Avatar: Rapid


Brandon Rice

A/N: A original Avatar story using my friends from the Sonic the Hedgehog Rapid Board for the main characters. Enjoy! Set 100 years after Aang is freed from the ice by Katara and Sokka.

Water. Earth. Fire. Wind.

Many years ago, the Fire Nation launched a war that lasted many years in an attempt to dominate the other nations.

However, they failed, and as punishment the Fire Nation was crumbled and became the weakest of the four nations.

There was peace for one hundred years... however, that all began to change.

The Sons of the Fire Nation began to grow ever more power, and they began to thirst for revenge.

However, unknown to all, a new Avatar walks the world...

Book One: Adventure

Chapter One: The Three Waterbenders


"Yes, just like that class." A tall man with a dark face, dark glasses and long hair said to a group of youngsters who were standing in a snow covered field, practicing the ancient Water Tribe traditional dance. The ages of the group ranged from mere children to older teens, but the pale faced man was in charge of them all. For the most part, the class was doing well -- except for a student in the very back.

At the rear edge of the class, two young women were dancing spelndidly; on key and on note. However, the young man between them looked as if he was having a seizure standing upright, rather than dancing. There was something odd about the young man. While every other person in the waterbending tribe had smooth hair and dark skin, he had wild hair that stood up on end, and a cream complexion that made him the odd man out. He also seemed to be wearing heavier clothing than the others -- as if he got colder easier.

"This is so boring." The wild haired boy complained to the girls on either side of him.

"Aww, relax Sama, this is a tradition for our tribe. Or something." The girl to his left told him, not really enjoying the dancing either.

"Yeah, you're right Joha." The girl on the left nodded. "... but it IS pretty boring." She added as a afterthought.

"I prepose we ditch class, grab lunch, and use our waterbending to make a giant ball of water that will soar through the clouds!" Sama said boldly as he missed a step on the dance and wound up landing in the snow on his face. After jumping back up and shaking his head like a dog, Sama turned to the two girls and gave a puppy look. "C'moooon! You know we should be learning something more fun!"

"Like what?" Joha asked.

"Like preperations for combat!" Sama said striking a dramatic pose -- and then falling over again.

"They don't teach combat preperations anymore, it's been a hundred years since the last war." The other girl -- Crystal Rose -- told the fallen water tribe oddball.

"Yeah, well, then at least we should be learning how to waterbend!" Sama said standing back up -- as he moved his hands it appeared that all the moisture on his clothes flew off into a ball between his palms, which he then threw over his shoulder.

"Well, aside from the elder and a few of the older guys, we're the only three waterbenders in the tribe." Joha reminded him.

"It's still more fun to waterbend that it is to sit around and dance all day." Sama said, but neither of the girls who he was facing said anything else. Instead they both slinked back and looked at Sama with frightened looks. He blinked, then he felt breathing on the back of his neck -- as well as water drops falling on his hair. "Let me guess, that waterball I threw hit someone, right?"

"Yes it did hit someone -- me -- your teacher." The dark haired teacher spun Sama around and was glaring at him. "Do you see the look in my eyes? Do I look amused?"

"... You're wearing sunglasses." Sama pointed out. With a mighty bonk on the head, Sama fell backwards into the snow. He looked up at the teacher with a expression of rage -- but the two girls quickly grabbed either of his arms and held him back.

The teacher was shaking with anger. He looked like he might strike the boy again, but then a stern voice called out and everyone turned around.

"Yoshino, that is enough. I need the three waterbenders." It was another man who was the teachers age and had a scar on his face.

"Iruka, I'm am in the middle of teaching dance!" Yoshino cried out, clearly upset that he wouldn't get to finish his dancing or his beating of Sama.

"Doesn't matter, I need them." Iruka said, and without another word he brushed right past Yoshino and led Joha, Crystal Rose and Sama down a snow-covered path towards the main city, leaving Yoshino to sulk and yell at the other dance students.

