One day, after Earl had a long day of making up for things, he was ready to go to sleep. But, there was one problem, Randy needed his help. Randy had a date with Catalina, and he needed help getting ready. "Just take a shower, and throw on a tie." Earl said laying on the bed. "But Earl, ties choke you, remember?" Randy said. Just then, Earl's eyes shot open. He remembered one day about 20 years ago.

"I'm ready for my award show Earl, how do I look?" Randy asked, all dressed up. "Randy!" Earl yelled. "Get that tie the hell off your neck!" Earl yelled. "Why?" Randy asked. "They kill you, after about 2 hours, they start getting really tight, and you can't get them off, and they choke you to death!" Earl yelled. Randy screamed. 'I gotta got this thing off me! I'm gonna die!" Randy said running to his room. Earl laid back and laughed at his brother to be stupid enough to believe him. "What an ass." Earl laughed.

"Randy, I've told you a million times that I made that story up." Earl said getting up and rolling his eyes. "But you've never proved it Earl, so how can I know you aren't lying to me?" Randy asked. "I'm not lying." Earl said getting frustrated. "I'll even prove it."

TBC….(To be continued)