Confession Time: the Aftermath


He is a priest. She is a prostitute. What will happen if something drastic happens due to their actions before?

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Hiya! This is –again- your favorite authoress who is obsessed with another sequel of one of her 'well-acclaimed' works entitled 'Confession Time'. It took me weeks to think about this and I just realized something…I didn't mention Cagalli taking pills right? (rheii: Duh!) Okay…I haven't so…hehehe…I thought of this: something should have most likely bore fruit due to their not-so-innocent actions, right? They have a…+toot+ Hehe! You guys gotta read it!

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I advise the readers to read the prequel of this story, 'Confession Time', which was done by my burd-I mean, friend nareiya. It would greatly help you understand the events leading to this sequel.

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Chapter One

The further we are apart, the nearer I feel you.

Loneliness turns into strength when I think of you.

Cagalli finally left the office of the blue-haired priest, quickly exiting the church. She spotted a taxi and signaled it to stop, hastily entering the small vehicle. The driver who looked as if he was in his mid-fifties lowered his shades and beady eyes looked at her through the mirror. "Where are we heading, Miss?"

Her mouth half opened, but she closed it. Thinking for a while, she finally replied. "Do you know the Legacy Estates?"

The old man nodded and began to drive.

Mother…she was right, no, she's always right about life and other matters while I…I, on the other hand was always stubborn, caring only about beauty and all that other crap. Not even a single drop of knowledge flows and remains on this stupid brain of mine, dammit. And worst of all, I have no fucking idea on what to do in my current state.

"Here we are." The old man parked the car near the sidewalk. Turning to her expectantly, he opened his palm. "That will be eighty dollars, miss."

Shit! She cursed inwardly. She didn't have any money left. "…uh…I don't have any money sir. If you want, I can give you the time of your life instead…" she whispered seductively, licking her lips, inwardly hoping that the taxi driver would fall to her ministrations.

Trying to act calm at the very least, the taxi driver kicked her off his car, muttering about annoying sluts and their indignity.

She huffed, offended. She had dignity too, you know. She already so kindheartedly offered herself as payment, but that old dog just wouldn't give in for her. Wasn't she pretty enough? But maybe the putrid man already had a wife. That is, if anyone was dumb enough to marry that pig of a man. Honestly, faithful husbands weren't good for her respectable business.

Finally giving in, she looked at the path before her. She was at least lucky, though. The house of her brother was only a block from here. Standing up gracefully, she sauntered towards her destination.


Oh… heck, that woman was so good…I wish she never would have left. Maybe then I would have been able to give her a taste of my own treatment… And then…

He fell unceremoniously on the hard wooden floor as he imagined giving the girl an inspired blowjob, shaking him out of his…aroused…thoughts. Blinking a few times, he recalled what happened to him earlier. The blue-haired priest's eyes widened in horror.


He covered his mouth with his hand. Shit!I did not just do that! He almost forgot that he WAS a priest and was supposed to prohibit profanities, not use them!

Father Athrun heard hurried footsteps approaching his office. Noticing for the first time that he was stark naked, he rapidly wore his clothes.

Knock Knock

"…Uh, yes?" Father Athrun smoothened his polo hastily, turning away from the door.

"Is there something wrong, Father Athrun?" Sister Meer, the oldest among the nuns working in his office and church, asked him worriedly through the large oak door.

In a time where streets, people and dreams change,

I could only oppose them.

He quickly went to the door, touching the knob firmly. Taking a deep breath, he turned it. "No! Uh, I mean…Of course not!" he shook his head violently. "Nothing! Absolutely nothing!…everything is fine here."

Inwardly, he was amazed at his so-called large conscience. For a priest, he sure did not have any qualms on lying!

She scanned the messy room, eyes suspicious. "Do you want me to clean your office, Father?"

Scratching his head, he laughed nervously, silently hoping that she would leave him alone. "…Thanks, but I'll do it myself, sister. You can, um, leave now, Sister Meer."

Pouting, she sighed, "Okay…call me if you need something, father…"

Athrun was about to close the door when she stopped it. Athrun plastered a forced smile, his eyes twitching due to irritation.


She rolled her eyes and skipped her way towards the stairs, yelling at him. "Your zipper is open, father."

"Oh!" he closed the door hurriedly. Blushing, he quickly zippered his jeans.

I forgot about that…


I still did not realize that there are things that can't be conveyed with words.

"Papa! Mama! It's Aunty Cagalli!" the twins quickly ran, dragging their unsuspecting parents to the doorway where they saw their boisterous aunt.