After a long walk down the snow covered path, Iruka stopped and turned around to the three benders behind him. They were at a fork in the road. Down the path they came was the icy field where Yoshino was training, down the left was the village and to the right was the home of the leader of the Water Tribe. Iruka turned to the three and pointed towards the area straight ahead of them which had no path.

"We're going down to the shore to learn waterbending." Iruka told them, to which all three of the youths gasped.

"Really? That's kinda ironic cause I was just saying --" Sama decided not to finish his sentence since Iruka, Joha and Crystal Rose were all walking away from him, leaving him to sigh and follow along behind. It took a few minutes, but eventually they reached the snowy shore outside of the village where icy water met frost-covered ground. Iruka turned to the three benders and then began to explain.

"Our tribe, while decendants of a great Water Tribe Warrior and hero, has never had luck with Bending. Over the years, fewer and fewer waterbenders were born into the tribe until the point that none developed whatsoever. Only our Elder and the Northern Water Tribe has Benders anymore. It was fifteen years ago, while the all of you were children, that you were brought to this village because we had need to repopulate our tribe with benders." Iruka explained. "I came with you all, because eventually you'd need a teacher."

"So, now you're going to teach us?" Joha asked, a eyebrow raised. "No offense, but we've pretty much figured it out ourselves."

"Oh I'm aware. I believe the whole village became aware during the fish incident." Iruka said darkly, and at this comment both girls glared at Sama, who sighed.

"Okay, okay! I talked them into helping me divert the river just a little... I didn't know the samon were spawning, nor did I know the water would overflow and wind up in the middle of the village." Sama crossed his arms, and his three companions all sweatdropped at memories of the incident.

"Anyway, so you don't have to teach yourselves, and so that our village isn't flooded with fish again, I'm going to train you the right way." Iruka told them.

"Sounds good." Crystal Rose smiled, and a day of training began.


However, while the three youths were busy learning to Waterbend, another meeting was underway at the Elder's home. He was in a fabulous gigantic house, made of ice like all the others, and in the midst of his home was a hot spring. Standing in front of that hot spring was a man with dark hair and a pale face, he wore a Fire Nation Uniform.

"I am impressed, Lord Sandaime, that your waterbending is so advanced you can have a hot spring that does not melt the ice around it, yet stays hot all year round." The Fire Nation man said as he looked down at the Elder Sandaime who was sitting in the hot tub. Apparently he liked to relax, and wasn't worried that he was in a meeting.

"Yes Commander, our bending skills have increased over the years. However, you did not come here to admire our abilities or to watch me swim, so why don't we go ahead and get on with the meeting, if you do not mind skipping the pleasentries." Sandaime said knowingly.

"Very well," The Fire Nation Commander nodded. "I come to offer a trade as preposed by our Nation's Lord."

"Oh? A trade? I am curious. Please continue." Lord Sandaime was a very specific man. You had to explain things to him slowly, because if he was not interested in what you had to say he would send you away. If he was curious, he would ask for a bit more information.

"The Fire Nation has developed new and powerful technology." The Commander revealed. "Technology that will change the world. Due to security reasons the technology and how it is constucted is kept a tight secret, but our Lord respects your people. He would happily supply you with some of our creations."

"I see." Sandaime was silent, but he did not like where this was going. Such powerful technology, if it was that, would not come at a cheap price. "Please explain."

"Our Lord will supply you with a wealth of new technology in exchange for the location of --"

"No," Sandaime said before the Commander could even finish. The Commander seemed taken aback.

"I have not even --"

"I do not care. There are but two things here that you could ask, and neither of them are for trade. You are welcome to restock your supplies, but then I ask that you take my reply to the Fire Lord."

The dark haired Commander seemed put out, but he smiled in a dark way and bowed his head to the Elder of the Water Tribe of the South. "Very well, sir, however we dare not sail away at night when the ice is near invisible in the sea. Let us stay on our ship on your coast until dawn, then we will leave. Darkness will fall soon, after all." He said silently and polietly.

