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Well, it's my first multi-chaptered fic, so it's rather experimental, in my eyes at least. It's not a terribly serious story, and it's circulating around the lives of Kai and Rei, with Yuriy and Boris as visitors.

Warnings: Yaoi, and mpreg to come. KaRe, YuBo. Lovely I'd say. You? No idea, but well. They're perfect.

Chapter 1 - Yarn.

31/3 2001, late morning.

"Rei! Re-ei!" Mao stepped out of the house, her shrill shrieking sounding again. "Rei!" She sniffed at still not receiving an answer from the man she considered as 'hers'.

"Mao?" She startled, turning around. "Hiromi! Have you seen my Rei? He ran off, and I think he may have accidentally taken my ball of yarn!"

"No, sorry. He may be with Kai though, he normally is. I was looking for him. What do you need the yarn for?" Mao wrinkled her nose in distaste, but kept quiet, knowing that her friend was rather smitten with him.

"I'm knitting my Rei-Rei a scarf so he won't catch a cold."

"That's so sweet of you! I'm sure he'll love it!"

"You think so?"

"Absolutely!" The brown haired girl smiled encouragingly before walking away, "Thank you!" Hiromi waved, disappearing inside the house. Mao stood, looking over the garden, before shrugging and turned to walk inside as well.

Breathing out a sigh of relief, the figure perched in the tree cautiously climbed down, and after making sure no one was watching, he swiftly scaled the wall, using the drainpipe as support, and jumped in through the open window to his room.

Same day, around noon.

Rei hissed, clawing at the yarn frustrated. "Grr! Stupid girl." The ball rolled away, slipping under one of the beds, Rei tore after it, meowing and hissing, trying to catch it with his hands and claws.

"Bloody pest, leave me alone!" Pawing at the yarn it rolled out in the open again, Rei hot at its loose end. He backed up slightly, crouching, and attacked the ball dead on. "Meow!" Nipping at it, he dared it to move, roll, anything. Rei stared it out. Still it didn't move. He hesitantly nudged it, making the ball roll and the neko-jin jumped the defenceless yarn once again.

"Mrow!" Preparing for another death strike, he launched himself at the yarn and landed in front of a pair of shoes, "Mow?" His eyes soon lit up upon sighting the shoelaces. Poking at them hesitantly, he dared them much in the same manner he'd dared the ball of yarn to move earlier. However, these shoelaces were rather dead, and more importantly, they were attached to the shoes of one Kai Hiwatari, currently wearing the attacked shoes.

"Rei! What are you doing?"

Rei blanched, startled. "K-Kai? I, I, uh, didn't hear you come in…I was, uh…yeah…"

"You were?" Raising his left eyebrow, smirking, Kai waited for an explanation. "Just- nothing. Heh." Smiling sheepishly, Rei scratched his neck, embarrassed.

"You weren't playing with this then?" Kai smirked roguishly, tossing the very same ball of yarn; the yarn Rei had spent the last fifteen minutes chasing. Up and down in the air with his hand.

Rei stared at the yarn, transfixed, his eyes following its every movement. "No…"

"No?" The dual toned Russian looked amused, and then accidentally threw the ball a bit too high.

Rei went after it like clockwork.

Kai rolled his eyes, bloody cats. He watched Rei going after the yarn for a few minutes, before he intervened and grabbed it as it rolled by his feet. However, Rei was no longer frustrated and venting his anger on the yarn, he was in a more playful mood and naturally went after Kai the minute he grabbed the yarn. "Mow!"

"Kitty-cat!" Hissing and growling playfully, Rei went after Kai's hands, trying to get him to release the yarn. "Want this, do you?" Rei nodded, "Well, I have it now." Teasingly he threw it between his hands, always holding it just outside of Rei's reach.

"Mine!" The golden eyes narrowed, whining, he tried to plead, tried to convey the importance of the yarn to Kai.

"Uh-uh!" Kai tsked, waving his index finger back and fro in the air. "Please?" Rei shuffled closer, widening his eyes to make them bigger, more innocent, "Kai?" He added a slight tremor to his voice, he even gave of a low purring. Unfortunately, it was all for nothing, Kai beat him at his own game, having known Rei for far too long, he didn't fall for that particularly trick anymore. "But Rei…" Mocking him, Kai pouted.

