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Chapter Two

Shadow looked out across the vast field in front of him, wind whistling through his quills, listening to the birds sing and watching the trees dance in the disturbance of the wind. He looked down at his unnatural attire; Amy had practically forced him into a suit. Unfortunately it now had two tear marks in the back of the jacket; where his two ebon spikes hutted out, refusing to be hidden under the flimsy cotton. Shadow sighed, Amy was driving him insane; ever since he had found out about her little secret, she'd practically dumped all of the work onto him, and now his jacket had been torn; he was at the end of his patience, not that he'd let his fiery, pregnant partner know that. His glaring ruby eyes went to the jacket, it was making him think. Shadow sighed again before he turned his back on the scenery in front of him, he walked a few meters to the edge of the city, and he briefly wondered how humans ruined such a beautiful sight like the field and turn it into some concrete jungle. Shadow shook his head before glaring down at the jacket again, it was turning him into a softy; the sooner he got out of it the better. He ran towards the bakery, to check if the cake was ready. Amy hadn't told him too, but he wanted to get all this over with and if that blue hedgehog asked him about the best man one more time, he'd kill the cobalt hero. Opening the door of the bakery, the woman behind the counter gave the black hedgehog a friendly smile, Shadow frowned but went up to the woman.

"May I help you?" She asked kindly

"I've come to pick up a cake" Shadow said as nicely as he could, the woman nodded then looked at the dark hedgehog expectantly. Shadow saw the woman roll her eyes at him and his frown turned into a scowl


"Amy Rose," The woman looked at Shadow funnily, this time Shadow rolled his eyes "I'm picking it up for her" Recognition sparkled in the baker's eyes and she scurried off into the back room. Looking at all the cakes and pastries in front of him, the dark hedgehog felt a twinge in his stomach, maybe he should get something to eat too. When the woman eventually came back with a huge white box, Shadow looked at the size of it and cursed. Sometimes luck wasn't on his side. The brunette woman placed the cake on the counter in front of the ebon hedgehog. Crimson eyes wandered to the woman again

"Would you like to view it sir?"

"No," He replied "How much?" Shadow saw the woman bristle in annoyance and a smirk crossed his face

"But sir, you have to make sure it's the right one" Her green eyes narrowed as her voice held an aggravated tone, the ebon hedgehog's smirk never left his lips,

"I don't know what it looks like," He said, ignoring the woman's tut in disapproval "I don't care about the celebration. I just want to make her happy," Shadow's smirk was then replaced by a frown "How much?" crimson eyes watched the woman as a few emotions crossed over her face.

"I don't know," she admitted "I'll go and get the manager." As she scurried away, Shadow frowned after her; some of these humans stupefied him. An elderly gentleman walked towards the hedgehog and the box, his moustache twitching when he stood in front of the ruby eyes of Shadow.

"You must be Amy's fiancé," He said warmly, Shadow couldn't help but give the old man a blank look "Congratulations," The man lifted his arm above the counter and offered a handshake to the ebony customer. Shadow looked at his hand then his face, emotionless mask set on his face; the baker took his offered hand back and stared at the hedgehog "Right. That will be Seventy" Shadow's emotionless mask slipped as he heard the price

"How much?" He roared glaring at the baker; who stepped back from the enraged hedgehog

"I suggest you t...take it up w...with Miss. Rose" the old baker stuttered. Shadow nodded, then reluctantly paid the scared man. Picking up the box he walked out of the bakery. Maybe a word with his soon to be wife was a good idea after all.