"Very well." Sandaime replied.

The Commander turned and exited the room, escorted by two other men at his side. One of them was young and wore a helmet over his face, concealing it from the Water Tribe. The other was a older man with a gray topknot on his head and a devious smile on his face. He was a older man, but seemed to be in prime shape and had carried a dagger on his belt.

"They denied the most generous request of our Fire Lord," The Gray Haired Warrior grinned to the Commander. "You know what that means, the Fire Lord gave us orders."

"I am aware General Rong. Have our men find out whom the Elder cares for and escort them to our ship." The Commander said -- though Rong was a higher rank, this was the Commander's mission and Rong would respect his choices.

"I agree. Let it be done." General Rong turned to the masked young man and nodded -- giving him the mission. This masked fellow headed into the city, under the guise of buying supplies, and began his hunt for someone important to the Water Lord.


Meanwhile, back at the snowy field, Iruka was teaching the three youths. He seemed to be grinning from the corner of his mouth as he watched them. His eyes traveled to Joha, who was forming a long stream of water that flowed up into the air for several feet and then looped around in mid air and returned to the earth, swirling around her person.

"Very good Joha. Keep it up." Iruka then turned to Crystal Rose, who was bending a ball of water to float in front of her and circle around her head and between her open arms. Iruka was impressed.

"Excellent! The two of you have amazed me. Crystal Rose, your waterbending is splendid. Joha, you have a remarkable technique and style, and Sama --" Iruka turned to the oddball of the village and he stopped, his mouth dropped open a bit. Sama was sitting on the ground absorbing water from the snow beneath him and using it to create a big ball of water above his head.

"Sama, I would not advise using the water from the snow. This is a frozen lake, if you absorb too deeply from beneath you, you may turn the ice into water once more and fall throu--oooooooooooooueeee!"

Iruka suddenly fell through the ice he was standing on and fell into the water. So did Sama, Joha and Crystal Rose. Apparently Sama had taken more than just the ice beneath him, but the ice beneath them all. Quickly Iruka used his own bending to throw them back onto the ice and away from the intensive cold waters that could be fatal. Several angry looks flew to Sama and he sighed.

"Sorry, that was a accident." He looked up -- they all had looks of untrusting disbelief on their faces. "Seriously! That WAS a accident! I swear!"

"Just wait till later, we'll get you back." Joha said darkly, which made Sama gulp. However, Iruka rubbed his chin. The boy should be informed of the truth. With a sigh, Iruka quickly pointed back towards town.

"Crystal Rose, Joha, please return to the village and get indoors and into something dry before you get sick." Iruka informed them.

"What about me?" Sama asked, tilting his head.

"You and I are going to go for a walk." Iruka told him, and Sama didn't like the sound of that.


Joha and Crystal Rose arrived in the town within a few minutes, and they both hurried to a large house in the center of town just behind the local shop and the next-door tavern. After drying and changing they headed back out and walked down the snowy path, when suddenly a voice reached their ears and they both turned to see a girl running up to them.

"Hey! There's some guy looking for you Crystal Rose!" The girl said as she tried to catch her breath.

"A guy looking for me?" Crystal Rose blinked twice. "It wasn't that Inuku guy, was it?"

"No! It was one of those Fire Nation soliders who showed up. He was in the tavern and was asking about you." The girl informed her, which caused Crystal Rose to turn to Joha and tilt her head like a confused dog. Joha shrugged and grabbed her sister by the hand and pulled her towards the tavern. Crystal Rose sweatdropped a bit, since she didn't exactly know if being looked for by a foreign solider was a good thing or not.

As they arrived in the tavern, they found the Fire Nation Solider. He was still in his helmet and was sitting at a table in the dark. It seemed he was treated with respect and kindness, though some were still apprehensive of the war one hundred years ago. The Solider seemed a bit surprised as Joha and Crystal Rose sat down across from him.