Narrowing his eyes once more, Rei attacked Kai, attempting to wrestle the very much desired yarn out of Kai's grasp, and failing miserably. Soon enough, mostly due to Kai's larger and more muscular frame, Rei was pinned underneath Kai. Hissing and bearing his teeth, Rei tried to bite his captain. "Didn't your mother tell you it was rude to bite, kitten?"

"No." Raising his head as much as he could, Rei licked Kai's nose. "So there!"

The door to their room suddenly slammed open, and a smug redheaded Russian walked in followed by an annoyed looking Boris. "Kai! There you are, me and-" Yuriy raised his eyebrows, more than a little bewildered. "What are you doing! Well, Rei, I can see that but-"

"Ivanov." Gritting his teeth, Kai snapped at the rambling teen. "Yes?" Seemingly the epitome of innocence, Yuriy grinned. "Shut-up."

"Why would I do that, Kai dearest? You know how much you love me, really." The taller Russian swooned, batting his eyelashes playfully.

"Yuriy, that's enough. Kitty, Kai. I won't even bother asking." Placing a hand on Yuriy's shoulder, the older Russian restrained his captain.

Snorting, Kai shook his head before averting his attention to the neko-jin he was still straddling, raising an eyebrow.

Rei smiled sweetly, and gently wiped Kai's nose.

"Hn." Looking amused, Kai rose, offering a hand, which Rei gladly accepted and was hauled back on his feet in less then a second. "I'm still keeping this though." Kai said, pocketing the yarn.

Grumbling, Rei crossed his arms. "And don't bother trying to steal it."

"But Kai!"

Frowning, Kai wondered what exactly was so important about the yarn. "I'll give it to you later, hm? At the moment I believe our friends wanted something…?" He said, turning towards the Russians in the doorway.

Startled, the redhead looked up from his and Boris' whispered conversation. "Yes. Anyway, uh, Boris? What did we want?"

"Stupid," The tall, lavender haired guy muttered affectionately, "Star-"

"Yes! We're going to a circus!" Yuriy exclaimed excitedly.

"No." Kai glared at Yuriy, not particularly impressed.

"Yes, we are. We got free tickets, Kai, we have to go!" Yuriy pulled slightly at Kai's scarf. "Hn."

Smirking, Yuriy twirled the white material between his fingers. "It's either that or you're stuck with Mao and Hiromi all, night, long…" Kai's eyes widened ever so slightly at the prospect of having to spend time with two, annoying, giggling girls. "Fine, when?"

"Yay! I knew you'd give in!" Yuriy exclaimed, jumping his best friend for a hug and kissed him square on the mouth. Rolling his eyes, Kai broke away and hugged his nutcase of a friend back briefly before pushing him away.

Boris raised his left eyebrow, drawing attention towards the small silver stud adorning it, but didn't comment on the display of affection. "Tonight at six, gives the two of you sometime to work out your, catfight." Turning he led himself and Yuriy out.

"Can I please have my yarn back now? Please?" Deciding also not to mention what passed between the two Russians, Rei asked, more like begged, for his precious yarn to be returned.

Kai turned, smirking at Rei, "Why do you want it so much?"

"It's a stress reliever…sort of…" Kai raised an eyebrow, in a 'You don't say?' sort of way. "Mao?"

Rei bristled. "That stupid, silly, annoying brat! She just won't leave me alone, I know she's got a crush on me or whatever, but why can't she get it! I'm not interested, never have been and never will be! Ever!"

Chuckling, Kai sat down on the floor, leaning on his bed. "Girls are stupid."


"Annoying." Smirking, Kai added another attribute concerning women.

"Without a doubt!" The word alone made Rei wince. Annoying. Without a fault that word led him to thoughts about Mao, Mao and her molestations.

"Too curvy." Shuddering, Rei once again thought of how that pink thing insisted upon pressing herself against him. "Oh yes."

Cocking his head slightly, Kai narrowed his eyes. I wonder…daringly Kai spoke up yet again. "Ugly, repulsive. Unnecessary?"

"Yes! They are, I just don't see the point with…them…" Eyes widening, Rei realised belatedly what he'd said, how he'd said it and who he'd said it to.

