Astel waddled his way through the tunnel, nearly getting hit by the cars driving past him. He leaned against the wall, shuffling his way towards the end. At the end of the tunnel he came across a booth with a person standing inside.

"What's your citizenship?" The person asked Astel, in completely different accent than the hillbilly.

Astel thought to himself which citizenship he actually was. He was banished from Yason-Roven, and he traveled all over Eferia, so he didn't have one.

"Where were you born, and do you still live there?" The person questioned, trying to come up with an answer. "Quel pays habitez-vous?"

"Uh… Bayer!" Astel lied. No one really lived in Bayer, and it was the first thing that came to his mind. "Yes, I am from uh… Bayer."

"Bayer, never heard of that place." The person said, baffled by the location. "What business do you have in this country? Are you a terrorist?"

"I'm trying to run away from my wife." He replied, without hesitation. "Um… terrorist, maybe."

"Welcome to Canada!" The person announced, motioning him to continue on his journey.

Astel walked through the booth, looking around at this foreign land. Music was blaring from a mysterious object on wheels, which crowding the streets. His eyes lit of with glee; it was the song from the Spice Girls!

"The Spice Girls!" He yelled out in excitement, like a schoolgirl. "They are my favourite band next to the Backstreet Boys!" He giggled, ripping his outfit, throwing it into the air, revealing a miniskirt, platform boots with heels a metre in length, and a belly shirt, all in metallic colours. Astel decided to live in this country for the rest of his life, away from his psychotic wife.


"The new headquarters is going to be better than before!" Haren commented, sawing some wood.

"Yes, now we have a hangout for our wild parties!" Maya said cheerfully, whipping Eonis and Felicia into working faster.

"It's so nice that you let Amila and I join." Neikan added, sowing some fabric, creating some drapes.

"The more members the better." Azel answered, hammering some nails into wood.

"Look at this invention I made!" Chris smiled, like a child. "It's a glow stick that never fades away!"

After a few months they complete the new headquarters, only to have it collapse on all of them the next day.


Rianna marched around her hut, pacing back and forth, with her arms crossed and fingers tapping. Each time she stomped her feet on the floor the hut shook, as the dishes dropped on the floor, one by one. Her heart raced, as it exploded, causing her breath to decrease. Collapsing to the floor, she fainted.

Her eyes awoke in a strange environment: Detroit. She lifted herself up, taking in the surroundings. A store with mannequins in the window, covered from head to toe in lace stood in front of her. Walking towards it, she got hit by a bus, but continued to enter the building. Two hideous girls, wearing clothing an eighty year old would wear were standing behind the desk. They smiled, greeting her, but their smile reminded her of death, "Welcome to A Stitch In Time Saves Nine, this is Roxy and Carian, how may we help you?"

"I'm looking for my husband, that jerk left me again!" She hissed. "Roxy and Carian?"

"It's us!" They replied. Their new style was very modest, and so they threw their make-up in the garbage revealing their faces that resembled witches who are crack addicts. "We saw him go into Canada. You can take either the bridge or the tunnel."

She thanked them, sprinting her way over towards the bridge. A person at a booth blocked her from entering the land.

"What citizenship are you?" The person asked.

"Maracatte." She answered, hostility. "Have you seen my dead-beat husband?"

"He's over there dancing to the Brittney Spears." The person pointed to the flamboyant go-go dancer. "Have fun in Canada."

"ASTEL COME HERE RIGHT NOW!" She hollered, marching her way over to him. "YOU'RE FIRED!"

"I can explain!" He cried out, having his ear being pulled, as Rianna dragged him away.

Rianna and Astel magically appeared back to their hut, where they lived somewhat happily ever after. Roxy and Carian joined a convent where they lived there for the rest of their lives.


"seeeewwwaaa aaamaaa I presume is Serina and Amila, right?" Calintz asked Fred, glancing through his journal. "What does Deeer Diree I beejed tee geeet preeism mooostueay lllleeerruun mean?"

"Dear Diary: I banged the Great Priestess Mistress Ladrienne." Fred replied, as everyones jaws dropped.

"Look's like your grandpa is Raul, Calintz." Serina pointed out, then realizing what she said made her eyes shoot open.

"Ew, you were in love with your half sister after all!" Raul said, in disgust.

Calintz, Raul, Mistress Ladrinne, Katherine, Fred, and Sheed made there way on Montel where they became professional Montel guests.



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