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Chapter Seven



Cloud hated any and all silver haired men. This was a given as he opened the door to his and Leon's home, stepping to the side so his lover could carry his burden easier.

Cloud frowned as Leon hung his head, looking down to Sora with remorse and anger, but that anger was not directed at the boy in his arms.

"You don't hit a sixteen year old boy." Leon sneered as he set Sora onto the bed, letting his gloved fingers flick through the cinnamon colored locks, "That's just …dishonorable."

Cloud gave a weary sigh, his fingers coming up to rub along his temples, eyes closed as if he were in pain, "Sephiroth would kill a baby if it suited his purposes." He moved to sit in a high-backed chair, slumping artfully. His elbows rested upon the arms of the chair, and he grimaced as he tightened his jaw, "You don't understand him, Leon. And you never will… He… He was the only one who knew how to calm Sephiroth, and now he's dead."

"He who?" Leon questioned lightly, eyes flicking up to watch Cloud, his fingers still flitting over the sleeping boy's bangs.

Cloud let his hands fall away from his face, a dull sound resounding through the quiet house as he drew in a sigh. He didn't want to talk about it, really. It hurt Cloud to think of his best friend in past tense. It tore at his soul that he wasn't able to tell his lover, too. He wanted to tell Leon, he really did… But he wasn't sure if he had the strength to do it.

"He… I don't want to talk about it, Leon." He said sullenly, turning his head away.

"I don't care. You're going to talk about it. Because I need to know. I'm tired of being kept in the dark, Cloud. I'm tired of being the last to know everything. I've known you for three years and I've slept with you for two. And I still know nothing about your past… Why?"

Cloud sighed, "I'm a private person."

Leon narrowed his eyes, his fingers falling away from Sora's hair as he fought to keep his voice at a normal level, "So am I, but I told you everything. You could at least return the favor."

What Leon has said was true. It had taken three years, but eventually the brunette had opened up, just a little. He still had his share of secrets, but then again, Cloud never asked. But right now, Leon was demanding that Cloud let him in. He felt it was vital. Storm gray eyes narrowed venomously as he stood from the bed, taking the two steps to get to the chair Cloud rested in.

It was obvious that the blond was not going to do as he was asked, so Leon would use other methods.

The brunette started down at him, eyes narrowing dangerously. Cloud feared very few people. Tifa when she was bitching, Sephiroth when he was…Sephiroth… And Leon when he was like this.

Cloud knew that Leon would never hurt him in any way. But Leon still knew all the ways to make Cloud squirm. What Leon did next was completely unexpected.

The gunblader knelt down in front of the chair that Cloud sat in, his arms coming to rest around his waist. Those angry gray eyes never left his face, but they seemed to soften slightly as he set his cheek on Cloud's thigh.

The blonde was taken aback. Leon had other ways of showing his affection than this. This was new, and very strange for the stotic, cold man. "Leon?" Cloud questioned softly, a hand moving to rest lightly in the silken strands of chocolate.

"Don't tell me anything, or tell me everything." He started, his voice one continuous rhythm with no infliction. "I don't care. But I am tired of this. I'm tired of being left behind and in the dust. I let you help me deal with my problems, it's the least I can do for you."

"Leon…" Cloud said softly, frowning as he began to pet his lover softly. "Where to begin…" Against his better judgement, or so he thought, Cloud began to tell Leon everything. From Nibelheim to his best friends death. All of it. He added his and Sephiroth's past, and the psychosis he went through when he was trying to find himself again. Leon listened intently, never missing a word, nodding at the right parts, and laying a soothing hand on Cloud's thigh when it looked like the blond was going to choke on his sorrow.

While Cloud relived his past, and his horrors he would rather forget, Sora lived his own horrors, his own fears as he dreamed so silently, one would think he were dead.

-Dream, Sora's POV-

I was running as fast as my legs would carry me. It was black; everything around me. I couldn't see, I couldn't breath, I couldn't think about anything but running. I don't know if I was chasing something, or if I was running from something.

A flash of sliver caught my eyes and I felt a warm wetness trail down my cheeks. I paused in my running and lifted a hand to my face…

It was blood. Bright red against all the darkness that surrounded me, engulfed me, smothered me. I felt like I could die, that I could choke on these horrible feelings that settled itself inside my chest. Loneliness, despair, pain, pain and more desire as I slipped slowly through the black fire of the recesses of my broken and shattered mind.

The blood grew, falling down my face, and coating my hands in crimson. It pooled around my feet, crept over and into the blackness. It crawled up the walls and formed a small room made of red doors. The blackness furled beneath the panes of wood, tendrils reaching out to swat playfully at my ankles. When the blackness touched me, I felt cold, and then it faded away.

The dark crept deeper into the room and curled and furled like smoke, until it formed a chair before my very eyes. It was high backed, and as red as the room and its doors that stood around me, mocking me. I saw a glimpse of silver in the chair. Before I could draw breath, I was in front of the chair and I felt my heart flutter in my chest.

It was Riku. But he looked different… Ragged, haggard… Older than I knew he was. His head was bowed, and the light that came from nowhere glinted dully off his hair. It was dry and brittle, nothing like the hair I ran my fingers through before. Slowly, he lifted his head and his eyes were glazed in a film of white. They looked like fish eyes. His cheeks were sunken and his skin was sallow.

I swallowed and took a step back. This wasn't my Riku… This wasn't my Riku at all.

Thin lips opened showing jagged yellow teeth. His voice was like a rasp. Like broken, jagged glass that was cutting me to my core. I felt colder than when the darkness touched me. Like I had been dipped into a tub full of ice and bound.

"You did this…to me…"

I shook my head. "No! No!"

"Yess… You did this to me… You stole…what… I cherished… Destroyed what was forbidden… To have."

He was speaking in riddles; I was so confused. I shook my head again and felt more hot, sticky, bloody tears fall down my face. "No, Riku…No…"

His thin, bony hands reached for me, and I screamed. Long, loud and ragged, I screamed until I was sure I would pass out. His fingers touched my face, and he exploded in a welter of blood and flesh, coating me in my beloved's blood, my beloved's soul.

It all dissolved around me and I fell into a tormented and feverish sleep.

My Riku… Please, don't hate me…


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