Amy smiled gleefully at her wedding dress as it drifted around her swirling around as she twirled. Her happiness couldn't be erased by anything. She felt like a goddess in her gorgeous pink attire, Shadow would be speechless when he saw her in the low cut of the dress. Widening her eyes, she realised Shadow would be home very soon. As she struggled to unzip her wedding dress, the bedroom door flew open. She turned to see her lover standing in the doorway, his mouth hanging open as he gazed upon her

"SHADOW!" She yelled recapturing the male hedgehog's attention. "Get out! You're not meant to see me in this until the wedding!" Shadow frowned before he walked up to her. Amy watched as her crimson eyed lover strode to her, she gulped as he stopped mere inch away from her. Her emerald eyes scanned his ruby ones; she saw lust in his eyes, but also protectiveness and love. She wound her arms around him and nuzzled her nose against his chest. She truly loved this dark hedgehog and she was positive he loved her too. Feeling herself being pulled forward she looked at her dark lover, he had a lustful look on his face and his arms were tightly around her pulling her into his black fur; she willingly stepped forward to press herself, as best as she could with the little bump that was between them, against the ruby eyed hedgehog. Shadow brought one of his hands from her and stroked her face lovingly.

"Tell me little one," He purred, making Amy's heart miss a beat "What on earth possessed you to get such an expensive cake?" Amy's half lidded eyes opened as she stared at the lustful stare of her boyfriend. Amy opened her mouth to respond, but was cut off by Shadow kissing her neck. With her eyes half closed, she pulled away from the dark hedgehog

"It was a custom cake," She explained looking at the primal urge in Shadow's eyes. Slowly, she unzipped her wedding dress and stepped out of it, placing the dress delicately back on its hanger, she turned to the black hedgehog. Shadow gazed at his girlfriend standing before him in just her underwear. Amy knew Shadow was still nervous about seeing her like this, so using it to her advantage, she twirled one of her quills in her fingers "But Shadow," She said in a sickly sweet tone "It's for a good cause" Shadow's disposition crumbled as he gathered Amy up in his arms and kissed her deeply, pure lust filling the kiss. Amy gasped through the lip lock; closing her eyes, slowly she succumbed to the dark hedgehog's kiss.

Shadow's mind was reeling, how had he suddenly lost his control of his lust for the pink hedgehog? His mind was telling him to pull away, but his body was telling a completely different story. By the gods, he wanted her. A soft hand travelled to his cheek and his eyes flew open, ending the kiss, he stood in front of the out of breath rose hedgehog, a blush as red as his eyes covered his cheeks. He opened his mouth to speak, but was immediately jumped upon by his girlfriend. His crimson eyes looked into her now lust glazed emerald ones. Shadow held her against him protectively, a slight smirk crossed his lips as the lust vanished and she truly comprehended where she was. Almost in an instant her cheeks had turned the colour of Shadow's eyes and she fidgeted against his tight hold. She let out a nervous laugh as she rested her hands on his shoulders

"I love you Shadow" She smiled at the hedgehog holding her, a brief true smile passed over his face before he nodded. Leaning towards his pink lover's ear he kissed it

"You too" He whispered as if it was their best kept secret. Amy's face lit up with a smile and she gave the onyx hedgehog a bone crushing hug. Shadow accepted the death hug, for he was the Ultimate, he could handle anything.


--A few days later--

Shadow stared at himself in the mirror, fumbling with his tie, he had never been this nervous before; not now not ever. The thought of finally making the rose hedgehog legally his... It just made his fur stand up on end. He could finally beat the blue hedgehog in something and Shadow knew it was something the faker wanted at one time. A grin found its way to his face as he did the tie up, fidgeting in his suit he walked out of the hotel room he had been forced to stay in. He didn't understand this human joining ceremony, but Amy had insisted on everything following the strict guidelines of the celebration, all the way down to the horse drawn carriage she was to arrive in. Shadow shoved his gloveless hands in his pockets. He despised the feel of the air against the skin of his hands, Amy had allowed him to keep his power rings on, just in-case of trouble, but without his gloves, they looked rather pathetic. Walking towards the church where he and Amy had had numerous practices, in which Shadow had voiced his opinion about the vows. They were stupid, but one tearful look from his rose had shut him up. She looked so sad, that Shadow thought she was going to run out of the church in tears, but to the ebon hedgehog's surprise she turned to the religious man stood in front of the couple and told him to carry on. Shadow knew there was something at the end of the ceremony, something rather important. Amy had always just stopped the priest just before. The ruby eyed hedgehog knew that it was something affectionate, but if Amy didn't think he could do it, he'd show her. He looked down at his air-shoes; the one thing Amy hadn't even bothered to ask him to take off. He took his hands out of his pockets and he ran to the church, fearing that he was going to be late. As he saw the church coming into view, frowning he saw the blue hedgehog sat on the church steps. Shadow stopped in front of the hedgehog. Emerald eyes travelled to crimson ones and a smile appeared on the cobalt hedgehog's face

