Water. Earth. Fire. Wind.

Many years ago, the Fire Nation launched a war that lasted many years in an attempt to dominate the other nations.

However, they failed, and as punishment the Fire Nation was crumbled and became the weakest of the four nations.

There was peace for a hundred years... however, that all began to change.

The Sons of the Fire Nation began to grow ever more power, and they began to thirst for revenge.

Then, two sisters of the Water Tribe discovered that their adoptive brother is the new Avatar.

Now they may be the only hope to save the world.

Book One: Adventure

Chapter Three: Leaving Home

Author's Notes: This chapter will be the beginning of the actual adventure.

Also, sorry CR! I said I'd have this done in six minutes half a hour ago, but my dad came home and bothered me. Anyway, here's chapter three. I hope it cheers up CR's bad day.

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The two airbenders were now running for their lives. Their mission to assassinate the Fire Lord was a failure. He was much too strong of a bender, and now they were running in the hopes to save their own lives. Bursts of red and blue flames came from behind them, and they took turned turning and using air attacks to blow the fire away so it wouldn't burn them. The two airbenders moved as fast as they could, running away from the Fire Lord and his minions as they chased them through the castle.

Finally, the older airbender swung his staff and knocked over some giant stone statues of previous fire lords and they blocked the path of those who chased them. Running quickly up the stairs, they ducked into a room on the right. Without realizing it they had run into the room of the Fire Nation's Princess, where they first snuck into the fortress. This time, however, the Fire Princess was not asleep. She was sitting on the edge of her bed, fully dressed and holding a knife in one hand.

"Hello, assassins." The Princess said cheerfully. The Princess of the Fire Nation, was a very pretty girl with dark hair and matching eyes. She was not the kind of person who you wanted to be on the bad side of, in fact insulting her at all was a almost givin death sentence. The airbenders turned around and held their staves at her, but she just laughed at them in doing so.

"What will you do? If I scream, every guard in this castle will be coming towards this room -- and that's only what I'll do if you're lucky." The Princess growled. "If you're unlucky, like you've seemed to be so-far, you'll have to fight me personally." She held up her hands, and revealed burning hot fireballs dancing inside her palms.

"A firebender," The younger airbender held his staff ready, but the older shook his head. "Let's get her!"

"No! We can't afford to attract the attention." The older said at once. Then he used his airbending to push the window right out of the wall and he jumped out onto his staff. The young was frozen, looking at the girl and wondering if he should follow his partner or stay here.

"Too slow!" The Princess growled and threw two balls of fire at the airbender. He was able to block them with his staff, but some of the flames hit his leg and left a scorch mark on his ankle. Growling in pain, the airbender followed his friend out the window before she could attack again, flying on his glider.

The Princess watched them fly away, and then she started throwing fire out the window after them.


"Send word to the Fire Lord, tell him of our discovery of the Avatar, we need the Navy here to --" General Rong was speaking to one of the messengers on the ship, when Commander Orochi shook his head and stood up. He was in his situation room once more, which consisted of a black marble floor with red pillows set up all around. There were no chairs, but there was a small table low to the ground which Orochi sat by with his legs crossed indian style as he drink tea from the saucer on top of the table.

"Do not send word to the Fire Lord." Commander Orochi reinstructed the messenger.

"What? He must know we have found the Avatar! We need additional forces to defeat him!" General Rong roared.

"Do you not remember the stories of Aang?" Commander Orochi asked, looking up at the older, rounder man. "According to the stories, when Aang entered that Avatar State we saw that boy in earlier, he destroyed a entire Fire Nation Naval Fleet that was supposed to be attacking the North Pole! It was one hundred years ago, and a different Avatar, but this boy could do the same."

"Then what do you suggest?" General Rong spat hostily. "We do NOTHING?"

"No, General. I suggest we do things in a easier manner. We will contact our spy inside the Water Tribe and see to it that the Avatar boy is led away from the village, subdued and apprehended quietly. Besides, General Rong, do you not want to make up for your lost honor? Why do you think it is that I, a mere Commander have say over your, a famous General? I can help you restore your honor in the Fire Lord's eyes and we shall both be rewarded splendidly."

