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Finally, the Doctor thought, time to rest. The last few days had been completely action-packed and even he-who-never-slept needed a chance to stop and take a quick rest. After shooing both Rose and Jack to bed, the Doctor had trudged to his room and collapsed upon his bed. That had been a few hours ago and yet he still hadn't fallen asleep.

Something in the back of his mind was keeping him awake. His eyes were heavy, yet they refused to close. His mind was shutting down, yet working furiously, trying to figure out what was bugging him so. He glared at the ceiling, as if blaming it for keeping him up.

Then suddenly his vision was filled with a great, blinding white light. His body was filled with a white-hot pain but it was gone as soon as it had come.

For the few moments afterwards, the Doctor lay on his bed, gasping. He felt no desire to sleep anymore. When, abruptly, he knew what it meant.


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