Waltzing down the streets of Notia, Calintz, Serina, Azel, Eonis and Chris glanced at the rusty journal that was in Calintz' hands. The cover was brown with holes pierced out of it; the pages were torn and smudged with dirt. Calintz opened the book and examined the text. "Deeer Diree I beejed tee geeet preeism mooostueay lllleeerruun," the first page said.

"I think this is a child's Diary." Calintz spoke, showing everyone the scribbles on each page.

"It's not the Yason language!" Serina pointed out.

"Let me see!" Eonis asked as Calintz gave her the journal.

Eonis flipped threw the pages, carefully and landed at the back of the book. Neat handwriting written in blue ink spelled out, "Fred Abel 345 Queen's Ave. Notia." Eonis showed everyone the page; everyone then gazed at the writing.

"I wonder if this person is related to Raul." Azel questioned pointing to the name.

"Maybe." Chris replied closing the book. "Queen's Avenue isn't far from here. We should give this to its owner."

"It's amazing what you find in the forest." Calintz said, motioning everyone to walk.

They walked a few paces only to find a man wearing a white, marshmallow-like suit carrying a jagged sword.

"RAUL!" Chris greeted as he waved. "Funny, we were just talking about you!"

"Huh?" Raul asked, baffled by Chris' greeting.

"We found a journal who belonged to 'Fred Abel'." Calintz offered Raul the soiled book.

"Fred is my son." Raul spoke out, looking at the grubby journal.

Raul opened the cover and glanced at the pages full of swigglies. His eyes widened as he read, "seeeewwwaaa aaamaaa," from one of the front pages.

"This looks like his diary from twenty-four years ago. But.." Raul paused while flipping though the pages. "He was about twenty-five when he had this? It's a good thing I'm going to meet with him today."


They walked through filthy slums that were only one story tall, many made out of scrap pieces of wood. Their numbers had been spray painted in a large size on their front door. The smell of rotting garbage filled the air as everyone was in disgust.

"I think he lives on Queen Street!" Serina commented squeezing her nose to block out the smell.

"He wrote me a letter a week ago stating that he lived here." Raul implied shaking his head.

The turned to the house marked 59. Smoke seeped through the edges of the doorway, as the windows fogged. Raul raced to the front door and knocked, frantically. The door opened as a cloud of smoke escaped unto the streets. Raul covered his face and coughed, as an eldery man answered the door. Raul turned to him and said, "Fred?"

"Yes that's me!" the man giggled.

His hair was whiter then snow, half of his head was bald. His eyes were blood shot as his face was covered in wrinkles; it was similar to Raul's; they each shared the same chocolate coloured eyes.

"Wow there are more of you!" Fred commented as he spotted the rest. "Come in!"

They walked into the small one roomed house. An older lady wearing an elegant black dress that reached down to the floor looked misplaced in the run down room. Her ears were that of a Yason, her face pale and her hair was a beautiful dark auburn.

"This is Katherine everyone!" Fred giggled as he pointed to the lady on the couch.

"Why do you giggle so much?" Azel question, staring at Fred's smiley face.

"I do drugs!" Fred laughed as he leaped over the coffee table.

"So that explains the scribbled journal." Calintz whispered as he shook his head.

"Why did you want me to come?" Raul asked to Fred.

"He has two children and he doesn't know where they are." Katherine responded as she got off the couch, picking up her gigantic muff. "Sadly, I am the mother of them."

Everyone's jaws dropped as Raul's faced turned pink. Calintz, Serina, Chris and Eonis shuffled out of the house.

"Children's Aid Society must had taken them away from him." Katherine pointed out.

"No, they did not!" Fred said, angrily. "I was injured by your people and I couldn't take care of them!"

"Whatever, this was around twenty years ago. I'm sure they are now fine."

"It's been a very long time since I last saw you Fred." Raul said, sadly. "So this is why you left me; to do drugs."

"Not to mention he has a promiscuous habit." Katherine added, while fixing the folds of her dress.

"Let's find them together." Raul suggested to Fred, placing a hand on his shoulder.

Fred opened the decapitated door as Eonis, Chris and Calintz fell inside of the house with their ears to the ground.

"You weren't nosy!" Raul commented glaring at the three.

"Sorry." Eonis apologized as she got up off the floor.

"This is great!" Azel jumped for joy. "Calintz was going to find who his father is and you are going to find grandchildren!"

"I don't remember their names." Fred added as he scratched his head.

"What!" Katharine hollered as she threw her muff to the ground. "I knew I shouldn't have let you name them! You probably named them when you were high!"

"How about we go to the Pnosen Library?" Serina suggested. "They have an answer for everything!"