Today was the day. Today was the day that many had waited years for. Today was the team selections for the new batch of Konoha genins. As Umino Iruka looked around the classroom he couldn't help but smile. His class was by far the best he had seen since he had become a teacher at the academy, and it made him proud that he taught all of them. Of course Iruka managed to overlook the fact that almost every person in the class came from a ninja clan and happened to be a heir to that clan. In Iruka's mind he liked to think that it was his greatness as a teacher that made them all such great students

This year was a special year at the ninja academy of Konoha. Unlike other years were only one or two exceptional ninjas would show up this year there were almost to many to count. The graduation class happened to have the most clan heirs in it ever breaking the record.

Of course the hot topic in the town and in the academy was the fact that Uchiha Sasuke was graduating. The last loyal member of his clan he of course obtained the rookie of the year title. The town was abuzz with the news yet for the academy the most talked about thing was not Sasuke's graduation but his team. Ever since the graduation exam fights had broken out several times over who would be on his team. Of course the people who participated in these fights forgot that it was the Hokage who decided the teams not the students. -
At the Academy

As Iruka opened the doors to his classroom the class quickly started to calm down and most began to focus there eyes on Iruka. That is most. Nara Shikimaru was already asleep and his friend Akimichi Choji seemed to be interested with his bag of chips.

"I Congratulate all of you on passing the genin exam." Iruka said. "As of today you are all officially ninja of Konoha. You must now remember that you are considered adults in the eyes of the village and as such your actions should reflect that." Iruka continued while reaching on his desk and pulling out a piece of paper. "Even though all have graduated you are still mere genin and thus you will be split into three man teams along with a jounin sensei who will be there to help you train and make sure that you don't misbehave." Iruka finished.

Throughout the room there were whispers about who would be on who's team ad who your jounin sensei would be. Of course everyone had different reactions this. For all of the girls in the class it was 'I hope I am on Sasuke-kun's team' for Sasuke it was 'I hope there are no fan girls on my team' and for the now awake Nara Shikimaru it was simply 'troublesome.'

Everyone was soon drawn out of their thoughts as Iruka continued to announce the teams. "Team 7. Uchiha Sasuke." Insatiately all of the girls began to pay better attention. "Haruno Sakura and Nara Shikimaru. Team 8 Aburame Shino, Inuzuka Kiba, and Hyuuga Hinita ."

As soon as team seven was announced a large number of groans could be heard from the disappointed fan girls for not getting Sasuke yet a loud yell from Sakura about the teams being guided by "true love".

As soon as Iruka was able to get the class back under control he began listing the teams again. "Team 10 Akimichi Choji, Yamanaka Ino, and Shibata Yuuichi."( Look to bottom for notes about my teams.)

When Iruka was finished a series of loud "poofs" could be heard as the said jounin sensei's appeared in the room. Of course it didn't take a genius to figure out that one jounin was missing.

As the jounin began to call out to there new teams the door to the classroom opened and a boy stepped in. Well actually the word boy may have been wrong because the only feature that stood out about him was that he was short. He was wearing… well you really couldn't tell since he was wearing a standard ANBU captain's cloak and he had the hood covering his head. You could tell that he blonde hair which happened to be long enough in the front that you could not see his eyes. All of the jounin quickly went into standard military attention when a superior officer is present which of course caught the attention of all of the other students many wondering who this guy was. Than there were the kids who were simply wondering who the midget was.

"This Iruka class?" The man asked

"Yes…., and who might you be?" Iruka asked, confusion in his voice.

"Good, good." The person said, all the while completely ignoring Iruka.

"Um, yes, is there anything that I can help you with sir? Are you lost?" Iruka asked.

"I am here for team Seven and since you have already said that this is indeed Iruka's classroom I am not lost." The Figure said.

"Um, yes… well ok. And who might you be?" Iruka asked.

Before the man could answer the question one of the Jounin whispered something to Iruka who instantly began to pale.

"I am deeply apologize." Iruka said with a bow

Yet again ignoring Iruka the man spoke again. "Team Seven meet on the roof in ten minutes" The man said as he disappeared in a whirl of leaves.

The class was confused. Really confused. First a midget shows up and announces that he is there for team seven. Then Iruka-sensei begins to hassle him until one of the Jounin says something to him and then he bows to the guy. It was a confusing day indeed. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

"You will call me Uzumaki-sensei. That is all you need to know." The said man who had now identified himself said. "I really don't want to be a Jounin sensei so I feel that I will have to give you a test to see if any of you have any skill at being ninjas. If you fail the test it's all over and you can go back to the academy and try again in six months. Understood?" There was no answer as the three hopeful genins stared at him in shock. "Good. Then follow the instructions on these pieces of paper and we will conduct the test tomorrow." He said as he handed each one a piece of paper, oh and I suggest that you don't eat breakfast; you will throw up.

"Neh, sensei shouldn't we introduce ourselves or something?" The pink harried girl asked.

"I don't care who you are so it would be pointless." He said. "Well if that's everything I have a council meeting to attend…" He was cut off at that point by the pink one again.

"Wait but only clan heads get to be on the council?" She asked, half of the question being focused at her sensei the other at herself.

"Perceptive one aren't you." He said as he yet again disappeared in a whirl of leaves.

"Well he sure likes to give away personal information." Shikimaru said sarcastically.

"Yeah no kidding, I mean we didn't even learn his whole name." Sakura said.