"What do you want?" He asked the two teenagers.

"I, uh, heard you're looking for someone named Crystal Rose." The girl of the same name said, trying to play it cool.

"What? No, not someone. Something. I'm looking for the Ice Flower, which I believe your tribe calls 'The Crystal Rose'." The Fire Solider replied.

"Ooooh!" The girl, who had been named after the flower, wiped her forehead. "Okay, I see. I guess our friend was mistaken. See, that's my name -- I was named after the flower."

"Why is that?" The Solider asked.

"Well, our mom and dad never really told us." Joha said, with a small sigh. "We never actually got to meet them."

"Ah... my apologies." The Solider bowed his head. "I'm sorry for the confusion."


"Why are we here?" Sama asked Iruka.

Iruka had led Sama to the most spiritual and sacred place in all the South Pole. It was a large, frozen river upon which sat a gigantic ice sculpture. Iruka was smiling as he approached the sculpture and then turned around to face his student.

"Sama... it's time I tell you the reason you're not like everyone else." Iruka said, and Sama's heart missed a beat. He had known it all along, there was something off about him.

"I'm... not from the Water Tribe, am I?" Sama asked, sitting down and sighing, placing his elbows on his legs and his chin in the palms of his hands.

"You were born in the Earth Kingdom." Iruka told him, and Sama felt his heart sink. That is why he had never fit in. His skin, his hair, his eyes -- he was from Earth Kingdom, that made sense to him now.

"I see..." Sama's voice cracked and he held back a tear.

"What I'm telling you is not bad news. At least, not to me. You see, almost seventeen years ago, when you were just a baby, my brother was traveling the world. He came upon a Earth Village that had been devistated by a plauge. He was a cleric and believed in healing people, so he tried to help, but when he arrived everyone in the village was dead. He found a young couple in the middle of town, the man was a Earthbender and his love a young airbender. The man had died, but the woman was still clinging to life. She begged my brother to take her young son away from the village, and my brother honored her dying request. The child was at her home, a few feet away. While my brother believed the child would surely have died from the plauge. Still, when he reached the house he looked for the child and he found him. That child was lying in a small crib, his eyes glowing like the sun. My brother was shocked and he swept the child from the village. He called that child 'Sama', for he never knew the real name and besides, that child managed to survive a plauge that killed everyone else."

"I... I survived that? I was from the Earth Kingdom? Iruka... I don't understand. How did I survive?" Sama asked, now very confused.

"When my brother told Elder Sandaime about what he found, the Elder believed he had the answer to that very question. Still, he put you in my care. I raised you, along with Joha and Crystal Rose since their parents were lost to sea in that tragic accident. I worried that when your sisters learned to waterbend you would feel left out, but to my surprise you learned it as well. It was then I knew Elder Sandaime was right about how you survived. While I believe it with all my heart, there is only one way to truly know."

Sama scratched his head. As Iruka told him this story, Sama's eyes flicked to the ice sculpture. There was something familiar about it, though he had never seen it before -- this area was restricted with the punishment of banishment for any unathorized people who came here. Even the mischevious waterbender Sama never broke that rule, for he feared to be seperated from his sisters. It was then he realized that Joha and Crystal Rose were not his real sisters, and his sadness grew even greater.

"Sama... this ice sculpture is that of a Flying Bison. A animal that Airbenders used to tame many, many years ago. When this village was built by the great war-hero Sokka, it is said that the Avatar Aang who was great friends with him created this during the village's construction, and he proclaimed that someday, when the world was in danger, the new Avatar would touch this sculpture and begin his journey." Iruka told him the legend from one hundred years ago.

"So... what does that have to do with me?" Sama asked, completely clueless.

"Touch the sculpture, Sama." Iruka instructed him, and Sama became even more confused.

