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To say that Uzumaki Naruto's life had been hard would have been a vast understatement. Having never known his parents and never having the void filled by others it had been a very long and hard six years. He never knew why he was really alone for whenever he would ask anyone he would only get the response "who would want to raise a demon" or something else that was similar and along those lines. He had once asked the Hokage why he was hated and the old man had only said that "some are just blind to the true person in our hearts". He never did get what the Hokage was trying to tell him but right now he didn't care. All he wanted was to be acknowledged and to have someone who cared.

Today was one of those days when he wished that he had special people the most. It was the festival day, the day where the whole village would celebrate the defeat of the Kyuubi. He never could figure out why people would get mad at him today but he had learned from past experiences that today was a very good day to stay inside. The villagers always would give him hatful glares and other mean looks but today was one of the few days that the villagers would find the courage to out right attack him.

Today also happened to be his birthday of all days. He had heard once that birthdays are supposed to be happy days but he could never figure out why. He supposed that a birthday was just not that much fun if there was no one to celebrate it with innless he counted the Hokage who was the only one who ever seemed to have the time to talk to him and even pay attention to him.

Yes today was a very bad day indeed and it was on days like these that he wished that he would had a friend and parents.

Being the Hokage was not easy job. The respect that came with the job were always a nice perk but it was at times like this that the job was not something the he enjoyed. The council was having a meeting. To say that the Hokage did not like the council would have been not enough, he felt the word of choice should be despised. The council and the Hokage were the two ruling bodies of the village and were supposed to work together but the Sandaime was finding this harder and harder.

The meeting was expected. The Hokage had grown accustomed to every year the council meeting and demanding the same thing, the immediate execution of Uzumaki Naruto and every year he would have to "remind" his colleagues of the Yondaime's dieing whish for the boy to be a hero and not to be the bane of Konoha.

But this year was different. It seemed that the council had been waiting and biding it's time, letting the Sandaime Hokage get used to the normality of their pleas waiting for the perfect moment to open up and let lose the dogs of war.

The council led by Hyuuga Hiashi was yet again demanding the death of Uzumaki Naruto yet this time there was a cold seriousness that backed his voice and every other member of the council.

"Hokage-sama you can not protect the boy forever". Hiashi said with a cold tone in his voice.

"I do not plan on protecting the boy from everything, just arrogant old men who want revenge". The Hokage retorted.

"Damn right we want revenge Hokage-sama, that basted fox killed are friends, and family and you expect us to live with side by side with him". A elder councilman said.

"I do indeed. You of course all remember the Yondaime's wish and try to get to know the boy. Spend only five minutes with him and becomes quite clear that he is not a demon at all. Have any of you ever even meet the boy"? the Hokage asked

"Of course not! I would never want to associate myself with such trash.". Hiashi quickly replied.

"Than how might I ask can you insist that he is a demon if you have never even been introduced to him"?

"And why might ask Hokage-sama would I ever want to associate myself with a demon child? Hokage-sama the boy will be the death of us all if he does not receive the proper care that these delicate situations like this require. It would just be easier to kill the little demon and not have to worry about it". Hiashi said.

"The boy has shown no signs of any of this in fact the only thing that he has shown is depression from the lack of friends" the Hokage said.

"Hokage-sama you should just give it up. The whole council has agreed that the boy must be dealt with. Without the support of the people even you will not be able to strop this" a man quickly responded from the council's side.

"You mean to tell me that you all are going to execute a six year old child for doing nothing wrong" the words flew out of the Hokage's mouth as he felt the anger inside of him growing!

" It must be done Hokage-sama, for the good of the people." Another councilman said.

"But killing a six year old, it seems so harsh. There has to be another way. You cannot be telling me that all of you feel that the death of this innocent child is the only way to solve this problem".

"Can you really think of anything else that will be able to help solve the problem Hokage-sama. The boy is hated by all even children his own age know to stay away from him. He will never make it through the academy let alone the real world. Just think of this as a favor to him. Like helping a dieing animal in the woods." Hiashi replied coolly.

"Than I have a solution. Graduate the boy and…" the Hokage was cut off quickly by a anger mummer from the councilman and Hiashi.

"Hokage-sama your wisdom is always appreciated but the boy has not even started the academy yet. How would graduating help the boy at all?" Hiashi asked.

"Interrupting others is a bad habit Hiashi. Anyways what I was going to say was graduate the boy and apprentice him outside the village. There he will be treated fairly and equally and he will be able to have a real life and he will be able to learn the basics." The Sandaime Hokage said.

