The Rock

Disclaimer: All things Supernatural are not mine, but this doesn't mention anything anyway.

Summary: A poem about Sam and Dean's relationship as brothers.

Author's Note: Please forgive me, I don't know what came over me, I haven't tried writing poetry in years but all of a sudden something just cried out to be written down. Constructive reviews are welcomed. Thanks for reading.

Solid and immutable,

Sturdy, intransigent,

Security and protection.

I shelter in your shadow,

Seek solace in your shade,

You are my rock of ages.

Ageless, endless,

Unmoving through time passing,

Timeless warrior and hero.

I see you face danger for others,

Step into the line of fire

You are my hope for the future.

Time passes like water flowing,

Water which slowly erodes the hardest rock,

I see the cracks in your surface

Plastered over, sealed up, hidden

Obscuring the fractures behind.

Gold runs surreptitiously through rock,

What is concealed beneath your fa├žade?

Precious life and vitality

Throbbing through your veins.

I thrive in your protection

Gain confidence from your pride

Step out to make my own way

Seek the sun with you at my back

Secure in the knowledge of your support always.