"Didn't you say the Avatar is supposed to--"

"Touch the sculpture, Sama!" Iruka demanded, and Sama quickly approached the sculpture of the flying bison. He shrugged and placed his hand on the sculpture. Suddenly a fierce wind picked up and the sky began to glow with a bright green light. Iruka gasped, and Sama yelled out. This was the freakest thing to happen to him in his life, and he had been known to do some crazy things during his pranks.

Suddenly the ice melted away, the wind calmed and the sky was normal once more. Instead of a sculpture of a flying bison, there was a gigantic, furry bison with six legs and a arrow-shaped patch of black fur on it's fluffy white head. Sama yelped again and tried to take a step back, but he tripped and fell on his rump in the snow. The giant bison sniffed him, and then it made a odd noise that Sama hoped was a noise of approval. Next thing he knew, the Bison opened it's mouth wide enough to swallow him.

"Ahhhh!" Sama screamed, but instead of being eaten alive, Sama was licked gently by the giant tongue. He blinked. "Ooookay, Iruka, do you mind explaining?"

"It's just as Lord Sandaime said... you are the Avatar."


"What in the world?" The Fire Nation Solider looked out the window and saw the sky burning with green light. His eyes widened. He may have found a better prize than the one General Rong and the Colonel were looking for! A flash of light like that... prophecy and prediction said that the sky would light up like a great fire whenever the Avatar's destiny was revealed. Was it possible that the new Avatar was one of the Water Tribe? If so... the Solider needed to find him! Even if he failed to bring the spiritual flower of the Water Tribe back to General Rong, the Avatar was a prize ten times better!

"What could that be?" Joha asked, looking out the window as well.

"I don't know... but... isn't that the direction Iruka and brother went?" Crystal Rose realized, and Joha's eyes became a bit wide. They knew Iruka was a skilled waterbender and a veteran warrior, but Sama was just a dumb kid who had a knack for finding the worst trouble possible.

"We should go see!" Joha said at once, standing up.

"It could be dangerous," the Fire Solider saw his chance and would not let it slip away. "Let me come with you, please. I cannot watch people run into danger without wanting to help."

"While I'd normally get into a debat as to if you mean 'people' or 'girls' when you say 'people', right now I think we need to save our brother from himself, and whatever that light is." Joha said as the three rushed out of the door. The Fire Solider was pleased.


Sama looked at the giant bison and he blinked again. Then he turned to Iruka, still very confused. "A-Avatar? What do you mean, Avatar? Like in the legends?"

"Yep." Iruka said simply.

"B-but wouldn't that mean I have to master all the bending arts and travel the world?" Sama asked once again.

"Pretty much." Iruka nodded.

"But... I don't want to! I never asked for this! C'mon, Sensei! This can't be right! I mean, I'm a goofball. I... I can't even control my waterbending. You were there before when I accidently used a lot of the lake instead of a little!" Sama reminded him. "And you were there when I made the fish incident, and when I lost control of that giant ball of water and flooded the bakery! Isn't the Avatar supposed to be the strongest bender in the world?"

"Not even the Avatar can just instantly know things. Waterbending takes time, young Avatar." Iruka told him.

"Don't call me that! Gaaaah! This is a lot of pressure!" Sama, who was horrible under pressure, clutched his head and fell down against the flying bison's fur. The bison made a noise and licked him again.

"It seems the bison likes you, at least." Iruka smiled, trying to cheer up his adoptive son.

"Yeah, but... I don't even know how to care for a fish, let alone this giant bison!" Sama moaned.

"Flying Bison." Iruka corrected him.


"It's a Flying Bison. Giant Bison are a completely different species. From the Air Nation arrow on it, I'd say this is a flying Bison." Iruka was rubbing his chin, and he was smiling. "And they DO say the Avatar Aang created this so-called-statue, and according to the stories I heard, he had a flying bison."

"Flying Bison? I have a flying bison?" Sama blinked twice. "That is the most awesome thing I have ever heard in my life."

"Iruka! Sama!" Joha was calling their names as she, Crystal Rose and the Fire Nation Solider appeared in the distance, closing in on them fast. "What was that light?"

