idea why Dumbledore wants it. . Alright there you go."

Harry stood, just as Bane came out of the room with a flourish. "So how do I look?

Harry eyed the Draconian, "Scales away. Remember everyone, except a select few; think you're just a wizard. Nothing but skin."

"Alright." Bane concentrated, and slowly Harry and Draco watched the scales disappear. "Do I have to wear the mask?"

"Yes." Draco replied firmly, "You look far too much like Harry. Everyone would know."

Bane placed the black mask over his eyes, "Are we ready?"

"Yes, you should shadow to the meeting place, you are expected to be there first." Harry instructed, but Bane was gone with a flurry of snow. "Show off."

"Now you know how the rest of the Draconians felt when you used to do such things back in Atlantis."

Harry shrugged, "Let's go, we'll go our separate ways when we get closer."


Harry couldn't believe the amount of people that showed up to this meeting; it would seem that most of the school showed. People glanced at Harry oddly, but his face was set into stony determination.


Ron galloped up to him, but stopped as he looked over his outfit, "Harry, where did you get the battle get-up?"

Harry looked at himself in one of the windows. "Dumbledore gave them to me. He wants me to wear them for the meeting. I feel like a fool."

"Harry, you look impressive." Hermione disagreed, coming up behind Ron. A pink tinge graced her cheeks. "I'm sorry Harry."

Smiling at her, Harry shrugged, "I'm sorry as well, I just couldn't take it anymore. I hope things won't change between our friendships."

"Oh Harry!" Hermione flung herself at him.

"Well, well, well. What do we have here? Cheating on the Weaslebee again?"

"Malfoy, not now. Don't you have some little first years to go terrorize." Ron growled out, his hand going into his robes for his wand.

"Mr. Weasley, Mr. Malfoy! Separate right this instance!" McGonagall's voice cut through the tension, as she walked by the two, exiting the great hall after making sure all was in order.

Draco left with a smirk towards Harry. Narrowing his eyes in mock anger, Harry turned to Hermione. "He's such a tool."

Hermione cast him a strange unreadable glance before turning to the now opening door. Ron gripped his shoulder in anticipation, before galloping off with the crowd of students. Dumbledore seemed to expect such a large gathering, and offered at the last minute to use the great hall.

Harry stood at the back, leaning up against the door as everyone crowded around the podium. Feeling a presence next to him, he glanced to the side, noticing now that he had lost more than just Draconian magic, but all of his more alert senses. With a sigh, Harry closed his eyes, trying to use his magic to heighten his hearing and sight.

"You alright Harry?" Neville asked, his hand touching Harry's shoulder gently.

"Yes, I'm fine. I just have done something that will take some time to get used to."

"What happened? I thought you were going to be up there-"

"I am going to be." Harry said quickly, shooting Neville a look that said they'd discuss it later.

"Alright. You just seem really jumpy."

"Thanks Neville, I'm okay though." Harry reassured, "You better go get some good spots. It's going to be interesting."

Neville looked hesitantly out at the crowd, nodding a farewell; he started to weave his way through. With heavy lidded eyes, Harry watched the mob quite. It was time.


Bane watched the crowd through a glamor charm, the self-assurance that he had given off in waves was now reduced to waves of nervousness. They crowded around the dais with such energy. Looking through the crowd he tried to find some familiar faces, Hermione, Ron, Neville, Seamus, but looking at each didn't help Bane become more confident. The Slytherin's stood near the back, Draco at the very center, a soft regal look on his face, but remembering the way Draco had torn him down with little to no effort didn't bring the feeling of confidence back. No standing at the very back of the crowd leaning against the doorway was himself, dressed in a red spider silk shirt with a Dragon hide jacket over it, with dark pants that he could faintly make out as Dragon Hide as well. This picture of himself, leaning back without a care in the world, brought to him a sense of- he didn't know what sense it brought him, but all he cared was the fact that looking at this part of him brought the sense of confidence he had been looking for back.

Stepping up to the dais, Bane allowed the glamour to stay on for another few seconds, judging the worth of these students. Yes, he had done so many times in the past weeks, but something seemed different right now.

Slowly he allowed the glamour to shimmer off him, the crowd was instantly silent, regally he glanced about him, and for once he was unsure of what to say, so he allowed his silence around him to unnerve the crowd. Spotting some younger faces, he shook his head.

"I'm going to have to ask all to leave that are not above fifth years." Bane announced steadily, his voice rough as he intended it to be. When no one moved he let out a dark scowl, "Now!"