General Rong narrowed his eyes, but he obeyed. Rong went deeper into the ship to write a letter to the spy inside the Water Tribe. The person who would be able to get closer to the Avatar than they could, and stop him before he could attack in any way.


"Where are you going, Avatar?"

Sama stopped dead in his tracks. He spun around and saw Yoshino, his mean dance teacher. Ever since he was a child, Yoshino had not liked him and had been cruel to him in all his classes. Yoshino taught more than dance, you see, he also taught fishing, craftsmanship and he taught about survival. Sama didn't know why Yoshino didn't like him. His sisters said it was because Sama was cruel to him, but in truth Yoshino had been cruel when Sama was just a child, long before he had ever been cruel to the teacher.

"Yoshino-sensei..." Sama was standing in the street, it was the dead of night and Sama was loading several of his belongings onto Appa, the giant flying bison who was sleeping outside of his house. It didn't take a genius to know what was going on.

"The Fire Nation attacked here, Sensei." Sama told him, looking down. "Iruka-sensei... died... saving me. My sisters could have been killed too... I, I'm going to live at the Northern Water Tribe and finish my training. They're much better protected than we are, you know? I won't be putting anyone in danger this way."

"Do you know why I don't like you?" Yoshino asked, speaking very frankly. Sama blinked and looked as if he hadn't heard that right, but Yoshino nodded and Sama realized he had asked exactly what Sama thought. Shaking his head, Sama indicated 'no' without actually speaking.

"It is because of Iruka's brother." Yoshino told him, leaning against the wall and looking up at the stars. "He was my best friend. All my life, he was my best friend, we were like brothers growing up, Me, Konoha and Iruka! I was the best man at his wedding. He married my little sister. We were real brothers, then, and it was wonderful. Then... then he got sick, when he saved you from that Earth Kingdom Town.

"He came back, very excited, telling everyone that he had found the baby Avatar! Oh, we were all excited. It was a only a few months ago a child had been born in this village that was to be the Avatar -- that child had been HIS child, and his wife's. My nephew was the Avatar! Then, his child died of a illness.

"So when he found you, we all thought it was fate giving back what it had taken... but no... Konoha got sick, from the same illness you and only you survived! My sister tried to heal him, but she only made herself sick in doing so. They both died soon after. I... I was supposed to raise you, but I blamed you for my sister! That's why it was Iruka who raised you... I wanted to hate you. I truly did, but... I can't."

Tears leaked from beneath Yoshino's glasses, it was clearly a painful story to tell.

"I-I'm sorry... I never knew, nobody told me." Sama looked down, his own eyes watery. This was a eye opener, but not a good one. Once again, his presence in this village was only bad. Maybe he'd have better luck at the North Pole, on the other side of the planet.

"No, do not be sorry. It is me who should be sorry." Yoshino sighed. "Iruka, though his brother died, had never once hated you. I never understood why, and it torn me and Iruka apart for all these years. I felt like Iruka betrayed my sister's memory, and his brother's... but in reality he knew what I know now; that neither of them would be sad that they died so that a new Avatar may come into this world. Especially in today's world, when the Fire Nation is so dangerous."

Sama was taken aback. Here, Yoshino had come and admitted that he hated him, and then he had apologized. Now Yoshino dropped down to his knees and began to cry harder and grabbed Sama's leg. "I'm sorry brother! I'm sorry that I hated the very person you died to protect! I am a horrible person!"

Sama blinked. He wasn't good at this kind of stuff. He assumed he should just tell Yoshino that it would be okay, and that he forgave him for being mean for so many years. However, before Sama got a word out, there was another voice speaking. Not Yoshino's, but that of a man called Van, he was the family bodyguard to Elliot's father, the man who made money from Seal Blubber. Most people in town didn't like him for killing all the seals, so there were attempts on his life routinely. Van was a Earthbender who came to guard him, and he usually didn't talk much to anyone.

"Mr. Van, can I help you?" Yoshino asked, turning to the bodyguard with suspicion.

