A man holds a bowl of needles above his head. Around him a desolate terrain stretches as far as the eye can see. The landscape is dotted with millions of small dunes, never seeming to alter in size or shape.

He throws the needles into a small hole at the top of one of the dunes and watches them drop into infinite blackness.

The needles had begun to pick up momentum, this freefall into the void rapidly became supersonic, the absolute absence of friction kept them from incineration.

The blackness is what would eventually be our universe; one of the needles was the starting point. They traveled for centuries; and in many different kinds of centuries, one hundred years on earth can be relative to anywhere from fifteen seconds to fifty-thousand years in different galaxies.

As they traveled, they dispersed, being drawn by subtle gravitational pull from different directions.

The destination took forty-four million years to complete, but a needle had finally reached the beginning of it all.

It jettisoned towards a planet with a sphere surrounding it, a blue shield protecting the planet from unsanitary universal debris. But the shield could not hold up against the colossal force of the needle, it pierced the hole necessary to contaminate the planet against every universal disease that came into contact with it. After the needle had broken through the protective atmosphere it obliterated into millions of tiny shards; they floated around the atmosphere and eventually landed on the Earth.

The virgin planet was susceptible to everything, in about a billion years signs of life had finally begun to form. The little contaminated metals had contributed the chemicals for bacteria to produce, and in many different environments. The pieces that landed in the Atlantic contributed to the generation of carbon based life-forms.

Seventy-eight billion years later, the cliché 'needle in a haystack' is taken for granted.

These little pieces never disintegrated. Every single one still exists, and still influences life as much as ever.

Now, I don't know what it was that I ate, but whatever it was, had one of these pieces in it. I had a dream last night, and this is where I learned of how we were created, there was no one to tell me, but I just knew what was happening, and knew that I had come into contact with this metal.

Later I learned that anyone that has encountered others shards will be drawn to each other for unknown reasons, just a strong intuitive feeling of intimacy or familiarity.