Lacus quickly rushed to her friend's side. "Oh, Cagalli! What a pleasant surprise! I had no idea you were supposed to visit today!" Lacus eyed Kira who blanched. As expected, her sister came at the worst possible time. Today was their anniversary.

Kira gulped and turned, smiling at his sister. "Come in, Cagalli." Kira wrapped his arm around her. "Are you hungry?"

Cagalli was about to say no but to her horror, the twins were giving her those irresistible puppy eyes and sighing inwardly, she finally gave in. "Yeah!" she feigned her enthusiasm, "Let's eat outside!"

The twins gave her a big hug as they smiled at her genuinely.

Kira looked at everyone and nodded his head a bit, "Okay! Let's eat out for the night!"

Lacus, eye twitching, went to his oh-so-dear husband and whispered furiously. "Dear…it's our anniversary!" Kira blanched. "You told me that we'll spend this day alone!"

Kira held her shoulders firmly, inwardly hoping that his wife would let it go. The last thing he wanted is to have a murderous wife after him at that time of the month. "Lacus, dear, can't we move it some other time? My sister barely visits us! And the kids, look at them!" he pointed at them. "Don't you want them to be happy?"

She sighed. "Fine, but remember your promise, dear. You wouldn't want to sleep in the couch for a week!"

--At the Restaurant--

"Wow, Aunty Cagalli!" her niece, Kay, gushed with admiration. "How come you're so thin and yet, you eat so much!"

She laughed lightly. "It's all in the genes, right Kira?" she winked at Kira and her brother winked back.

"Yeah…it's all in the genes…" he murmured to himself.

"Oh…so that means…I'm like mama so…I have a good voice like her? And for my birthday you're going to allow me to record my own CD in mom's record company?" Lawrence, her nephew, said hopefully, meatball sauce dripping from his chin.

The three adults almost choked at the said statement. All of them knew that the boy had no talent for singing. Yeah, he did excel in speeches and public speaking, but hell would freeze over before he gets a job in the singing business.

The silence was cut by Kay laughing uneasily. "Nice joke, bro!"

Her brother rolled his eyes. "Yeah right…"

His mother smiled at him, "Let's practice your singing this summer, ne, Lawrence?"

He gave her a big hug. "Thanks for the support, mama!"

My lost dreams of wanting to hold you by my side,

For them, you said, "Don't give up!"

She gazed at the happy family, sighing to herself. She turned to the window, and smiled at the beautiful lights adorning the city sadly, as if contemplating the unreachable, the unattainable.

When I see my brother's family, his happiness, his everything...I can't help but think that I could do it too, even when my existence is as bleak as an endless abyss…

And maybe, just maybe, there's still hope.

even for someone like me.


That's was close…no, TOO close…

He finally fell back on the luxurious couch where his dreams were fulfilled by a special angel that the Sex God has sent him hours before.

"I should be more cautious…" he whispered to himself, subconsciously nodding his head in affirmation.

He rested his head on the arm support, imagining that it was her lap. He badly wanted to recur that memory, no, that divine sensation that he had shared with his wonderful angel.

Sighing, he reached for his cell phone and dialed the number of a well-known expert he personally knew that can help him, one hundred percent.

"Yes? Who is this?" he heard from the other line.

He cleared his throat quickly. "Dearka? Is that you?"

"Uh…yeah?" the man known as Dearka replied with a hint of uncertainty.

"It's me! Ath—Remember me, the class rep. during high school? Athrun Zala!" he said enthusiastically, maybe too enthusiastic if you ask me.

"Oh, yeah! Zala, was it…" Dearka, eye twitching, tried to take a hold of himself as he kicked a fast asleep Yzak's face that was drooling all over his feet. "Why'd you call, Zala? I'm a busy man. " his tone changed to something similar that he thought sounded cool. " Big men in the business like me have lots to do." Like having sex with a certain silver-haired guy that's beside me right now.

It was Athrun's turn to respond. "Dearka, I need your specialty. Meet me at Starbucks, 3:30 this afternoon."

He heard Yzak moaning loudly, loud enough for Athrun to hear them. Fuck! "Yeah! Meet you there and of course…you'll be the one to pay!" he then hung up.

Athrun sighed contentedly to himself. Old high school memories rushed back to his mind—the good old days—some may phrase it. Definitely, it was to Athrun.

He then went to the mirror, running his hand through his naturally glossy locks while flashing a smile at himself, checking if his teeth were still clean. He was not disappointed.