"Heeeeeey! Guess what? I've got a flying bison! Isn't that cool?" Sama was smiling like a fool. The three arrived, and Crystal Rose looked up at the giant bison with wide eyes. Joha's mouth was open, and she poked it in a furry leg. The bison licked them both as a result.

"So... nasty." Joha moaned.

"Aww, get over it! Just bend the spit off you!" Sama grinned. "And guess what else?"

"You're the Avatar." The Fire Solider said, and Sama turned to him, as did Iruka and the two sisters.

"Yeah! Wow, you're good, uh... who are you?" Sama scratched his head. The Fire Nation Solider took a defensive stance as if he was about to attack, and Joha's eyes became wide.

"What are you doing? Didn't you say you wanted to protect us?" Joha asked.

"I lied. My mission might be a failure, but when I bring the Avatar to General Rong, it will make up for it!" The Fire Solider didn't wait for another word. He punched his fist forward and flames shot out at Sama. However, a shield of ice rose up from Iruka's waterbending and he stood in front of the three teens.

"I have raised these three as my own," Iruka said proudly. "I will not allow you to hurt them."

"Fool, you will die!" The Fire Solider growled arrogantly.

"I doubt it," Iruka's feet slid in the snow. "From the sound of your voice, you're hardly older than my students."

Two punches and kick later and fireballs came at Iruka; but Iruka used the water in the air and from the snow to block it, and then he drew a dagger and slashed at the Fire Solider. The Fire Solider jumped backwards and landed in a crouched stance, then he thrust his open-palmed hand forward and his flaming fingers caught Iruka by the chest and sent him flying backwards in a great blast of fire.


The Fire Solider stepped forward, towards the two waterbending sisters and their brother between them. He raised his fists and prepared to defend whatever they had. Quickly Joha made some movements with her arms and water coiled around the Fire Nation Solider, but he laughed and jumped through the makeshift watery prison.

"You're all just students. I'm a master." The Solider was lying, as he had not mastered firebending yet, but he was more advanced than the three water siblings. He threw a fireball at Joha and she flinched -- but Crystal Rose managed to throw a ball of water at it in mid air and stop it. She and her sister both attacked, making jets of water fly. The Fire Solider was thrown back, but not defeated. He stood up, and he laughed.

"Excellent form! Now, however, you will learn my most powerful attack." The man made several motions with his arms and legs, and then he stopped and simply snapped his fingers; a explosion rocketed beneath the two girls and caused them to plummet into the icy water as the ground ice cracked and broke. Sama quickly ran towards his sisters, but the Firebender shot him in the chest with a bolt of flame.

"You're going nowhere, Avatar, except with me! The Fire Nation was defeated by you one hundred years ago, but that defeat will be avenged! Our new technology will make us the strongest nation in the world once more!" The Solider ran at Sama, throwing flaming punches and kicks, and while Sama tried to waterbend his way out of it, he was hit in the stomach and fell near Iruka.

"Oww... geez, I can't... I can't do a thing." Sama closed his eyes, tears leaking from them. "Avatar... yeah right, the Avatar's the most powerful bender of all, and I can't even block a basic fire punch... I'm not Avatar."

"Sure you are!"

Sama looked up as he heard a unfamilair voice on the blowing wind. Looking around, he saw no one, but he could have sworn he had heard someone's voice. Sama could hear the screams of the girls as their attempts to use waterbending to escape were stopped by the Fire Solider. He heard the great flying bison snore behind him. He saw Iruka fallen and injured. He tried to get up, but he failed.

"Some Avatar I turned out to be... lost my first fight and let down the most important three people in my life..." Sama growled.

"C'mon! That isn't true at all!" It was the voice on the wind, again."You're me, and I'm you, and you're also everyone else who was us before us. You can become a great Avatar!"

Sama looked around for the voice, but it seemed to come from the very wind around him. "I'm not strong enough! Please, help me... help me save them!"