While the other two talked about their "troublesome" sensei as Shikimaru would put it, the third member was lost in thought(AKA brooding). 'Where have I seen him before' Sasuke thought.
He knew they would be here soon. It was one of the only things that he actually hated more than paperwork, council meetings. Well to be fair they really weren't "council meetings". The real meetings took place in the council chambers and usably were quite civil. What the Hokage usually got was a enraged Hyuuga Hiashi storming into his office and than making crazy demands. It was times like this that he really did think about retiring for good.




The doors to the Hokage office flew open as the Council members stepped into the office all of them quickly taking seats save for the only Hyuuga on the council. While the council took seats that were not offered to them the Hokage was disappointed in himself for being off by two seconds about the council coming in and ignored them all.

"You gave him the Uchiha." Hyuuga Hiashi simply said.

"Yes, I did." The Hokage said. He knew that this could go on for a while for Hyuuga Hiashi was to put it simply very dense.

"May I ask why?" The Hyuuga asked coldly

"Do you doubt his ability Hyuuga-Dono?" The Hokage asked

"His ability is not what I am worried about. Giving the last Uchiha to the Demon, and a Uzumaki on top of that does not seem like a good idea."

Just as the Hokage was about to speak up a voice spoke up in the room. "You know Hiashi-kun you can get into a lot of trouble throwing the word demon around these days." Uzumaki Naruto said as he causally walked into the room and took a seat.

"So good of you to join us Uzumaki-dono." Hiashi said coldly.

"Yes well it probably wouldn't have been as cool if you were ranting about me if I were here you know." He said.

"Yes well the issue still remains whether Uzumaki here is ready to lead a genin team." Hiashi said.

"Come now Hiashi-Kun you make it sound like he is going to pass my test."

"And you think that he won't?" Asked Hiashi

"Well he does have that Uchiha stubbornness, so most likely he will be the deciding factor in his teams failure." Naruto said as if everyone should know it.

"I hope that you aren't going to judge your team based on presumptions Naruto-kun?" The Hokage asked.

"Of course not. Besides if they can actually manage to pass I am the best bet in helping the Uchiha with his bloodline."

"Well that is good to hear. What will your test be by the way?" A councilman asked.

"Well at first I really didn't know what to do at first, but after realizing that I received team seven I decided to stick to the teams traditions." Naruto said. As soon as he said it all of the council members had looks of confusion on their faces, while the Hokage simply smiled. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

"So what is your sensei like?" Kiba asked Shikimaru as he and the rest on Team 7,8, and ten were meeting minus the last Uchiha as he was probably busy brooding.

"Not much to say, he is short and he doesn't like us, that's about it." Shikimaru said lazily.

"That it? That can't be all of it Shikimaru you probably just being lazily and weren't paying attention." Ino said.

"No that really was pretty much all of it. He didn't even tell us his name. All we know is that his surname is Uzumaki and that he is on the council." Sakura said.

"Man he didn't even tell you his name geez and we call Shikimaru lazy." Kiba said with a laugh. "But to be on the council man he really is a midget. I mean you can only be on the council if you are a clan head and it's not like they let kids take that kind of position."

"Um… I think my father…has mentioned a Uzumaki before" Hinita said.

"Really! What do you know Hinita?" Sakura said excitedly.

"Um.. Well not much… father has mentioned that he is young though, and he comes from a old bloodline… but that is all I know." Hinita said.

"Not that old….. I wonder how old is he, and a bloodline I don't recall a Uzumaki clan being around." Sakura said.

"So uh do you guys know what kind of test we will be doing tomorrow?" Kiba asked

"Asuma-sensei said that it is different with every team." Choji said

"Hm well Uzumaki-sensei seems positive we are going to fail. He didn't even want to bother learning our names." Sakura said.

"He sounds like a real nice guy." Kiba said sarcastically

"But still he sure does have the mysterious thing down good." Sakura said. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

As the three membersof team Seven meet at training field seven at four in the morning it was quite obvious that none of them were awake as they walked around like zombies and Sakura had not started harassing Sasuke yet. As they each decided to take a seat they began to wait for their sensei.

And Wait…….

And Wait some more…………

And after that Wait even more…………….

Until when the sun was high in the sky and the clock struck eleven did their sensei make his appearance.

Causally walking the path that led to the training field Uzumaki Naruto finally decided to show up. Yet unlike the day before he was not wearing his ANBU clock. Today he was dressed in a white trench coat with Ice blue flames on the bottom and on the end of the sleeves. The coat was half tied together by a blue sash and underneath the coat he was wearing a black shirt along with black pants and black boots. What was most striking about him was that he was indeed young. Really young.

"Is that you Uzumaki-sensei?" Sakura asked, confusion evident in her voice as she was wondering if this really was her mysterious sensei from the day before.

"Of course it's me. Why who else would I be?" He asked

"But you so young. I mean I though that you were a midget or something." Sakura said the other two members slapping their heads after hearing her use the word "midget".

"Now I will have you know that I am not short for my age, Ok." He said

"Then how old are you?" This time it was Shikimaru who spoke up.

"If you pass the test then I just might tell you guys. Now lets see…." he said as he toke a clock out of his coat. "Ah yes here it is. Anyways you have until twelve to retrieve one of these." He said, These being the two bells that he took out of a pants pocket. "You will be allowed to use any of your ninja tools and you will have to come at me with the intent to kill otherwise you will be unsuccessful and its back to the academy for you. Understood?" Leaving no chance for a answer he simply said "begin".


I chose Shikamaru to be on team 7 because one he is pretty easy to write but also if Nauto wasn't there I figured that it would be him or Kiba who took dead last and since I don't like Kiba Shika got it. As for parings I have no Idea all I can so is that it won't be a yaoi because I am not into that. But if it was any of the rookies it would be weird in the way that the story is going.