"Yes," Van replied. "You can reveal yourself... Fire Nation Spy Yoshino!"

Sama gasped, and Yoshino's eyes widened (still no one could tell from the glasses). "What are you talking about?" Sama asked.

"Yoshino... is a spy for the Fire Nation. He will take you to the Fire Lord so they can use your powers to destroy their enemies and unite the world under the Fire Lord's will." Van said seriously, and Sama gasped and jumped away from Yoshino, now standing between the two of them about six feet to the left of Yoshino, and to the right of Van.

"That is a lie!" Yoshino yelled.

"Think of it, Sama, he hates you. He has betrayed you." Van told the boy, and Sama looked at Yoshino with his eyes full of confusion. Was that why Yoshino had been apologizing and telling him that sad story about his sistser and Iruka's brother? Because he had just sold him to the Fire Nation?

"You... You said you were so close to Iruka-sensei's brother, and then you'd betray him and sell me to his killers?" Sama screamed at Yoshino.

"No! He is a liar!" Yoshino took a step towards Sama, but Sama gasped and ran towards Van, standing in front of the mysterious Earthbender and looking at Yoshino with hatred. Van's face split into a smile and grabbed Sama by the neck with his hand and began to squeeze so hard Sama could not breathe. Sama scratched at his hand, but he was passing out much too quickly. Yoshino ran forward at Van, pulling a knife, but Van stomped on the snowy ground and from beneath the snow a spike of earth came shooting out and hit Yoshino beneath his foot, sending him flying backwards and breaking his leg.

"Avatar! Run!" Yoshino yelled, but Sama was still being squeezed by the neck. Van was planning on rendering him unconcious so he could take him back to the Fire Navy Ship without trouble. Yoshino threw his knife at Van and hit him in the leg, but Van's metal boot was the only thing hit and he wasn't hurt at all. Growling, Sama began to move his arms and bend the water. It shot towards them, but Van hit him in the stomach so the water couldn't attack Van. Instead it hit Sama in the face and he began to choke even worse. Luckily, the water made his skin very moist and slippery and Van lost his grip for a moment, which was long enough for Sama to punch him in the arm and force him to let him go. Sama fell onto the ground and scuffled backwards on all fours like a crab.

"You're going to regreat that!" Sama yelled at Van, his voice hoarse from being strangled. "I'm sure any minute my eyes will start glowing like before and I'll be able to whoop you!" Sama paused. However, the Avatar State did not occure again. He tried to move and escape, but Van kicked the ground and a slide of dirt shot underneathe him and knocked him down. Sama tried to stand again, but in the same fashion Van knocked him down again. Sama looked to Yoshino, who couldn't escape, and that's when he realized running would only cost someone else their life.

"Run Avatar, Run!" Yoshino yelled again, but Van kicked the dirt and Yoshino flew up in the air and came back down, right on his wounds.

"I'm sick and tired of people dying for me, okay?" Sama stood up and spoke to Yoshino, through his eyes were on Van. "So just shut up and live while I fight him!"

Van smiled and his dark eyes seemed evil in the twilight hours. He stepped on the ground and spikes of earth shot out from beneath Sama, he was hit and flew to his side, hitting the ground and brusing his body. His forehead had a large, bloody scrape across it's length. Sama looked for some way out, but he saw none. He did see that Van was standing in the snow, however, and that meant water! Sama quickly made the moisture in the snow cover Van's feet and turn into ice, freezing Van to the spot. His feet were stuck to the ground veiled in a sheet of ice unable to escape. Sama then ran to Yoshino.

"Yoshino-sensei! Are you alright?" Sama asked, looking down at the wounded pale faced man. His glasses were broken and lying off to the side, and his face was bloody and bruised. He nodded and then grutted in pain.

"I can't move. You should --"

"Stop telling me to run away, would you?" Sama growled. "I already beat that guy!"

"Did you?" Sama turned around as Van's voice roared out. The Earthbender was using his arms to move the ground and break the ice free of his feet. Sama freaked out and wanted to jump away, but he realized if he didn't stay Yoshino would take the majority of the attack and he would surely die, just as Iruka had. He couldn't allow that to happen, so he stood and started to make a barrier of ice which he hoped would take the attack.