A too smug looking Kai smirked. "Rei, Rei, Rei…" Kai shook his head, amused. "You don't much like women, do you?" Rei looked at the floor dejectedly, feeling ashamed and scared, who wouldn't? This -is- a homophobe nest…"No."

Kai nodded, and rose from the floor, that same annoying smirk present, mocking him. "That's what I thought. Now, is there anything you want to tell me, Rei?" Rei promptly blushed. "Ah, uhm…Kai?"

"Yes, Rei?" Leaning in ever so slightly, Kai waited, almost gleefully, for Rei's confession.

Rei's heart beat furiously against his ribcage, then the hesitant confession came in a frightened whispered. "I-I'm gay." Kai grinned, score!

"Hn. I thought so."

Rei's head snapped up. "Wha-! Kai, you knew! You knew! How?" Voice rising, Rei stared at his captain, disbelief and fear written all over his face. Sighing, Kai shrugged and patted his friend's shoulder. "Takes one to know one." Rei had worked it out almost before Kai closed his mouth, and lunged at him, hiding his head in Kai's chest, shaking. "Rei?" Clenching his fists, Rei hammered them against Kai's chest. "Shut up, Kai, just be quiet." Puzzled, he held Rei until the shaking stopped. "God, I was so scared Kai, I was so scared…I never told anyone, and, and then…you-! I, oh god…what if…I thought you'd hate me or throw me out of the team…I was just so scared…"

"Rei…why would I do that? Even if I wasn't gay, I'm still your friend…I wouldn't just abandon you."

"…I don't know…but I didn't know! You never said anything, good or bad, you never made Takao shut up when droned on and on about how sick and freakish it was, is…I just didn't know what to, what to expect." Rei rambled, ignoring the second half of Kai's words. His voice was muffled and he talked almost too fast for Kai to catch it, and he worked it out just seconds before the door unexpectedly slammed open again.

"By the way, Kai-" Yuriy sighed exasperatedly, "Again! Man! What are the odds?"

"Ivanov. It's called comfort. A hug, ever heard of it?" Kai said, stepping back slightly, but he kept an arm around Rei, still offering whatever comfort he could to the clearly distressed neko-jin, who had snuggled up to him, hiding his face in the crook of his neck.

"Yes, yes, I know. You throw out hugs to left and right. Always such a big teddy bear." Yuriy muttered, trying to remember why he was there again and glancing weirdly at Rei. "Why am I here again?" Snapping his fingers in remembrance, Yuriy beamed happily at Kai. "Oh yes, I wanna go to a nightclub! But Borya's being a meanie and won't let me go alone with him…" Yuriy tugged at Kai's scarf again, and trailed off, staring with wide innocent, pleading eyes at Kai.

"Your point?" Lowering his ice blue eyes to the floor, pretending to be shy, the redhead spoke softly. "If you come with us, it's alright, so I thought we could go to Obsidian after-"

Rei cut in, having raised his head from Kai's neck, but was still wrapped in one of his arms, looking bewildered and confused, "Obsidian? Isn't that a gay place?" He narrowed his eyes at Yuriy.

"Ah, yes. That's right, and-" Yuriy's eyes widened, his thoughts jumbling together. Shit, I thought-

"What's it to you?" A cold voice broke in, cutting off Yuriy's rambling. Standing in front of Yuriy, protectively, Boris crossed his arms and glared menacingly at Rei.

"Boris-kun? I, uh, Kai?" Confused, Rei looked to Kai for help. Sighing softly, he bent down slightly to whisper something in Rei's ear, making the golden eyes widen in surprise and dart between Yuriy and Boris. "Oh. Oh! I never knew! That's wonderful!" Boris instantly relaxed and uncrossed his arms, only to have a certain Russian snuggling up to him, forcing the lavender eyed Russian to raise his arms once more in order to hold his boyfriend from behind. "You think so?" Yuriy smiled softly, both his and his lover's eyes shining happily at Rei's more than accepting reaction.

"Yes." Rei nodded gleefully. "Can I come out too? I mean, uh…" The three Russians snickered, making Rei roll his eyes. "Ha ha. I meant can I go out too? With you?"

