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Unexpected Secret

Chapter One

Shadow sat on the bed he shared with Amy, his mind focusing on how Amy had been for the last few months. He'd never known her to eat so much, or be as bitchy. He wasn't sure how he had survived, not that he'd tell the emotional pink hedgehog that. He had nearly lost his quills to her twice so far because he'd said the wrong thing. Amy had told everyone about the wedding, which Shadow had become accustomed to the blue hedgehog's jibes about various things. Shadow found it hard to ignore the blue faker at the best of times, but since Amy had told everyone; all the men had been asking him about who the best man would be. Shadow wasn't sure about who he was going to choose, but then again Amy would probably choose someone for him. The custom of marriage wasn't a clueless image of white and religion for the onyx hedgehog; he only knew the basics, which is why he asked the pink hedgehog to marry him. A smirk crossed his face when he recalled the look on her face. He looked at the floor when he heard a commotion from downstairs, followed by his rose using language fit for a sailor. Shadow wasn't sure if he should go downstairs to see what was happening. He wasn't scared of the pregnant hedgehog, he just cherished his hearing. His thoughts went to Knuckles and Rouge, she was always shouting at the echidna, Shadow was surprised that he was still with the bossy bat, but they seemed happy and content. Maybe Knuckles could lend him some earplugs? By god he could imagine the ruckus if he did. Sighing, the ruby eyed hedgehog went to the bedroom door, opened it and walked down into the way of a hormonal Amy.

Shadow cursed when he found her sitting in the middle of the kitchen floor in tears, flour all over her face. She was obviously trying to bake a cake, due to eggs splattered over the floor and the amount of flour over the sides and floor. Shadow walked over to Amy and knelt in the flour. She looked up at him, tears streaming down her cheeks, making little patterns through the flour. Shadow smiled at her and offered her a hand. Amy smiled and took his hand and they got up together. He couldn't believe the mess she had made, but he wasn't going to tell her that.

"It went wrong" Her voice drifted up to him. Shadow smirked

"I can see" He said making sure to put as much humour into his words as possible. A grin came over her face as she placed her lips on his. Shadow smiled in the kiss, Amy may be over-emotional, but she still showered him in kisses every so often. Amy pulled away first and went about tidying the kitchen. Shadow watched her for awhile, looking at the ruby on her ring every so often. That's the other thing that Shadow had noticed over the past few months, Amy no longer wore gloves. To show off the ring or not, Shadow didn't know, at this point in her pregnancy, he didn't dare ask her. He walked to the door and out into their back garden. The sun was shining down on all of Amy's flowers, shrubs and things that even Shadow didn't know what they were.

"I love you Shadow" Amy's voice called from the kitchen, Shadow stopped walking and turned to see her at the kitchen window. He nodded and gave her a wink before he ran off.


Amy watched Shadow run, she knew she was being hard on him and she really didn't mean too. This pregnancy was more than the little pink hedgehog could bear sometimes, but she couldn't wait. She knew Shadow was going to be a bit disconcerted when it came to the baby but she hoped that wouldn't last. Her eyes drifted to the beautiful ring that Shadow had bought her. She didn't want to hide it from her or anyone else's view so she decided not to wear her gloves. Amy looked at the mess and sighed, it was at times like this when she wished she had a maid. As she got to work tidying the mess up, she passed into a daydream about what their baby would look like. She hoped it wasn't going to be a nasty colour. She imagined it with: black with pink streaks, Pink with red streaks, brown with red streaks and endless colour possibilities. She was both excited and scared about the baby and added to that, Shadow had been overly protective of her as of late; she supposed that was why she was nagging at him almost twenty-four seven. Amy had told almost everyone about her engagement, but not about the baby; it's not that she was scared of what people would think; it was the fact that Shadow still was obviously not used to the idea of becoming a father. She had only told one person; Tails. Amy knew she could trust the little fox not to tell anyone, even though he was best friends with Sonic. Sonic; he was the one person who had been truly happy for her, probably because she was no longer chasing him, but she concentrated on ignoring that thought,. Amy's eyes scanned the kitchen and another sigh escaped her lips. It was going to be a long day.