"Uhh, this kid's gonna need a lot of work Appa. Well, you look after him, that's what I froze you for! Hey, Sama, just say the right words and this'll all be over!"

The voice on the wind seemed to disappear. Sama wasn't sure who Appa was, or what the voice meant by 'the right words'... but something inside his heart suddenly spoke to him. He lifted his head to the giant sleepy bison. "Appa?"

The bison grunted. Sama took that as a yes. Now if only he understood... but, somewhere inside him, he did understand. Like he had done this before, but as someone else. So he said the first thing that came to mind. "Yip, Yip."

Suddenly with a roar the flying bison -- Appa -- sprung into action. It leapt right over Sama and landed on the ice beside the hole. With a smack of it's tail, the whole ice began to crack, and the girls were able to climb on as room was made in the water for Appa. Sama grinned and ran to grab Iruka and get him onboard, and while he did that, the Fire Solider growled and threw a flaming punch at Appa -- but the giant bison knocked the man down with one of his giant furry feet. As Sama and Iruka ran onto Appa's back, the Bison shot up into the sky, and was flying.

"Wha-What hap-ap-pened?" A freezing Joha asked as she rubbed her shoulders and chattered her teeth.

"Appa saved us." Sama said.

"G-G-Good." Crystal Rose was cold too. "Th-en let's g-go home."

Iruka was unconcious, the girls were freezing, and Sama was bruised, but Appa at least didn't have a scratch on him. He did have a fierce hunger, being frozen for one hundred years -- again. Suddenly a ball of fire hit Appa, and the flying bison roared. The three waterbenders looked over to see the Fire Solider standing on the ice and still throwing fire. Joha and Crystal Rose pulled their bending powers together and hit him with a stream of water, knocking him into the hole in the ice.

"Hahah! Serves you right!" Sama shouted.

They flew back towards the village, but not all was well. While they had escaped alive, Iruka was hurt, so was Sama, and the Fire Nation seemed to be up to something.

---- ---- ---- ---- ----

Character Profiles #1 - #3!

Name: Sama

Gender: Male

Age: Seventeen

Style: Avatar

Profile: Sama was raised as the oldest son of Iruka, only to learn that none of Iruka's 'children' are really his, and moreover he is not even really brother to Joha and Crystal Rose. This doesn't change how he acts towards them in the slightest, however. He makes light of being the Avatar and even becomes a big egotistical at times, but in truth he is scared of his fate, especially as political pressure begins to loom towards a war. All he really wants out of life is to fulfil his duties without letting them change who he is. He is a prankster and a goofball, and doesn't seem to be the reliable Avatar type at first glance, but that is untrue.

First Apperace: Book I Chapter I

Name: Joha

Gender: Female

Age: Sixteen

Style: Waterbender

Profile: Joha is the younger sister and therefore the youngest of the three children Iruka raised. She holds the utmost devotion to her siblings, although she's known to be the sarcastic voice of the group. While she enjoys teasing Sama, she sometimes gets as good as she gives from her sister. Being a waterbender gifted in the flow of water, she specializes in offensive attacks, although like her sister she is skilled at both. Joha is middle-child of the three and she's known to go ice surfing in the water whenever she can. Sama and Crystal Rose are her family and she treats them as such.

First Apperace: Book I Chapter I

Name: Crystal Rose

Gender: Female

Age: Sixteen

Style: Waterbender

Profile: Named after the legendary flower of the Water Tribe, Crystal Rose lives with Joha and Sama in the middle of town. Joha is her biological sister, while Sama is her adopted brother. She's a waterbender who specializes in the pull of water, and therefore she is best at defensive and healing moves. Though I wouldn't sell her short on her offensive moves, since she's got many tricks up her sleeves. Personality wise she's a sweet and caring girl who typically plays the voice of reason, but if angry she can be a fierce waterbender. Her brother and sister are everything to her, and she hates being away from them.

First Apperace: Book I Chapter I