So The Lion King is one of my all time favorite movies, it is my favorite disney movie, followed shortly by Beauty and the Beast and The Great Mouse Detective. This story has actually been on my computer for awhile, it's not done yet and needs some serious editing...but it will slowly and surely work its way onto this site.

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The Lion King III

Chapter One

The sun peaked over the pride lands, coating it in bright reds, oranges, and yellows. Zebras and antelope perked up their heads as the cry rang through the land. A cub had been born from Princess Kiara and her new mate, Kovu.

All over the pride lands the cry called to the animals. The elephants began to plod slowly across the miles of grass. The birds glided through the sky, towards the rock that stretched to the clouds above. The others herds rushed through the rivers and brush, finally reaching the throne of the lions.

The old baboon Rafiki stood at the edge of Pride Rock, nodding approvingly at the animals who were gathering. Hearing footsteps behind him Rafiki turned and bowed to the King and Queen.

Simba and his mate Nala nodded at the old baboon. Both were getting older, but they had not yet given up their royal titles to their successors.

A line of lionesses had followed the King and Queen. Some were very thin, some gray in color, and others tan. Half of the lionesses had once been Outsiders, but now had been accepted into the pride.

Next three odd animals came and settled around the King and Queen. One was a blue bird, the Kings Royal Advisor, Zazu. The last two were Simba's best friends, Timon the meerkat, and Pumba the warthog. Finally everyone was ready. Heads turned to look at the den entrance and Simba smiled.

Standing in the cave was Simba's daughter, Kiara, and Kovu. Their heads held high they walked past the lionesses and up to Rafiki. Kovu lowered his head and set down a ball of dark fur. Kiara did the same, but her bundle had golden fur. The animals had been wrong. There hadn't been one cub born, but two!

Rafiki picked up both cubs and held them up for the animals to see. The golden furred male, the smaller of the two watched through amber as the animals bowed their heads to the two princes. He tried to curl up in a ball as he heard the loud trumpets and calls of the animals. His brother batted at a flying butterfly and then turned his head up to the sky. Surrounded by clouds, high in the heavens was a lion's face. A lion as gold as the sun with a mane as red as blood. The dark cub watched as a glow of gold light stretched down from the sky and bathed the smaller cub in its brilliance. The dark cub flicked his ears and yowled in a baby growl and the lion and light faded.

Finally the animals stopped and Rafiki gave the two cubs back to their mother and father, who took them back to the cave. Simba watched with mixed happiness. It had been a long time since two cubs had been born from the royal family. The last time it had been Mufasa and Scar, and Simba flinched remembering how that had turned out. Perhaps these cubs would be stronger. Their parents where. Simba still remembered how Kovu and Kiara had jumped in between himself and Zira, fearless and in love. Sighing, Simba made his way back to the cave to see his new grandchildren.


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