Little Lotte- I don't know what I would do without you, you are my everything. I hope you enjoy this ending, have to add a little happiness right? What would one of my Phics be without some fluff, and a certain person's death?


I collapsed down onto my red velvet arm chair, the old, yellowing paper in my hands. It has been thirty four years since the night she wrote down her final thoughts upon the paper I cling to, perhaps I should have written a final testament, but who would ever read it? Unlike my dear Angelina, no one shall wake to see me, no one shall ever find me down here. Christine will never return, not after leaving with her little chap, and I have sent my only friend, if one could call Nadir a friend, away, to leave me here to die in peace.

It won't be long now, I can feel my breath rasp, my once strong voice withered to a mute whisper, yes, I will die soon, but what will come of it? Perhaps my little Angelina was right, perhaps there is a heaven, but I know if there is, I am destined for hell, after all, look at what I have done. I am a murderer, a thief, I am unworthy her god's love.

Looking down at the paper, I reread her words once again, memories of my past filling my mind.

"I do remember you, I could never forget you Angelina, never." I whispered, a single tear coming to my eye. How could such a child effect me so? Perhaps I did do some good, but only because of what she lived through.

My mind took me back many, many years, when I was a guest in the Shan's palace, when I lived in Persia. I was sitting down upon the soft silk of my bed, the door opened slightly, a small figure entering. How beautiful this creature was, as she tip toes over to me, the purple silk she wore fluttering about her petite figure. I never could have thought a harem girl to look so beautiful, long black hair down to her waist, skin the colour of tea, brilliant deep brown eyes. Her eyes, I have seen eyes such as those once before, in an angel's face. The girl approached me, starting to remove her cloths. But I couldn't do it. She was so young, Angelina would have been around that age. All I could think of was Angelina being the one climbing into my lap, not this child. The thought sickened me, as I pushed her off of me, afraid of what I might have done to her. I sent her away, although it displeased the Shan. What would I have done to the girl had I not met Angelina? Perhaps I wouldn't have been inexperienced up until my final days.

It was her voice that stopped me from Ruining Christine, although, I couldn't stop her from my music. That day Christine put on the wedding dress for me, How perfect she looked, I just wanted her, but I couldn't take her. I guess in a way, Angelina served as a conscience for me. I confined myself to to my organ, taking my need out in notes, instead of ravishing her, perhaps I could earn a place in God's heaven for that.

I took the my mask off, placing the worn leather down on the coffee table one last time, next to the empty syringe. Soon the Morphine will begin to do it's will on my old body, soon it will be over. Slowly, my heavily eyelids fell down upon my eyes, my head finding residence on the shoulder of the chair.

Softly, I opened my blurry eyes. I was no longer in the comforting armchair, but standing, in the mist of something, although I don't know how to describe such a place. White, all around me, but yet, colour at the same time. I watched in awe, like some child, was this what death was like? Slowly, a small shape seemed to materialize from this misty place, the pink object coming closer, a high pitched giggle surrounding me.

"Erik!" The familiar voice flowed into my ears, as the thing before me cleared, Angelina. Her deep brown eyes twinkled, a wide smile upon her face.

"You're free too!" She declared, grabbing my hands gaily. Her dark hair blowing around her face, a strand sticking to her pink lips. She looked older than when she left me She no longer looked like the terrified youth I knew, But a bright, young woman.

"Oh Erik, you look so handsome!" She declared, twirling around me, her hair dancing over my flesh. Letting a butterfly kiss rest on my nose.

My nose! I stepped back stunned, moving both our hands up to my face, no longer do I have a hole upon my face, but a nose, a real nose. No longer was my skin stretched over my old bones. Pulling our hands away, I gasped when I saw them. No longer skeletal, they bore a natural pale flesh tone, no yellow. She laughed at my surprise, running a hand over my full head of midnight black hair.

"Erik, don't be so surprised." She giggled out, taking my hands back, leading me through this... Heaven.

"Erik, this is your reward, for all the good you did, for helping people like me." Confusion spread through my body, Good? Was she mad, or had God made some judgmental error, last time I knew, murder was frowned upon.

"Oh Erik, you are good, you just have never been able to see the real you, Did you know I thought you an angel? For only one of God's chosen ones could have set me free like you did. You gave me the courage to break away from my hell, to come here, where I belong, and now, where you belong. Now, you can really be what you have always been, an angel. You were an angel of hope for me, and I have watched you be an angel of music for another, I can only imagine what your next task might be." Her smiled widened.

"Now come on." She pulled on my arm.

"If you want to be a true angel, you have to learn a few things first."