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Parings: TATE

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Summary: Two tragedies in one day. One major one for Kate and another shocking one for the team. What happens when there world is shattered and all the evidence is lost?

Rated: T for references and bad language.

Bomb's away!

A silver medium sized paper clip flew across the room and landed in Kate's lap. Without a glance up, she brushed the paper clip off and continued typing up reports. "Kaaatttee!" Tony moaned from across the room. "What?" Kate tried hard to maintain the calmness in her voice. If Tony drove her insane today, she would defiantly shoot him. "I'm bored. There's nothing to do. We've been here for hours." He grumbled tossing another paper clip, only this time directed to Probie. "Tony! Throwing paper clips is not gonna make Gibbs come down here any quicker." With that Probie took a quick glance at the stairs and the big red room. "You dare raise your voice to senior field agent Probie?" Tony questioned, getting up and walking over to Kate's desk.

"Start acting like a senior field agent if you want to be treated like one DiNozzo." Gibbs's voice thundered through the room, right as heavy rain poured in buckets outside the big glass doors. "Follow me." "We got a case or something boss?" Tony asked picking himself up and following Gibbs outside the building. "No DiNozzo. I just like walking outside in the rain." The sarcasm in Gibbs's voice made the rain drops turn to ice crystals. "PACK UP AND DRIVE!" As the words left the gray-haired man, the three agents behind him scurried around, gathering boxes and bags, splashing in the puddles.

Fifteen minutes later, after racing other cars and the rain had lightened up to a soft drizzle, they pulled up to a muddy ditch. A dead woman in a sailor suit lay face down. Her uniform splotched with mud. "Hey, the hair seems familiar don't it Katie?" Tony remarked stepping down from the van and snapping pictures. "Whatever Tony. Why is it always women?" Kate made a silent plea. "Not a bad observation Catlin." Ducky spoke from behind her. "Kinda hard not to notice after three years Ducky." Kate replied watching Ducky give her an apologetic nod.

"Ducky. Turn the body over and let's get it back. McGee, bag and tag. Todd and DiNozzo, take pictures and sketch. MOVE IT!" Gibbs commanded from a tree next to the van, answering his cell phone. Kate and Tony stood by the body waiting for the queue to take more pictures. "Got a nice figure huh Kate?" Tony said. "I doubt she was like all the other bimbos you've dated Tony. Don't think she would've been around you for too long without being disgusted." Kate chastised. "Like you Kate?" Tony remarked with a grin. Kate gave him a glare and went back to watching Ducky struggle with moving the body. "Palmer. A little help here." With the help of Palmer, Ducky managed to flip the body over. The beautiful face of a brown eyed, tanned woman shone upwards. The camera in Kate's hand dropped. Luckily Palmer caught it before it hit the ground.

"Kate?...Katie?...KATE!" Tony screamed. Kate didn't' pay any attention to the squealing in her ear. She squatted down, and placed a gloved hand on the cheek of the victim. "Donna." She whispered, no one else hearing her. Tony looked at her with a strange expression on his face like he was worried when she didn't turn around and slap him for screaming at her. "Any ID on the victim?" Gibbs said, walking up and shutting his cell phone, shoving it in his pocket. "No boss…" Tony started but was interrupted by Kate. "Her name is…was…Donna. Donna Todd." With that, Kate snapped one final picture of the body and walked towards the NCIS van. The rest of the team stood there, stunned, staring awkwardly at the black NCIS jacket bobbing away from them. Kate's head hung low.

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