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Talo meandered through the thick foliage, carefully stepping over the flowers and sharp sticks. His nose twitched at the strange scents and his ears buzzed with the new sounds. He jumped over a mud puddle and continued on the path he'd found. Shortly he came to an opening and found himself near a cave. Out in front sat and old lion. The lion looked at him and smiled.

Talo crept up near him. "I'm Talo."

"Shalu's brother." Palini affirmed, smiling. "I'm Palini. You may have met my daughter…if you came from Pride Rock." He added knowingly.

"Shalu's feisty lioness friend? Yeah, we met." Talo winced slightly at the memory. He swallowed. "Do you think that maybe…I could…"

"Stay?" Palini offered. "I see no reason not to. It seems every Prince needs to feel the jungle at some point." He smiled pleasantly and nodded towards the butterflies he was watching, that fluttered around on the multi-colored flowers. "Besides…it gets lonely in the jungle. One may start talking to his reflection."

Talo grinned and sat down, meeting the lion's old eyes. The breeze ran around the clearing, swirled dust, pulling at flowers and leaves, and threading around back up to the star studded sky.

The End


I know "The End" is a corny way to end a call me corny. I hope you guys enjoyed the story as much as I enjoyed writing it. And there is going to be a sequal somewhere in the near future if any of you guys care. Just bear with me on that note. :) :)

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