The younger years scattered, scrambling for the door quickly, some of the older years feeling nervous decided to leave as well. With a smirk, Bane continued, "Now, the only people I want staying after this is students with an 'O' in Defense."

Now there was a cry of outrage from most people, and Bane finally saw the crowd cut down. Surveying the now smaller crowd, he frowned, surely there was more people in Hogwarts that had an 'O' in Defense. Shaking his head, he hopped down from the platform.

Weaving through the students he used his own magic to look at their Aura. When someone was not suited for what he needed he kindly asked them to leave, most were in their fifth years. Roberto Jodienar, a Hufflepuff, put up quite a big scene, leaving the Hall after cursing Bane to hell.

Back on the dais, he asked a simple question. "Why are you here?"

As Bane expected everyone was silent. "Slytherin's! Why are you here?"

They shifted uncomfortably, glancing at their 'Prince', who smirked and answered back lazily, "Easy, power."

"Which you could easily gain by joining the Dark Lord. Why attempt to join my side?" Bane asked, very aware that he centered himself out from Dumbledore and Voldemort.

Draco raised an eyebrow, "How do you know we're not just here to gather information?"

Bane himself felt a little stumped at this question; he let out a bark of laughter, "Touché."

"We are here because unlike certain people" Draco gave a pointed glance to the Gryffindor's, "we like to know which each side has to offer us."

"That's good. That's one of the best things you can do for ones self." Bane complimented, surprising everyone, especially the Slytherin's. "Gryffindor's! Why are you here?"

They shuffled their feet nervously, glancing around for someone, before almost all of them started to mutter their reasons. "Stop. Don't you have a spokes person of sorts?"

Simultaneously everyone glanced towards the door where Harry stood. "Potter?"

Harry froze, before sighing tiredly. Walking over to the Gryffindor section, he stood slightly to the side. "Do we have to have a reason?"

Bane scowled, "If you have no reason of being here, other than to waste my time, you and your house can leave."

Harry frowned at him before taking a deep breath, "I can only speak for myself. Contrary to what most people believe, I'm not here to gain more attention, or as the ministry would like everyone to believe; power or more glory. But, I've been surrounded by the war, I've lost my family, and I've had many friends be continuously put in danger because of-" here he paused, unsure how to put it, Voldemort was no longer a threat, "to insane vicious men. So, despite preferring to stay out of this, I can't. I want retribution, and I want it soon."

The room stared at Harry, picking up on how much bitterness his words held, shivering slightly as his eyes darkened when he mentioned getting vengeance.

Bane nodded appreciatively if not a bit solemnly, before rounding on the Hufflepuff's. Susan Bones stepped forward nervously, "We are here because we want the war to stop. Many of us have lost loved ones in the previous war, and are continuing to loose loved ones now. I want it to stop, and I will give everything I have to make it happen."

Harry and Bane gazed at the Hufflepuff with admiration, Harry felt his arm hair stand on end as the Hufflepuff finished, Bane turned to the Ravenclaw's.

"We want to learn." One Ravenclaw said, Harry couldn't get a look at him.

"Figures," Bane murmured quietly, before smirking towards the entire group. "There is nothing wrong with wishing to learn. But, sometimes, in order to become more knowledgeable you need to get the experience, to take a look out side of your books, and learn from others around you."

Gazing out at the series of faces, Bane felt stumped, he knew who he wanted, and who he didn't want. Wishing he could just tell the rest to leave, but knowing that he couldn't Bane let out a small sigh. "So," The crowd shifted nervously. The Slytherin's looked to Draco for guidance, and Bane foolishly glanced at Draco as well. Harry seeing the slightly lost look took a step forward. "So how are you going to pick whose going to be part of your group? Just stare at us?"

Turning to glare at his other half, he growled, "I already know who I want."

"Than who is it?"

Sticking his nose in the air that reminded Harry of Draco's mother, Harry scowled. "Well, are you going to have us standing here all day or are you going to actually do as you're meant to?"

"Fine. From each house I have chosen four individuals. From Hufflepuff I have chosen Susan Bones, Hannah Abbott, Justin Finch-Fletchley, and Ernie Macmillan. Now, will all Hufflepuff's who were not named, please leave."

Harry watched as some of the Hufflepuff's left with stricken faces. Harry eyed the remaining four, Hannah Abbott stood frozen with disbelieve- this was something he would need to correct. The pureblood witch was quite powerful and with a little guidance would do wonders for the world. The other three stood with quite determination. Bane started to talk again, forcing Harry's attention to his other half.

"Now, from Ravenclaw. Michael Corner, Cho Chang, Terry Boot, and Anthony Goldstein. The rest please leave the room."