Shadow ran to Westopolis, he looked around at the millions of people milling around. He stood on the beautiful green hill looking over the city. There was something he wanted to do in the city, but he couldn't remember exactly what. A run through the city may jog my memory. He leapt off of the hill and ran down to the city limits. Running through a certain shop caught his eye. He skidded to a stop and stared up at the shop's name. 'Dresses-R-us' (A/N: lol. -Cringes-) Shadow hesitantly looked at some of the dresses in the window. They were all white, except one. He stepped closer and took a closer look at the dress; it was a low-cut pink dress that had 'Amy' practically written on it. Shadow smirked; he'd come back with Amy later and see what she thought, even though he knew what her reaction was going to be. He carried on, intent on running until he reached water. Shadow couldn't believe how Sonic had taken the news of Amy and his engagement; ecstatic was an understatement. The blue hero had basically acted like a woman, which Shadow had found thoroughly amusing, even though he knew the real reason why. He knew Amy had told one person about their child and Shadow was fine with that. He just thought she would have told many more people. He knew he didn't know anything about becoming a father, but maybe by telling people about the baby, maybe that will bury the shock. Tails had been bad enough, when Amy had told him he'd automatically assumed Shadow had raped her. Shadow could barely maintain his anger then, thinking about it now just made it worse. He thought about buying magazines, but he decided that would make people see him as a pervert or something, not that he cared what others thought of him; he just didn't want the hassle. As he reached the ocean he could see nothing but the various shades of blue that mixed and matched through the shallow waters of the beach. Emerald Coast; why his feet kept rushing him here, he didn't know. Maybe because this was first where Amy had taken an interest in him? Shadow sped down onto the quiet beach, not particularly wanting to be there, but as long as he was here, he'd relax and think about things. He sat on the crisp golden sand and stretched his legs out in front of him. His mind drifted over Amy and the sudden twist that happened in their relationship. A baby. Shadow knew he wasn't going to be a good father, but he was going to try, that should be enough. Amy had mentioned she wanted to get married before she had the baby. Shadow sighed so much for relaxing,


Amy smiled and wiped sweat from her forehead. In her opinion, it was the cleanest her kitchen had ever been. If baking a cake was this difficult then Delia can shove her cook book where the sun doesn't shine. She'd buy a cake, it was easier. She grabbed her purse and walked out into the brisk sunshine. She rushed into Westopolis, heading straight to the bakery. She had something planned that she knew Shadow wouldn't like, but she didn't particularly want him nosing around in something that was supposed to be a surprise. Amy slowly opened the door and gave a smile to the moustached man behind the counter.

"What can I do for you today ma'am?" He asked returning the smile. Amy handed him a piece of folded paper. The baker opened the crisp white paper and read Amy's elegant handwriting; he laughed and looked at the petite hedgehog "Sure. When would you like it for?" An even bigger smile graced Amy's face.

"Oh thank you!" She beamed "In the next few days?"

"You got it" He said giving her a wink. Amy nodded and reached for her purse "You pay when you collect m'dear" he added giving her an excited smile.

"Okay" She said, putting her purse back in her pocket "Thank you" She said nodding and walking out of the shop. Now that was settled what was she going to do? She supposed she could go to the beach? But that would be busy at this time of day; unless there had been bad weather warnings. She had failed to turn the radio this morning, like she did almost every morning. She started walking towards the beach, making sure to walk down the designated pathway. Sunlight made the sand sparkle like ground down gold, Amy thought it was beautiful; she couldn't wait it feel the warm sand under her toes. She stopped to take off her boots, and then kept walking carrying the footwear under her arm. She looked down onto the beach, she frowned when she saw no people, maybe they were up the coast? When she finally reached the sand she relished the feeling of it beneath her bare feet, she wished Shadow was here to enjoy it with her but she knew he was somewhere else, running. Walking faster down to the sea, she didn't notice the certain black hedgehog she was thinking about watching her from the beach.


Shadow lazily watched Amy run down to the sea. A smile graced his face, she obviously didn't know he was here, He was going to take his time watching her, it was a rare occurrence that she ever let her guard down in public and seeing her enjoying herself warmed the dark hedgehog's heart. He did contemplate going to her, but he didn't want to ruin her 'alone time'. He had to laugh when she jumped back from the cold waves; he saw her look around and cursed himself for being so loud. Shadow watched her eyes scan the beach until they reached his direction. He sighed and stood, still keeping his eyes on the pink hedgehog. When she saw it was Shadow a huge, loving smile graced her face. Shadow's face remained emotionless, keeping his true intentions of being there away from the pink hedgehog. Amy started to walk towards him and he decided to meet her half way, the sun shining on her pink hair gave it a beautiful glow that would be lost if she went in the shade. As he walked out into the sunshine, the warmth travelled through his black quills like liquid flame. Shadow sighed, he had been putting off talking to Amy about the wedding, but now, seeing her walking towards him, sun glistening in her pink quills; he knew now was the time. How was a completely different matter. He decided that he would take her to see the dress but how to get the inquisitive pink hedgehog there, without asking questions wasn't going to be easy. As the distance between them got smaller, Shadow couldn't help but admire her, she was stunning.

Amy glanced at the sun soaked hedgehog in front of her; he had a gorgeous smirk on his face, one that only he could pull off. She couldn't help but stare into his crimson orbs as she came face to face with him. She wrapped her arms around him and gave him a loving embrace.

"I thought you'd be running" She muttered into his shoulder. Shadow nodded and let his arms loosely hold her

"I didn't feel like it. I have much more pressing matters on my mind" He said backing away from the female's embrace." I have seen something I think you will like" Amy's smile grew to show off her pearl white teeth as she excitedly began to bug Shadow to see what it was. "It's in town"

"What is it?" She asked over excitedly. Amy wasn't sure what the onyx hedgehog was going to show her, but she knew that if he actually told her, it must be better than flowers. Shadow took her arm in his hand; she looked at his face and saw a beautiful smirk.