"Fool! I control the ground beneath you!" Van shot another wave of dirt through the ground and despite the ice shield Sama made, both he and Yoshino were thrown back several yards. They both crashed onto the snowy ground just outside the town, near where the training took place before with Iruka, the place where he found Appa and where the Fire Bender had first attacked.

Van came walking up again, and Sama, though his eye was now swelling up, stood up and prepared another futile attempt to fight against Van. However, as Van took another step forward, his face suddenly fell and his eyes looked afraid.

"Eh? Am I doing the glowing thing?" Sama asked, but obviously he was not in the Avatar State or he wouldn't be talking in his normal voice. Van turned around and started to run backwards, but he was forced to stop as he saw Joha and Crystal Rose standing behind him. As soon as Sama's eyes fell onto his sisters he gasped. "Run! He'll hurt you!"

However, neither of his sisters would move. They were both smiling in a fiendish way and as Van began to approach them, Sama was afraid for a moment. However, as Van approached, both waterbenders moved their arms and from beneath Van the ground exploded and a torrent of water shot up and covered his entire body, and it quickly froze, leaving him trapped. Sama blinked.


"We're standing on ice!" Joha smirked to her brother.

"That's why he was afraid, no earth for him to bend!" Crystal Rose put on a happy face and ran over. She spotted Yoshino and gasped, looking down at him and his various injuries. "You don't look so good sensei."

"Yeah, I know." Yoshino sighed.

"Hey, can you heal him? You have been practicing healing a lot." Joha said to her sister, reminding her of her lessons. Sama blinked a couple of times and then nodded furiously to Crystal Rose, his head moving so fast he got a bit dizzy.

"Y-Yeah, help him... urgh... I don't feel so good anymore." Sama was all spinny.

"I'll try!"

"No. Relax young one, I will take care of him." The three siblings turned around and as the Elder, Sarutobi Sandaime. He was walking towards them, with nearly every able bodied warrior in the South Water Tribe. Sama stood up and looked at the Elder, while the two sisters ran over to him.

"What's wrong?" Crystal Rose asked, tilting her head. "What's with all the troops?"

"We are going to defend our home from the Fire Navy. However, you must leave." Sarutobi Sandaime said, pointing a aged finger at Sama, who gasped and his face fell. He already knew it was true he had to leave home, but to have it be a order and not his own choice was like a knife plunged deep into his heart and twisted. Sama felt pain in the bottom of his stomach and he sighed and nodded to the Elder.

"I'll go." Sama said sadly.

"That's not fair! Why does he have to leave?" Crystal Rose asked. "My brother shouldn't be sent away because he's the Avatar! Besides, if it's a fight I'm sure he could help!"

"It is not because he is the Avatar, nor is it just him who must leave." The Elder said sternly, and all three of the siblings looked at the Elder in surprise. Sarutobi Sandaime looked at the group and then began to explain these words that seemed to put confusion and dispair into their hearts. "You are the Waterbenders of this village. You must go to the North to learn your heritage. That, and that alone, is the key to your victory. Crystal Rose, Joha... you must go to the North Pole as well, for you are the last waterbenders of this village. You must go and learn waterbending so that our tribe's waterbending heritage is protected, should this village be destroyed."

"So you want us to just leave? And let you all die?" Crystal Rose asked, her face filling with both anger and sadness. "You can't be serious!"

"I have never been more serious. The three of you must leave here." The Elder said in a somber and grave voice. He sighed and looked as if he regreated what he was forced to say, but it was the truth. Their staying would only endanger everything and everyone. In the North, they could be safe and they could finish their training. "To our sister village you must go. I apologize, but this is the way it must be."


A few hours later, outside of their house, the three siblings had Appa packed with stuff and they sighed and climbed onto his back. They were sitting in the saddle, with Sama holding onto the ropes. He let out a sigh and tugged on the reigns, saying the words that Aang's spirit had helped him discover and Appa slowly rose into the air, carrying the three siblings high above their village and out towards the ocean.