"Amy picked me," He said examining his black rival's reaction, when he didn't get one he shrugged before taking out two boxes "I'm surprised you didn't ask me yourself" He added blindly throwing the box up then catching it again. Shadow watched the box with narrowed eyes

"Hedgehog, I suggest you watch what you are doing with that box," Shadow growled "If you mess this up, I'm sure going to take pleasure in letting my frustration out by beating you" Sonic dumbly nodded and placed the boxes back in his pocket. Walking into the church, Shadow sat in the seat reserved for the groom, he would never admit it, but the raven hedgehog had the most peculiar feeling in his stomach. He could only describe the feeling as butterflies. Shadow frowned and forced himself to remain calm. Calm? How the hell can I be calm? Shadow leant back against the pew waiting for everyone to come, soon he heard soft giggling and soon Cream entered the church with her mother and her little chao. Groaning, Shadow knew it was going to be a long day.


Amy looked herself over in the mirror for the fifth time, something didn't look right to her. Picking up various bracelets and earrings she threw them down in frustration. She saw her gloves on the dresser in front of her and her gold bangles. A smile forced its way through her frown and she slipped on the cold golden bracelets. Looking at herself in the mirror again. Perfect. She made her way down the stairs and into her living room where Knuckles and Rouge sat, tending to their new baby. Amy was thrilled for them, but in her heart she knew that she should have had her child first. Amy shook her head and gave the family a warm smile. Rouge turned to look at the pink hedgehog and a gasp escaped her lips; she idly passed her daughter to Knuckles, who fumbled with the right hold.

"Amy," She said amazed as she walked up to the rose hedgehog "You look great, no scratch that, you look brilliant" Amy had noticed Rouge's sudden attitude swap during the last few weeks, ever since the bat had given birth, her attitude had lightened up severely

"You really think so?" Amy asked unsure if the white bat was being serious. Rouge nodded with a warm smile on her face. Looking at her watch, the bat looked urgently towards the hedgehog

"We should get going," she said walking to knuckles and plucking their daughter out of the echidna's grasp, much to Knuckles' relief. A horse was heard outside the house and Amy looked at Rouge in amusement "Told you so," the bat said simply. Amy had to let a giggle escape her lips. As they went outside and onto the carriage. Amy looked at the little girl in Rouge's grasp and had to smile; the bat seemed to notice and moved over to sit next to the pink animal. "Would you like to hold her?" Amy's eyes widened as Rouge willingly held her child out to the hedgehog, how could a person change so drastically in such a short time?

"Are you sure?" Amy asked, Rouge nodded and placed the child in her arms. Grasping the child the hedgehog looked down admiringly whilst her mother sat back and watched the two. Amy looked up at the blue eyes of the bat

"You're going to make a great mother Amy" She smiled. Amy looked down at the red and white echidna looking girl in her arms before passing her back to the albino bat.

"Thank you Rouge"


When the carriage arrived at the church the pink hedgehog saw her old crush rush back inside obviously to tell the congregation she was here. She was glad the blue blur was happy for Shadow and herself, but she couldn't help feeling some sadness for the blue hedgehog, he was alone, and just for that the rose hedgehog pitied him. Stepping out of the carriage she walked to the doors of the church, she opened them and walked in, Tails awaited her arrival with his arm looped. She didn't know why she had chosen the young genius to 'give her away' but she knew he was the most mature of the group. As she looped her arm round Tails' she stared straight down the aisle at the crimson eyed hedgehog that was watching her every move. She smiled lovingly at him, only to have him turn in embarrassment, she wasn't surprised, or angry. As Tails' arm gently tugged hers, she set off walking towards the one she loved, always keeping eye contact with his form. Shadow looked out of the corner of his eye at her; he gave her a smile before his emotionless mask came into place. As the priest started to read his pre-rehearsed lines Amy felt a twinge in her stomach, ignoring it she let the priest carry on, Amy switched off and droned out her lines, as did Shadow, there was only one bit she couldn't wait for.

