Ah, it's short. But then, it wasn't ever supposed to be long. I borrowed a quote from Velvet goldmine, otherwise it's just beyblade and children.


2025, 29/08

Rei sighed, letting his husband pull him close. "Do you think we should get another cat?" Kai kissed Rei's cheek, remaining silent for another few seconds.

"You're replacing our son with a cat?"

Rei turned around, eyes flashing. "It's too empty, Kai! He's supposed to be here! Everyday! Sleeping in his bed, talking on the phone for hours and hours, helping me cook…" He looked away, biting his lip. "I miss him. He's not even gone yet, and I already miss him."

The Russian pulled him close again. "I know…I do too." Bending, he placed a kiss on the neko-jin's forehead. "Jin and Lei are still here, and he'll be too, on the weekends. Our children haven't all moved out, you know." Rei nodded, hearing the front door close, giggling voices coming closer.

There was an outrageous cry. "Dad! Papa!" Kai smirked, defiantly kissing his husband square on the mouth. Instantly, Lei was there to push them apart, Jin hovering just a few steps behind, her golden eyes sparkling with amusement. Rei laughed softly, kissing his oldest daughter's cheek, then Jin's, who shrugged away, wiping her cheek.

"Don't do that, papa."

Lei sniffed, grabbing hold of Rei's arm, and kissed his cheek. "If papa wants to, then he can, Jin." Kai snorted, sneaking up behind Jin, and placed a big wet one on her cheek.

"Dad!" He grinned, ruffling her hair.

"Papa wants a cat. What do you say?" Lei nodded instantly, her short hair flying in all directions. He tugged on Jin's braid.

"Alright, I don't really care."

Rei smiled, eyes twinkling happily. "Tomorrow?" Kai nodded.

"What's happening tomorrow?" A smooth, slightly husky voice, enquired.

Lei skipped over, letting go of Rei, hugging her brother tightly. "We're getting a kitten!" Sasha grinned, ruffling Jin's hair.

"Cool. I missed having Mishmash around."

Rei nodded, grabbing a hairbrush lying on the coffee table. "I think we all did." Pursing his lips, the short man walked up to his son, scrutinising his hair. Sasha eyed the brush in his papa's hand warily, gently releasing Jin. "Sit."

Sasha glanced at the brush, then down at the determined expression on Rei's face, and flopped down on the couch in true teenage style. Rei sat down behind him. "If you insist on having your hair that long, you have to take better care of it." Speaking sternly, yet softly, he gently dragged the brush through the dual coloured hair, reaching down to the small of his back.

"Yes papa." He rolled his eyes, purring quietly, and the twins giggled, while Kai just snorted, walking in to the kitchen, shortly followed by Jin and Lei, where the latter was whispering conspiringly about ice-cream and pineapples and the former rolled her eyes.

"Papa?" Rei hummed, taking notice of the distress underlining his son's tone.

"Yes, tiger?" He could feel Sasha take a deep breath, before speaking in a hurried whisper.

"I-I think I'm gay."

The hairbrush in Rei's hand stilled for a millisecond, then resumed its actions. "I know." The lithe body relaxed, and he turned around, mottled red and golden eyes shimmering. Smiling gently, understandingly, Rei pulled his son into a hug, purring reassuringly. "It's alright." The head nestled in the crook of his neck nodded, sighing heavily. "When will I meet him?"

Sasha tensed, then laughed lightly, relaxing. "He dumped me, so you won't." Rei tutted, rubbing Sasha's back and pulling him closer. "It's alright. H-He only wanted me because of my looks, anyway…and you and dad."

"Creep." His son agreed, nodding again. "He said that he wanted to brag about me, your fame. That he'd slept with a Hiwatari, and when I wouldn't, he dumped me."

"Who dumped you?" Kai questioned, moving over to sit on the couch as well, having overheard the last two words. Sasha answered without thinking.


Kai's eyebrows rose, and Rei nodded subtly, glaring threateningly. "Oh."

"Dad!" The teen sat up abruptly, still in his papa's lap, blushing and stammering. "I-I, uh, he, he's an idiot!" He wiped his eyes. "I hate him! Misha said he was a jerk!" Sasha wiped his eyes when more tears threatened to fall. "Why am I crying?" He latched himself back onto Rei. "P-Papa!"

Kai blinked, silently watching his husband comfort their son. Their dumped gay son. He rose, walking back out to the kitchen.

Sniffling, Sasha wiped his eyes, looking up from Rei's chest. Rei smiled gently. "Feel better?" The teen nodded, resting his head against his papa's shoulder, looking around, he noticed they were the only occupants of the room.

"Papa? Where's dad?"

"In the kitchen."

"…is he mad at me?" Rei chuckled, wiping Sasha's face. "Of course not, he loves you." A hand ruffled his hair, and Sasha looked up, seeing his dad stare down at him. "Daddy, I-"

"Shh, I know." Kai nodded, sitting down and hugged his son, before holding out a bar of chocolate. "It's supposed to help, but I've never been dumped, so I wouldn't know."

Rei cried out, grabbing the chocolate and unwrapping it, giving it to Sasha, huffing. "Of course it helps."

Sasha sniffed, grinning weakly. "Thanks. Misha was planning on coddling me later, said everyone needed to be hugged, eat ice-cream and watch a sappy movie."

Kai chuckled. "Sometimes I worry about that kid." Sasha frowned mockingly, sarcastic, swallowing the chocolate.

"You're saying boys don't always wear skirts and nail varnish?" He broke off a square, nibbling on it, deep in thought. "I think he said Velvet goldmine actually…something about rock 'n roll and prostitutes and glitter…"

There was a loud gasp, and a slender redhead strutted over, high ponytail swishing from side to side, carefully arranged bangs hanging haphazardly in his face, pointing accusingly at the chocolate in Sasha's lap. "You started without me!" The redhead placed a hand on cocked, slim hips making the mid-shin skirt rustle. "Cheater."

Lei pranced in after the now pouting boy, giggling. "Saaashaa! Misha's here!"

Kai grumbled, rising. "We noticed, Lei." A sharp, manicured finger jabbed him in the chest, Kai raised an eyebrow, staring into narrowed kohl lined eyes.

"Really, uncle, no need to sound so, so old." He winked, doing a pirouette. Rock and roll is a prostitute. It should be tarted up, performed." Grabbing Sasha by the arm, he stuck his tongue out, before kissing his lifelong friend on the cheek. Then he skipped away into Sasha's room, the owner of it wiping his cheek before following at a more leisure pace, thoughtful expression on his face.

"We let our son escort him to their graduation ball?" Rei nodded, smiling proudly.

"Yeah. He was absolutely radiating in that dress. So beautiful."

"Uh-huh." The Russian stared after his son, contemplating.

"No, Kai." Kai twirled around, eyebrow still raised. Rei shook his head, standing. "We're not telling them to open the door."

The end.

It's a little bit funny how this whole fic got out of hand. Well, at least I know what I shouldn't do again. Failure makes progress, and all that.

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