Okay, I hope you all find this as funny as my friend did XD

Day 1: Monday: Lunch With Deidara

Some background…

Itachi, Kisame, Sasori, Deidara, and Zetsu. The 5 of them had been living in the swank three bedroom apartment for two years. Zetsu paid the most rent and so he managed to get the huge master bedroom because of it. Sasori and Kisame shared a room for the simple fact that they were so pissed at Itachi and Deidara by the end of the day that they needed to vent and console each other. Itachi and Deidara…well, they shared a room and between the two of them there was a lot of shampoo and a lot of phone numbers from all the girls they had dragged into the apartment. They only called some of those girls back…

Now, each week everyone has their designated job around the apartment. It's what they do that particular day each week to keep the place tidy before the weekly Friday night party when the apartment turned into, for lack of a better term…a frat house. Today is Monday, Monday is Deidara's day to fix lunch. This normally isn't a challenge for him…normally…

"Dedara! Get in here! You need to fix lunch." Sasori yelled from the couch. Deidara rushed into the living room and stood in front of the TV.

"Sasori! Danna, tell Itachi that I have the fluffier pony tail, yeah!" Deidara demanded. Itachi calmly walked into the living room and stood beside Deidara in front of the TV.

"Sasori, tell Deidara fluffy pony tails don't get you laid as often as sleek ones." Sasori blinked few times…he was not amused.

"Deidara, get the hell into the kitchen and fix lunch. Itachi, move the fuck out of my way you're blocking my show." Both Itachi and Deidara were disappointed that the battle of the pony tails remained without resolve…they both knew they would fight this out with Kisame later. Itachi went back into his room. "Okay, Deidara, everything you need for lunch is in the kitchen. You have to make lunch now because you have to get it in the refrigerator." Sasori said. Deidara smiled and made his way into the kitchen.

Sure enough there were the ingredients spread out before him. He thought to himself: "Pickles, yeah. Mayonnaise, celery, yeah. Cheese, bread, yeah. …" Deidara picked up the small can and examined it. He read the label: 'Chicken of the Sea'. Deidara squinted his blue eye and gazed in confusion at the ceiling. He read the label again: 'Chicken of the Sea'.

"Deidara! What are you doing? The can has a pull tab on the lid. You don't have to use the can opener this time." Sasori said noticing Deidara was standing in the kitchen holding the small can. Deidara came back into the living room where Sasori was trying to watch his show.

"Sasori…so is it chicken or is it fish, yeah?"

That last line was courtesy of Jessica Simpson XD XD