Queen's Notes: Chapter re-edited

"Normal spoken dialog,"

"Vemon's spoken dialog,"

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~Eddie's bonded dialog,~

~Vemon's bonded dialog,~

Stay Moving

It had been a nice night, and a very good date that happened really. The moon could have been full to add to the 'mood' (or the dramatic effect in the current moment) instead of being less than half 'empty,' but it still gave off light even in the city. Coupled with that dim light, as well as what the nearest streetlamps were giving off, that light flooded the otherwise dark living room of an apartment like place that rested above a warehouse.

Cassidy shook her head, trying to wrap it around what her date had just told her. She had just thought he was a mutant, like her and her sister not… not… really? Just, really? He was the city's boogie-man-?

"Cassy?" His voice sounded different, he was worried. About what though?

Hah, you know what about, she thought and sighed. "Eddie?" the woman turned back to the taller, well-muscled man and stretched out her other sense, the part of her that was mutated. Her empathy.

Brock's strong presence was there, and another, something that she had originally thought was his own mutation but now that she knew… Cassidy 'looked' more carefully, below Eddie's emotions to that other side of him. It was similar to human emotion, yet it wasn't. It was, quite actually, alien in shape and 'color.' But despite that she could still distinguish emotions: caution, concerned, hope, anxiety, lust, rage, triumph, abandoned, torn, uncertain, heated, hostile, incensed, indignant, hesitant…

Her eyes had un-focused as she did this, almost absorbed with a strange fascination with the conflicting emotions that somehow all blended into one (and that was just one half!), so when Eddie lightly touched her arm she jumped sending a spike of surprise though the building, it affected him partly but that other part of Eddie was quicker to recover and 'came back' at her senses too fast. Cassidy backed up away from the man lifting a hand to her head, wincing.

"We won't hurt you Cassy," Eddie said, firmly pushing back his other, he didn't want to scare her.

We think it's too late for that... the symbiotic alien bonded to Eddie sounded as 'meek' as it ever had been, or could have be.

Eddie tried not to groan, ~What did you do this time?~

Cassidy closed her eyes and turned in a slow cercal, a nervous habit that she had picked up from her mother in her childhood and never seemed to get ride of. Taking a deep breath she stopped, aware that Brock and the other mind inside of him were now behind her.


She cut him off, "Promise?"

Eddie blinked, in the back of his mind his other did its own version of blinking. Stepping up behind her he rested his hands Cassidy's shoulders, "We promise, I promise, we won't hurt you." He paused and added, "Or Cayce."

She tensed automatically before the woman extended her senses, feeling his emotions and was grateful to find sincerity there, even that other presence was backing up what Brock was saying for them both. Taking another deep breath to steady herself as she put one of her own hands on Eddie's she asked, wondering if it was a smart thing to do. "Can I… may I see your other then?"

"Yes, my other has been wanting to see you for some time." Eddie squeezed her shoulders reassuringly, pulling his girl closer, "Just remember that we won't hurt you, despite how we look."


She felt him step back, his fingers lingering a moment then something changed. That other thing… alien… symbiote, it became more dominant, stronger. Cassidy sucked in her breath, trying to map out what she was picking up in her head, and wondering if Eddie was still there… yes, there he was, to the background but she could still sense him there, yet he was different…


Cassidy couldn't help the shiver that ran down her back at the new and very, very, very creepy voice behind her. The voice was humanlike but that was where the similarity seemed to end. Yet there was something…else…about it, in it that stripped away almost all humanity and feeling. An inward-echo of sorts, a reverberation of two voices interweaving together and yet somehow separated at the same time.

As she took in just the voice alone the presence behind her grew, both in a physical sense and something else she couldn't place. The woman swallowed, hard, and gathered her scattering nerves and turned around before she could think too much about what she'd gotten herself into. Cassidy's empathy, wits and just about everything else all did a nose dive into the nearest bottomless pit leaving her numb and, yes, quite afraid at what she saw.

A hulking black mass that moved fluidly, rippling with near bulging muscles and towering above the stunned woman. Cassidy stood a good five and a half feet, almost a full foot shorter than Eddie, but the empath barely cleared this creature's middle. Despite some resemblance, the creature was as much inhuman as it was human. Solid white eyes stared back at her and a tong that was far too long slid through jagged teeth. Eddie Brock had completely disappeared. Only Venom stood in front of Cassidy.

"Even afraid you're still pretty," Venom said taking a step forward, reaching out with a powerful hand, one that could and had killed so many. He was amused when his chosen's chosen rocked back on her heels but couldn't get her mind, or more importantly her legs, to work properly, "But you don't need to fear us, our little one."

Cassidy tensed and watched the clawed hand near her face, and she learned the hard way that her automatic, empathic ways of defending herself (bombarding her assailant with an overload of emotions), didn't work when she was scared and over whelmed like this. Her own fear canceling out her mutation's power.

With shocking tenderness Venom terraced the back of an ebony talon from the woman's cheek bone to her chin, back up the jaw line and behind her ear; the other claws light brushing her neck so Cassidy twitched at the ticklish sensation. Venom chuckled, a rumbling that came from somewhere deep in his chest and Cassidy could feel the vibration though his hand as he carefully pushed his talons through her hair.

This was beyond the term of 'weird'…

Venom knelt, bringing his head lower to her level and, after pulling his horrendous tong back into his jaws, he pressed his head to Cassidy's. His other hand wrapping around her waist to keep her in place, for running, "Our other half was right, we won't hurt you our love."

Somewhere in the far back of Cassidy's mind she was glad her little sister was spending the night with friends and couldn't-

Wait a minute! The empath blinked. Did he just say 'our love?' Love...?

Her empathy snapped back 'on' then and the woman would have fallen over if Venom wasn't still holding her. The symbiote dragged the empath's other sense's complete attention to him so their world narrowed down to not the warehouse, not the apartment or the room. It was just the two of them, Venom purred as he knelt, wrapping his arms around Cassidy.

And he didn't drool this time.