Proving It

Earl had decided since he was going to prove it, he needed to make sure he had the tie on for more than 2 hours. He took a shower, and got all dressed up, with a tie, and he told Randy to wear a tie on the date, and that he would be a couple tables away.

Randy had agreed, and they were now on their way to the restaurant. Catalina met them there, and then Randy and her went in, Earl pretending he was going to drive away. He went and parked the car, and then went into the restaurant, and sat a couple tables away, so Randy could still see him.

The night lasted about 3 hours, and when it was over, Earl was more than happy, an to top it all off, Randy said "You can take me off your list."

A/N: I know the story sucked, and yes it is over, but I really don't have a passion for writing "My Name is Earl" stories, I just love to write "Lost" stories. I just wanted to get the "My Name is Earl" thing going for one of my best friends Sami. If you like the show a lot, then write stories, but I won't be writing anymore "My Name is Earl" stories, most likely, and seeing as I'm not that good at it. I hope you enjoyed my suckiest story, but hey, at least I wrote one!