"I always wanted to see the world..." Crystal Rose sighed, pushing one of the strands of hair out of her face. "This sure isn't what I had in mind."

"It's my fault for getting you mixed up in this." Sama sighed. Joha hit him, which caused him to wince.

"How is it YOUR fault your our brother? As for the Avatar thing, just stop with the pity party! You're supposed to save the world, so let's go teach you how to bend so you can do that. And by the way, if you wince when I playfully punch you, no way you're going to beat the Fire Nation." Joha's burning sarcasm was probably as hot as the Fire Nation. Sama sighed, but he did feel better a little So did Crystal Rose, that is, until she saw something.

"Fireball!" She yelled, and luckily Appa turned in time to avoid them being hit with the fireball. The three teens looked over the side of the furry beast and saw the fireball falling towards their home. Looking back they could see a Fire Navy Ship sailing towards the village.

"We have to go back and help!" Sama yelled.

With no objection from the others, Appa turned around and headed down towards the Fire Navy ship. As they flew along the side, they could see the canons explode with massive smoke and fire as gigantic balls of flame went at their village. Crystal Rose began to moved her arms into a stance and sent a jet of water up at the ship, hitting one of the soliders who stood at the edge of the Fire Navy Cannon and knocking him off the side of the boat. They had stopped the cannon from firing, but they had also attracted some unwanted attention.

"It's the Avatar! Shoot them down!" General Rong yelled. Several balls of fire went off and came at them. Appa was able to avoid them and fly up high again, but it looked like they were no match against the ship. Crystal Rose grabbed Sama's sleeve and tugged it,then she pointed. Sama saw the ground and could see the fire falling onto the ground.

"We have to help somehow," Joha sighed. "We can't fly away and watch everything we've known in our lives to be destroyed."

"I have an idea." Sama flew up at the ship and flew low over the deck. Several Firebenders ran forward and threw blows at Appa, but Appa smashed a cannon with his tail, causing it to misfire and hit the deck. The ship was severly damaged and Appa flew up and away from the deck, as Joha and Crystal Rose used their waterbending to extinguish fireballs being thrown at them. As the giant bison flew up into the air, Commander Orochi looked up from his perch on the deck and he smiled.

"... Call of the assault. Prepare to move in on foot." Orochimaru called to General Rong.

"What? But we are winning!"

"I have much bigger plans for this town than simple murder and mayhem." Orochimaru's face twisted into a horrible grin. "Trust me, we may not have the Avatar, but we have the next best thing: his home town. He'll have to come back eventually, and when he does he'll find everyone and everything he loves my prisoner. We can use this."


Appa flew away, and the three on board were all grief stricken and upset. They could not bring themselves to cheer up in this moment when they knew their home was in danger, despite their efforts. Speech was none at all, and it seemed like this was the beginning of a long and difficult journey.


Character Profiles #7 & #8

Name: Yoshino

Gender: Male

Age: 26

Style: Waterbender

Profile: His sister married Iruka's brother, and their child was supposed to be the Avatar. However, that child died... then Iruka's brother Konoha found baby Sama, the new Avatar, and got a new chance; but he and his wife died of the disease that killed Sama's real parents. Yoshino grew up hating the Avatar who he blamed for his sister and Konoha's deaths, and who he blamed for his bad relationship with Iruka. That's why he was always such a mean teacher.

First Apperace: Book I Chapter I

Name: General Imuh Rong

Gender: Male

Age: 68

Style: Firebending Master

Profile: Imuh Rong was once the favorite of the Fire Lord's servants, and he was even hand picked to be his daughter's personal tutor in the arts. That is, until rebels took over a Fire Nation city. He was sent in to stop them, but then the rebels began killing women and children to make the army back off. Rong did not care and sent his troops in anyway -- but it was later revealed one of the families who died was his best friend's, and when the Fire Lord congradulated him about his victory he was very rude and paid dearly for that by being burned. The Fire Lord called him a weak failure, and then he was put under the command of a lower ranked officer, Commander Orochi.

First Apperace: Book I Chapter I