"Rei? Have you ever been out? I mean, out out." Yuriy inquired, uncertain whether or not Rei was accustomed to the heavy music and thick, smoky air clubs tended to have. Sensitive hearing, being raised in a village stuck in the dark ages and all that in consideration.

"Not gay out, no…but I've been to nightclubs." Nodding, Rei closed the door, feeling rather confident about the reactions of the fellow 'bladers residing in the house, were they to accidentally walk by and notice the couple's position. Rei was fairly sure it was not going to be as positive and accepting as his had been; Mao was incredibly hateful towards anything freakish, i.e Russians.

"Ah…" Yuriy said pondering. "Looking the way you do, you'll probably have half the guy's trying to get into your pants, I suppose it's a good thing you're not homophobic." He saw Rei open his mouth to protest, and quickly added. "And before you protest, yes, you are attractive." He let his eyes wander up and down Rei's body slowly, whistling softly. "Very attractive." Making Boris sigh, "And you are very much taken, Yuriy, so stop checking other boys out. Pervert."

"I know that." Smiling, Yuriy kissed Boris' cheek.

Rei grumbled, "I'm not." Kai chuckled, "Beautiful, then. And, Yuriy, I don't think he'd mind." Watching Rei blush, Yuriy narrowed his eyes, so Kai finally broke through…"Right, Rei-chan?" Rei grumbled some more, ignoring Kai. "Come on, it gets easier every time." Looking into Kai's eyes, he nodded slowly, "Thank you…I, uh, you don't look too bad your self, either of you, and I'm gay."

"Pay up." Boris held out his hand, looking rather smug.

Yuriy sniffed, "Hn. You'll just have to pay back later, when I win that bet." Handing over a couple of notes, he glared playfully at Rei, "And you just couldn't wait coming out another week or so?"

Laughing, Rei shook his head, "Sorry, Kai tricked me. Besides, I was about to go mad…"

Nodding understandingly, he smiled, "I know what you mean, and I'm happy for you. Are you eighteen yet?"

"We're celebrating my nineteenth on the last of April, Yuriy." Rei mock glared at the eccentric Russian. "You are invited."

"Oh right, I keep forgetting. Good, then we won't have to bribe anyone to get anywhere."


It was a couple of hours later when Rei was drying his hair in his and Kai's shared room that it finally hit him. "I can't believe they placed a bet on my sexuality!"

Kai snickered and looked up from where he was styling his hair, "Actually, they already knew about the sexuality, it was the coming out and admitting it part the bet was on." Smiling softly at Rei he added as an afterthought, "I declined."

"You knew? Again! What is it with you Russians knowing every ones business?" Still snickering, Kai grabbed a brush and started to brush the neko-jin's hair. "I'm your captain, Rei. I'm supposed to know everything. Besides, you talk in your sleep, and you stare at all the pretty boys. It was hard not to notice." Rei gazed panic stricken at him in the mirror. "They haven't noticed Rei. I only noticed because I knew what to look for; Yuriy and Boris noticed much in the same way and we came to the same conclusion. Rei Kon equals closet-case. Gay, and in the need of some assistance…or so Yuriy put it…

"You see, every time you'd go all breathless and sighing, every time, without a fault, there was always a guy or two nearby." Rei blushed, no doubt remembering all the occasions Kai was referring to, as well as a couple of others…"Then of course, there was the time Yuriy-"

"Kai!" The Russian grinned mischievously, "That shirt was see-through, and…damn you! Just because you said that I can't get it out of my head!" And now he was snickering again, running his pale fingers through Rei's long, raven coloured hair. Bending forwards, Kai whispered in a slightly pointed ear, "But Rei, I thought you liked the picture of a wet, soaked Yuriy…it sure…seemed like it." Rei sighed breathlessly.

"Kai…I, uh…it was pretty, eh, hot. Yeah…could you?" Rei stammered.

"Could I what?" Kai asked, even though he knew what Rei wanted him to do.

"Braid my hair? Pretty please?" Shaking his head, amused, Kai started the long task of braiding Rei's four or so feet worth of hair. Counting silently to ten, he smirked. Rei started to purr, the soft rumbling vibrating through the air before it gained strength and volume.

The door swung open, silently this time, and Yuriy poked his head in, "Kai-! What's-? Rei purrs?" Kai nodded, "Ah. Anyway, do you think you'll be ready in half an hour?" Another nod, "Good, see you out front then." And Yuriy stepped back out, closing the door silently.