After that, he then headed off. He can't wait for him to meet his old acquaintances once more. At an unknown place, Destiny laughed. If only he knew that it would be so much more.


"I'M FULL!" the twins let out a contented burp as they rubbed each other's stomachs.

Lacus, being the loving mother that she was, thought that they looked adorable. "Anyway, why don't we have coffee to wash away all that food?"

"Yeah! There's a nearby coffee shop that we saw in our field trip!" Lawrence shouted excitedly that earned him a pinch from his father.

Kira looked at his son amusedly. Ah, the boisterous youth of today. "Lawrence Kyle Clyne-Yamato, what did I tell you about butting in your elders' conversation?"

The boy looked at the floor. "Sorry, papa…"

"Oh, let him be! I think we should take your son's suggestion. Let's go then!" Cagalli once again faked her enthusiasm as they headed out.





Athrun looked everywhere in a futile attempt to find Dearka, to no avail. He tried again, but his so-called friend seems to have no intention of meeting with him.

He turned his left heel and was about to walk away when a hand held his right shoulder firmly. He stopped.

"You're leaving me already? No way! A working man needs his coffee badly, you know! Especially someone who is suffering the worst hangover in the history of clubbing parties hosted by the famous Yzak Joule!" he heard a familiar voice whine. A very familiar voice.

Athrun turn around and saw his friend. "Dearka!"

"Athrun!" he shouted in return and hugged his old friend. "How are you doing?" he asked as they entered the coffee shop and headed towards the nearest table, a large one that can accommodate a total of ten people.

They both sat, signaling one of the waiters to have their orders taken.

Athrun leaned closer. "I was surprised! When I heard you in the phone, I didn't think that you haven't changed a bit!"

"Of course I haven't! I still look…no, I look younger than ever!" Dearka laughed his head off at this. Athrun laughed forcedly. He needed to bear with this if he wants to take a hold of his special expertise.

"Y…yeah…" he tried to agree with him, to flatter him at the least, "I have this problem…"

"Don't tell me that the old 'beyotch'," he flicked his ring fingers in the shape of quotation marks, "Is a piggy now and even charity won't accept her anymore!"

Athrun shook his head violently, "No!" he answered almost furiously, thinking that if it was the reason of this special visit and the need of his special expertise, then he would gladly kill himself than help her. "I wish that would happen…but the time hasn't come yet."

"Oh really?" His friend's eyebrow raised curiously.

"Yeah! I'm telling the truth!" he tried to defend his side, reminding himself that he should act as a priest.

"Fine. I'll believe you because you're still a virgin…an eternal curse t…" Dearka inwardly cringed at the thought of becoming a priest. He would rather throw himself into the depths of hell before he would allow that to happen to him.

Athrun crossed his legs and let out a pretty heavy sigh, "Ijusthavesexwithaprostitute." He let out another sigh, "There!' he said comfortably, "I said it! Everything is now out of my chest!"

Dearka was shock, his mouth wide open. Did he just heard the words prostitute, a, with, sex, had, just, and I? okay, he just reversed it! But more importantly did he just heard two important words sex and I -pertaining to Athrun-?

This was pretty weird but he was glad, Athrun has join his club! He extended his hand to Athrun, "Welcome to my club, Athrun!"

Athrun shook his hand but he still felt awkward, "Yeah…right…so can you just help me?"

Dearka placed his feet on top of the table, "Fine…geez, I just knew it! Holy people commits sins too! I just knew it!"

He sighed, "So? What do I need to do, Dearka?"

Dearka took a sip of his coffee and gazed at the ceiling, trying to think of the perfect idea to get his poor friend out of the church business.



"Papa! Stop here! It's that shop!" the twins shouted aloud, then Kira pulled over and parked the car in the parking slots.

"Yipee!" The twins chimed and got out of the car, "Hey Auntie Cagalli!"

Cagalli laughed. "Calm down! You two are going to trip if you're not careful!"

The twins pouted at her before entering the coffee shop hurriedly. Kira snorted at his child's antics and followed suit.

Nearing the door, Lacus turned to Cagalli. "Coming?"

The blonde smiled. "Uh, sure, I…"

"Lacus!" Kira's head popped out from the entrance. "Dearka's here! And he's with a friend! He wants us to introduce ourselves."

The songstress' smile widened. "He's here?" She looked through the glass enclosing the place and her eyes lit up.

"He's really here! Come on, Cagalli, I'll introduce you."

Cagalli looked at the direction Lacus was pointing at. She froze. Blue hair and emerald eyes is something rare and definitely, she was sure who the person was.



End of Chapter


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