"Do you, Shadow the Hedgehog, take Amy Rose to be your lawful wedded wife, in sickness and health? For richer for poorer? Til death you do part?" Shadow looked into Amy's emerald orbs and gave her a rare smile.

"I do" His voice soothed Amy's nerves, but now it was her turn. She gave the other hedgehog a loving smile

"Do you, Amy Rose, take Shadow the Hedgehog to be your lawful wedded husband, in sickness and health? For richer for poorer? Til death you do part?" Amy giggled at Shadow's 'hurry up' look before she nodded

"I do"

"I now pronounce you man and wife," The priest stopped, but one look from the newly wed hedgehog he quickly continued "You may kiss the bride" Amy hid her smile as Shadow's eyes widened. So that was the part she missed out. Smirking triumphantly, Amy began walking down the aisle, only to be pulled back by the hedgehog she had just married. He dipped her backwards so everyone in the church could see. Amy looked at Shadow in confusion, he gave her a devious smirk and he lowered his lips to hers in a sweet kiss. Sonic made several gagging noises, but most of their friends 'awh'd'. As Shadow helped the young hedgehog stand she gave him a confused look

"No one challenges the Ultimate Lifeform," He whispered "and wins" Amy let herself giggle. Suddenly she felt faint and the last thing she saw was Shadow's worried face as he leapt forwards to catch her.


Shadow paced in front of Amy's room, the doctors were still looking over her and the ruby eyed hedgehog was beginning to get very agitated. Whenever someone tried to talk to him he'd snarl at them viscously before he started pacing again. Chaos energy flowed from him at the slightest movement in the room; he swore if someone didn't come out of that room within the next ten seconds, he was going to chaos blast it down. Slowly the door opened and the doctor flinched when the angry crimson eyes of Shadow appeared in front of him.

"What happened?" He demanded, trying not to grab the doctor by the throat. The doctor shifted his glasses up his nose

"Miss Rose is fine" the doctor said "As is the baby" Shadow stood there stunned. Baby?

"You did not answer my question" Shadow growled

"Miss Roses' water broke at the wedding, but she ignored it, by staying on her feet, she lost her balance because the baby was moving down, moving her centre..." Shadow droned out the doctor's words, he didn't particularly care now he knew the principal reason why his wife passed out. Pushing the old man out of the way, he strode into the room where Amy was sleeping, but in the cot next to her bed, his crimson eyes widened. He stood over his child and took in its features. Shadow bent down and sniffed the hedgehog; its colouring amazed the ultimate lifeform. The quills were exactly the same as Shadow's, which meant the child was male as far as his father was concerned, the streaks were of a deep magenta, which Shadow found a little strange, and then he noticed the little streaks on his son's arms were red. Shadow gave the child an approving nod before he turned back to his wife.

"Silly girl," He muttered to her "I told you about stress..."

"Shut up Shadow" Her sleepy voice murmured cutting him off

"You should be sleeping," He reprimanded, looking back over to the cot where his son was

"Isn't she adorable?"

"She?" Shadow scoffed "The child is male"

"I'm afraid not Shadow," Amy smiled up at the confused male; Shadow only folded his arms and huffed. "What shall we call her?"

"Scarlet" the name rolled off Shadow's tongue like silk

"Nice name. Scarlet Rose..." She smiled lovingly at her husband and rose to give him a hug, only to be pushed down against the bed by his still gloveless hands.

"Stay" He ordered. Amy smiled up at him and reached her arms up. Shadow bent down and leant into her embrace. He felt her nibble his ear and he backed away; only to be caught with the rose hedgehog's lips.

"I love you" She smiled lovingly, Shadow smiled and then said something that surprised Amy

"I love you too" He admitted out loud. Tears in her eyes, she started to sob silently in her husbands arms.



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