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Ages: Raimundo 13, Kimiko 12

Once there was a prince named Raimundo. He was a very wealthy boy who had everything he wanted. Or so his parents thought. Prince Raimundo felt there was a part of him missing. He didn't know what it was that he was missing but he decided to try and find out what it was. He didn't know that he would be missing a lot more by the end of the night.

While Raimundo was getting ready for bed he heard a scream coming from outside. He ran outside to see who it was. When he got outside he got the shock of his life. His whole mansion was bursting into flames. He still heard someone screaming so he started to look around. He ran into the courtyard to look for the source of the scream. He saw someone lying on the ground crying and bleeding badly. He ran over to see who it was.


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