"A intriguing idea sir, but no one would take the boy in. Who would want to teach the demon boy. Everyone in this village sees him as that how do you expect to find a teacher that will teach the boy. Hiashi's voice was growing colder by the moment.

"Well…….. Why not give the boy to Jiraiya. He would certainly teach the boy well and he would learn the self control that you all seem to fear so much."

"And why Hokage-sama would Jiraiya want to teach the boy, after all he houses the very thing that killed his own student." Hiashi was beginning to grow tired of this foolish dream that the Hokage was trying to dream up. Why couldn't he just give in and lt the boy be killed. His popularity might even go up fro allowing the killing of the demon.

"There are many reasons that Jiraiya would be perfect for Naruto-kun's sensei. After all don't you think that it would be fitting that the man who taught Naruto's father should also teach his son."

The council was shocked to say the least. The Hokage couldn't really couldn't blame them. It was a well known fact that Naruto was named after the Yondaime but most thought that this was only because he had no family of his own but a select few knew that in fact he was the son of konoha's very own yellow flash.

"Then that means that he has……. The bloodline ability of the Uzumakui's." Hiashi managed to spit out a mix of fear and excitement in his voice.

"Yes, Naruto-kun is in fact the last of the Uzumakis and with him their bloodline ability does indeed reside. You of course realize that you all have now been told a class S secret and thus these words will never leave this room and the leaking of thus information will remain classified until Naruto is deemed strong enough to be able to protect himself from the enemies that his father made. Leaking of any of this information will be punishable by death." The Hokage sighed and realized that he had won and now only hoped that he would be able to convince his student to come back to the village.

The council after collecting itself was abuzz. Many had thought that the Uzumaki Clan was dead and now they find out that one of the great three clans was in fact still alive and had a chance to reborn. After finalizing several things the council was dismissed many still shocked that the very boy that they wanted to kill was the heir to arguably the former most powerful clan in Konoha.

The Hokage let a sigh out once the council left. He had not expected them to be so harsh to Naruto. He knew that it was to early for people to learn of the Uzumakis not being dead. It only took one person to slip and tell his wife who would tell it to a friend to another friend and soon the whole village would know along with the many enemies that the Uzumakis had collected over the years. But that was not what really worried him it was Jiraiya. Besides the council the Hokage was the only one that knew of Naruto's lineage and he knew that convincing his student to come back so soon after the death of his beloved student would be hard. He had always wanted to tell Jiraiya but after the battle the man was so heartbroken at losing someone he considered a son he simply left not allowing to tell Jiraiya the many things that he thought that he should know. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Jiraiya was mad. He had traveled nonstop after hearing the news that his old teacher told him, that a new hot spring in town would be named after him. Though upon reaching Konoha no one seemed to know what he was talking about most simply shacking their heads and saying it was to early to be drinking.

So when Jiraiya burst into the office of the Sandaime Hokage he was prepared to give the stupid old man Hell. He did not expect to find a smiling old man who quickly offered him a seat and began to talk.

"Ah Jiraiya it's been to long, how are you". The Hokage said in a almost sing song voice.

"Cut the crap old man. Why the Hell did you lure me back to Konoha? It's quit clear that there is no hot spring waiting for my blessing." Jiraiya said anger in his voice.

"Well you see I need you to take on a new student one who.." His voice was cut off by Jiraiya.

"No" Short and sweet

"Don't you want to at least hear the name of this new student Jiraiya ".

"Old man I am not stupid. Stop talking like he is already my student and no I don't care what his name is." Jiraiya quickly got up and began to walk out of the Hokage's office when

"Uzumaki." The Sandaime Hokage said.

Jiraiya stopped and slowly turned around to face his old teacher. "What did you say."

"Uzumaki. The students name is Uzumaki." The Hokage said again.

"Don't play tricks on me old man. Everyone knows that Uzumakis are dead."

"Almost right. He is the last of his clan and does not even know that he really is a Uzumaki."

"Impossible it's common knowledge that Arashi was the last of his clan. Stop playing jokes old man this isn't funny."

"Did you ever stop to think if Arashi had a child Jiraiya?"

"Impossible I would have known…….." Jiraiya's words stopped there as began to think. "He never died, did he?"

"Yes you are right he never did die. When Arashi went out to fight the fox he knew that he would not be coming back so he wanted the boy's lineage hidden from all. Everyone thinks that he is a orphan right now only taking the name Uzumaki in respect for him."

"He used him for the sealing didn't he?" Jiraiya slowly said almost dreading the answer that he knew he would get.

"Yes he did"

"I think that I would like to be introduced to this boy."

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