The crowds waited patiently for Bane to continue, when he did not but opted for staring at the two remaining houses. Finally he shook his head, "You know, I have studied, and watched you all. I believed I knew who I wished to be in my group. Dumbledore warned me, I was not to play favorites of any house. Not being a Hogwarts student myself, I believed that was simply. But now, I do not know."

"I asked myself, how would I choose? Did I want the brave, courageous and extremely loyal of the Gryffindor's? The intelligent, knowledgeable, and wit of the Ravenclaw's? What about the patient hardworking, fair Hufflepuff's'? Or did I want the cunning, ambitious, resourcefulness of the Slytherin's?"

The crowd gazed at him with rapt attention, waiting for his next words. Bane still stared at the two remaining houses. "From Slytherin I have chosen..." Bane paused, shaking his head. "Pansy Parkinson. Blaise Zabini. Theodore Nott."

Everyone waited for the last name to be called, some believing they already knew who it was. The obvious choice everyone thought. Draco Malfoy will be called up and chosen.

"Last, Vincent Crabbe" with a quick smirk Bane added, "I have found to realize that I can not add one with out the other, Gregory Goyle will be joining as well.

The two hulking figures straightened proudly, before turning confused and concerned looks towards their leader. Draco gave a small yet brief smile, which Harry thought reminded him of a father smiling to his child.

Suddenly the Slytherin's realized who had been recruited; looks of horror crossed their normally stately looks. Uproar started as the chosen Slytherin's eyed Draco for any sign of disapproval, or anger. Pansy and Theodore started to mumble excuses about not being able to join.

Finally having enough of their objecting voices, Bane silenced them all. "Quite. I am going to release the spell- only if you remain silent." Bane let go of the spell, the Slytherin's shifted nervously. "What was that?"

"I'm not joining." Pansy stated, Theodore joining in quickly after.

Draco laughed, "Why not?"

The entire hall focused in on him. "I think having you five will be a good addition of Banes small army."

"But what about you?" Theodore asked quietly.

"What about me?" Draco asked, seeing the lost looks on his house mates, he gave an annoyed huff. "You all realize that I support Bane. I respect his choices. Either way, I am already with a different group being trained with them."

Immediately, the entire hall had their wands pointed at him. Harry felt a sudden burst of anger boil up in his veins. Stepping forward, Harry stood in front of Draco. "He is being trained with me. Do you suspect me of joining the Death Eaters?"

Still suspicious, the Gryffindor's and the already chosen eight lowered their wands, but did not put them away. Bane nodded towards Harry and Draco. "Now Gryffindor's. The second most prejudice people I know."

The hall went silent. Even Harry didn't expect to hear that. Bane continued, even when the information began to sink in. "I have chosen. Hermione Granger, Ronald Weasley, Neville Longbottom, Seamus Finnegan. Everyone but the chosen may stay, along with Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy."


The rest of the night passed by in an excruciating blur. Bane had gone right into drills and defense lessons, having Harry and Draco wander around the room pointing out inconsistencies, and than helping the student perform difficult spells properly.

Finally, Bane stopped the panting seventeen students, "Tomorrow, you are to meet me at the edge of the forbidden forest. There you will meet my brother, Lord Silverhawk. As you leave, you each will shake hands and thank Mr. Malfoy and Mr. Potter for lending us their help."

The hall stared at them, theirs thoughts all the same. Five students sneered, thinking about shaking hands with a Gryffindor, the rest, thinking the same about shaking hands with a slimly snake.

But under the piercing stair of their new leader, they did as they were told. Hermione last to shake Draco's hands murmured a quick sincere thank-you.

The hall became silent quickly leaving behind three silent figures. Draco nodded at his brother. "Lets go get you guys back to normal."

Bane and Harry huffed in annoyance, but followed Draco through the winding halls leading towards their room. Harry stopped before the portrait of the women; the other two had already traveled through the elements to their room, leaving Harry standing outside the door.

She smiled, "Well, hello there handsome."

Blushing, Harry smiled in return, "Hello. How are you today?"

"Bored. I never realized that I would think about burning my own portrait when I commissioned an artist to paint me. I so wish I was placed somewhere more open, with more portraits…maybe where the children pass."

Nodding Harry stated the password, only to be denied, "Won't you stay and speak with me just a moment longer?"

"I'm sorry ma'am. But I am in a great hurry to complete an assignment." Harry lied smoothly, "I would greatly appreciate it if you would allow me access to my rooms. I promise to you, that I will come and talk with you later."

"Very well."