Early night.

"Did you enjoy it, Rei? I liked the twins."

"The rope tricks?" Yuriy nodded, "Mm, they were cool. Altogether, it was really nice." Then again, being all snuggled up to Kai had its advantages. "I'll bet. Looked rather cosy from where I was sitting."

"It was cold." Rei defended himself, he had been cold. "Sure it was." The sarcastic redhead leered suggestively at him. Rei sniffed, then shivered. "I'm from China; it's actually w-warm there, not like a blizzard or something l-like here."

"Right." Yuriy was still leering, not buying a single word the neko-jin was saying. Although, the leering could also be because Boris was stretching; having to sit down for three hours didn't sit well with him. Apparently, the way he was stretching, raising his hands towards the sky, showing of a small glimmer of his midriff and groaning slightly was…erotic to Yuriy. The gleam in the cold blue eyes was nothing short of predatory and lustful.

"Look, Borya! It's snowing." Yuriy exclaimed, dragging his boyfriend off to a clearing of trees nearby the parking lot.

Rei stared after them with slightly raised eyebrows "Eh?" Smirking, Kai shook his head, amused.

"How long c-can it possibly t-take for the taxi to c-come here?" Rei growled, shrugging off the lovers' weird behaviour, his teeth starting to chatter, making his stutter more profound. "Twenty-five minutes." Kai said, shrugging. "Not that long."

"G-Great, just g-great. I w-won't feel anything when the t-tak-k-si arrives." Rei startled as a scarf was wrapped around him. "K-Kai?"

"Take it, I'm not cold."

"B-But-!" The older teen glared. "Than-k-ks. Where are we g-going again?"

"Obsidian." Kai snorted. "Joy."

"R-Right…Don't you l-like dancing, K-Kai?"


"Ah." Rei wrapped his coat and scarves tighter around himself, desperately trying to get warm, rubbing his arms and stomping he moved from foot to foot. Rei startled as his hearing picked up some rather disturbing noises sounding from the clearing of trees and promptly blushed.

Kai snickered, "How did you think we kept warm in the winter?" Rei's eyes widened. "F-Fire?"

"Hn. You chop the wood. When it's snowing, blowing and twenty-five degrees below zero."

"I think I l-like Ch-China m-much b-better now." Rei shivered.


The sounds increased

"How m-many more m-minutes?" Rei inwardly cursed himself for the squeak like quality his voice took. Kai was leering at him, obviously very amused with his squeaking. "Fifteen."

The winds picked up, blowing colder and harder, with more intensity and definitely with more and more snow. Rei yelped as he felt arms wrap around him from behind. "Come on Rei, if we stand in the open any longer you'll freeze to death. Yuriy! Boris!" Shouting at his friends, he slowly made his way towards the trees.

"Mm. Ah, K-Kai? Stop it, Borya! Oh…"

"Horny bastards." Kai muttered before yelling again. "We're coming in, the weather's getting worse."

"Ah! w-wait!" Some fumbling, and then, "Alright, it's clear."

Kai half lead, half carried Rei inside of the clearing where it was more or less windless due to the position of the trees. Leaning against a tree, in his typical 'Kai-pose', he held Rei around the waist with Rei's slighter body between his legs.

"Cold, kitty?" Boris smirked.

"V-Very." Rei's teeth chattered, more than before, and he crossed his arms in an attempt to make his body smaller and preserve some of his, and Kai's, body heat. "I-I c-can't w-wait t-till we g-get inside."

Producing a bottle from one of his pockets, Boris held it out in offering to Rei. "Vodka?"

Rei scrunched up his face. "D-Don't l-like vodka."

"No? Your loss." Shrugging, Boris took a swig from the bottle, before passing it to his lover, who repeated the procedure before handing it over to Kai, who swallowed a couple of mouthfuls as well. "Are you sure, Rei? You'll feel warmer."

Hesitantly, Rei accepted the bottle. "Small sips, right?" Kai nodded, nudging the neko-jin,who slowly raised the bottle,tasting the sharp, bitter liquid. "Disgusting!" He nevertheless gulped down a few mouthfuls before handing it back to Boris for another round.

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