"Don't get too excited" He jested putting a hand on her stomach briefly, before quickly taking it away. He started to stride away, letting Amy catch up in her own time. The pink hedgehog huffed as she hastily pulled on her socks and shoes; sand still covered her feet, but she had to know what Shadow wanted to show her. Running, she caught him up as he was just reaching the brow of the hill the path was situated on, she wrapped her arm in his and struggled to catch her breath, running whilst pregnant was not a good idea. After awhile Shadow stopped in front of a dress shop; Amy looked up at the dress Shadow had placed her in front of and gasped. It was the perfect dress for her. Inside she smiled knowingly, she already had a dress, this dress to be precise, Shadow knew her well.

"It's beautiful Shadow" She gasped, keeping her little secret.

"Do you want to try it?" He asked looking at her and not the dress. Amy's eyes widened, she'd have to lie to him to stop him from interfering with her plans.

"I have to go. I'll see you later" She said quickly, kissing his cheek. She saw Shadow frown. As she turned to leave Shadow grabbed her arm

"What for?"

"I have some errands to run" She smiled, he let her arm go and gave her a smirk

"See you later" He muttered, Amy smiled, blew him a kiss and walked towards their home again, her heart racing from almost being caught.


Shadow watched after his girlfriend confusion written clearly over his face. Why had she just dismissed the dress? Or was she having... No, she wouldn't be having second thoughts. She adored the idea of marriage. All Shadow could do was believe her, after all that's what a good relationship was made on; Trust, but Shadow couldn't help but feel she was hiding something from him. Something important. Shadow shook his head and began walking home, mind set on getting the truth from his girlfriend and then arranging a date. He wanted to get it over and done with. When a flash of blue caught his eye, he moaned in complaint. The blue hedgehog was all he needed. Sonic skidded to a stop in front of the crimson tainted hedgehog. Shadow gave Sonic a deadly glare, which Sonic defiantly ignored.

"Chosen yet Shadow?" He asked eagerly

"Chosen what?"

"A best man!" Sonic practically yelled in excitement. Shadow shook his head in both response to Sonic's obvious sell himself technique and in answer to the question.

"No. You'll be the first person I say no too. Don't worry" Shadow snorted and started to walk away from the pouting hedgehog.

"Amy would like it" Sonic shouted after him. Shadow snorted to himself and carried on walking. Why the faker was so interested in being his best man; Shadow didn't know. Leaving the confusion of Sonic behind, Shadow carried on walking towards the home he shared with Amy. He hoped she'd be there so they could talk about arrangements and why she had dashed off when Shadow had shown her the dress.

As Shadow came to their wooden front door a sigh crossed his lips, what if she was having second thoughts? Shadow wouldn't be able to even live if she said she was. He'd take a razor blade... Shadow quickly shook his head of these depressing thoughts. He was positive that Amy wanted to marry him; she was having his child for god's sake. Shadow opened the door and found his girlfriend sitting on their sofa, feet up on the coffee table and a hot cup of coffee resting in her hands. She raised her eyes to his and smiled.

"Date" Shadow blurted out. Amy raised an eyebrow


"We need to set a date" He said sternly. Amy stood fumbling with her cup. Shadow watched her every move, watching for any kind of negative movement. Amy placed her cup on the table, and looked at the onyx hedgehog. If she didn't act quickly her plan would be ruined. Slowly, she walked up to the onyx hedgehog and circled his neck with her arms.

"I love you" She uttered moving in to kiss him on the lips. Shadow frowned, but let her kiss him. The kiss was full of passion and love; Shadow couldn't help but be drawn into it, like a moth to a flame. He delved in to deepen the kiss, which Amy obliged too. His arms snaked around her waist pulling her flush up against him; when Amy moaned against his mouth Shadow reluctantly ended the kiss, Amy looked up at him in confusion, she looked in Shadow's eyes, and she gasped when she saw lust burning in his crimson orbs. "Shadow..."

"Tell me, why are you lying to me?" He asked not relinquishing the hold on her waist. Amy looked away from his face in shame, she knew she had to tell him now, he knew she was lying. She rest her head on his shoulder

"I have a little secret" She muttered against his shoulder. Shadow stiffened, awaiting what she was going to say, fearing the worst. She paused and Shadow growled lightly to get her back on track "I've been organising the wedding myself" She said with a deep sigh. Shadow relaxed, she had only been trying to organise something that was meant to be stressful by herself? Shadow couldn't have that.

"Silly girl. All that stress is bad for the child" He scolded. Amy tightened her hold on his neck. "What's the date?"

"Next week" She murmured against his neck. Shadow's eyes widened, He couldn't believe his ears, she would have kept it secret up until the day and picked his best man. Shadow led his head on hers.

"Let me help" He said softly, Amy nodded and then lifted her head from his shoulder. Shadow caught her of guard with a loving kiss, which she deepened. Shadow sat on the sofa taking her with him. Amy pulled away then blushed when she realised she was straddling his lap. Shadow only smirked. "No more secrets" Amy nodded and slowly started to get off of him, Shadow grabbed her and kept her firmly planted on his lap "Promise?"

"I promise"


Only a Two Chapter Story. Next one up VERY soon! Next Chapter: The Wedding... and something scary.

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