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A Day at the Fair : Forks Style

Chapter 1 - The Surprise

It was an ordinary day for Bella Swan, current resident of Fork, WA. The day was Saturday and her father Charlie was out fishing. Bella was begging to wonder if all he did was work, eat, sleep and fish. Not that she really care today. Bella was sure Edward would be here any minute. Edward hadn't actually said he was coming by, but Bella figured it was safe enough to assume.

Sure enough, a knock sounded on the door. Bella grinned and peeked out the window to see a silver Volvo. Then, she ran to the door. And opened it. And saw not Edward, but Alice standing there, grinning.

"Hi Bella!" Alice greeted, sounding extremely happy about something.

Bella was instantly suspicious. "Hi..." She said in a wary voice.

"Come on, Bella!" Alice said and grabbed Bella's wrist, pulling her to the car. "We're going home!"

Bella froze, not that it stopped Alice's vampire grip from pulling her into the car, where Jasper was waiting at the wheel. "Why are we going there? We're not..." She shuddered, "playing Dress-up-the-human are we?"

Alice looked at her consideringly. "No, I suppose you look fine enough." An evil grin played across her face, "but we can later if you want."

"Nooooooo! Please noo!" Bella moaned. Alice simply giggled and pulled her out of the car, since they had already arrived at the Cullen's house.

"We're home!" Alice shouted into the house's cool interior. For a moment, there was nothing, then several blurs rushed down the stairs. The blurs turned out to be Rosalie, Emmet and Edward.

Each one (excluding Rosalie) greeted her enthusiastically before pulling her out to the car once more. Alice, Jasper, and Edward pulled Bella into the Volvo, while Rosalie and Emmet got into Rosalie's car. "You lead!" She shouted, then she and Edward started there cars in unison.

Bella looked at the speed meter and groaned.

"You should be happy Rosalie's not leading." Alice chided. Bella let that drop. She could just imagine Rosalie heading down the road at the speed of light.

"Where are we going!" Bella demanded.

"Well..." Edward started, "It was Alice's idea to go to an amusement park and take you along."

Bella's jaw dropped and her eyes widened in horror at the thought of what would keep a vampire entertained at an amusement park.

The vampires present laughed.


"Here we are." Jasper said surveying the place. It was not as full as it could be considering the day was moderately cloudy. They waited for Rosalie to park her car then bought their way in.

"Where first?" Alice asked, then frowned as she saw everyone else staring in different directions. An idea occurred to her. "You know, I think we should make a pact to all go on the same rides and such!" Alice announced. The vampires looked considering. Bella looked terrified. She whimpered.

"How about we put it to a vote?" Emmet asked, then beamed when Bella nodded. "All in favor, raise your hand!"

Alice, Emmet, Rosalie and Jasper's hands went up. Edward started to raise his hand up into the air, but Bella turned and shot him a fierce glare. His hand immediately dropped to his side, and he glanced over his shoulder as though looking for the person who made him do it.

"We win." Rosalie cheered, high-fiving Emmet.

"Who picks first?" Bella asked, sounded scared of the answer.

"Er... let's draw straws." Edward suggested.

Emmet nodded and darted off to go steal some straws from a vendor. He was back shortly, showing five long straws and a short one. "Short straw wins!" He said and held them out cheerfully.

Everyone picked one, groaning as they discovered it was a long one. Then Bella picked one and let out a shriek of
delight as she deemed it the short one.

"Where to?" Alice asked.

"Hmmm." Bella replied, now intently studying the surrounding rides.

Author's Note: There's chapter 1! I hope you enjoyed it. There's more humor to come! That one lacked a little more than I would have liked, but the next will be better, I assure you. Just wait till you find out what Bella picks!