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Parings: TATE

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Summary: Two tragedies in one day. One major one for Kate and another shocking one for the team. What happens when there world is shattered and all the evidence is lost?

Rated: T for references and bad language.

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Chapter Eight-Extra Tate

Tony moaned and groaned at the hospital bed as the doctor recommended he stay of the leg for at least two weeks. Kate looked on through the window, waiting for to fill out the paperwork to get DiNozzo out of the dull hospital room, and not to mention…she was pretty curious about what his apartment looked like. Tony noticed her looking spaced out and then coming back to earth and looking at him, and he smiled sending shock waves inside Kate's body. The doctor noticed Kate's reaction and figured it's time to let Tony get the hell out of there.

With one hand around Kate's shoulder, as she supported him around the waist, he opened the door to his apartment and hopped in, wincing in pain in the process. "Just set me down on the couch Kate." She led him towards a tan-maroon couch and set him down. He plopped down, letting his arm slowly slide of her shoulder and onto the cushion. "Nice place Tony." Kate said looking around, putting her hands on her hips. "Thanks!" Tony seemed breathless. "Sit down." "Actually Tony. You should go get some rest. I should get you into bed." Tony's eyes raised up high and he gave her his famous cocky grin. Kate slowly bit her tongue. "That's not what I meant and you know it." Laughing Tony replied. "I know it…but a guy can dream can't he?" Kate picked him up again and they hobbled over to the bedroom where once again, he was plopped down. "Thanks Katie." Kate nodded her head and proceeded towards the kitchen. "Want something to eat?" She called out. "Um…no but can you grab me a beer from the fridge?" Kate walked back in the bedroom two beer bottles in her hand. She set them down on the bedside table. Before she could regain her straight posture, Tony grabbed her arm and pulled her down so she lay on top of him. Their eyes interlocked quickly and Kate could feel her heart racing against time. She leaned in for the kiss, but before she could do anything, Tony dropped his head down, facing the side and started to fake snore.

"Argg!" Kate grumbled pushing herself of him. Suddenly he held her in place and not letting her move. She struggled against his strength but it was just worthless…he held her down. "Kate…Katie…I'm sorry!" He said laughing at the look on her face. He got serious fast and replied his apology once again looking her in the eyes. When she didn't react, he reached up and pulled her head closer to his till their lips met and fireworks went off in their heads. Finally they pulled apart, each breathing hard. "I…I…Kate, I…damn why can't I say it." Tony whispered. Kate looked shocked and amused at the same time. Damn Anthony…you rehearsed it like everyday. The lady at the diamond store thought you were talking to her. She was about to call the cops on you. If you can make it to her, why can't you say it to Kate?' Tony thought, getting a strange look on his face. Kate still on top of him, wondered what he was thinking as he looked in her brown eyes. His blue-green ones sparked with such emotion it was impossible to tell what was going on in his head. "Kate…I…iloveyou!" Tony screamed out, practically shouting in her ear. Taking a sigh of deep breath, he said it again slowly and the way she could hear him. His arm still around her waist, he waited for her answer, unsure if he was going to get shot or if he was going to be told the same thing…either way, he would wind up in heaven.

'Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh! I can't believe it. Abby was right. She was right this whole time! Wow…if I say it now it'll sound so stupid though. Oh who cares? We're in love!' Kate screamed in her head. Tony was just about to give up on the whole deal until she kissed him lightly on the lips before whispering in his ear that she loved him too. The smile on Tony's face would have wrapped around the world twice had it not been for Kate and him to be kissing once again.

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