Day 7: Sunday: Planning for Next Week

Some Background…

Hahaha! Orochimaru…he always gets blamed for the stupid crap that happens every Friday night. It's possible that 'the leader' really hates Orochimaru because every time Kisame, Sasori, Zetsu, Deidara or Itachi tell 'the leader' that Orochimaru did something…he always buys it. Of course, maybe 'the leader' is a little naïve too.

After 30 minutes of crying and a shower full of peanut butter, the gum came out of Deidara's hair. No scissors needed. Itachi took all of Deidara's purple bubble gum. It was best that Deidara not have the gum, especially when he was drunk.

Today is Sunday, the final day of the week with the Akatsukis. By Sunday, the hangovers are gone and it's time to prepare for the next week. Every Sunday, the five of them sit down and discuss the next evil plan that needs to be developed. Naturally, Sasori always wants to drink while they discuss the plans; but the others are still kind of worn out from the Friday night drinking (remember…when the Akatsukis drink…they drink pretty hard).

"So, okay um…we have to fix that door next week." Zetsu jotted that down on a piece of paper.

"Oh! I want to pick out the new door, yeah!" Deidara was excited over the prospects of a new door; and the ther four of them had to agree Deidara had excellent interior design tastes.

"Okay, Deidara chooses the new door." Zetsu said. "So, evil plans…do we have any?"

"Well, I'm taking all our rings to the jeweler next week to have them cleaned." Kisame said.

"That's not evil." Zetsu said.

"No, but I'll probably kill someone on the way there." Kisame finished.

"Sasuke…he's such a bitch. I'm going to kick his ass!" Itachi said.

"Okay, you say that every single Sunday!" Zetsu said.

"This time…it's for real."

"He says that too." Sasori said softly Zetsu.

"Have you ever started looking at someone differently than you did before?" Sasori questioned anyone who would answer.

"You mean like from behind, yeah?" All eyes were on Deidara. Of all the stupid things…

"Man, his parents must have smoked so much weed. His mother was probably high when she gave birth to him." Itachi whispered to Kisame. Sasori shook his head.

"Yes! Deidara! Yes!" Deidara smiled and was getting ready to explain how one time he saw Itachi from behind and thought he was a woman; with the long black hair and all but Sasori stopped him. "No! You moron! I was going to say that I think some of our neighbors are evil and I was going to take them out this week! We can't have the competition!"

"You know I think this week, I'm going to try hat new tanning booth in town. I know! I know! That's not evil, but still I heard they have really hot bulbs." Zetsu said.

"Hey! I won gift certificates to that place last week at the store; you can take them and tell us what it's like." Kisame said.

This concludes the week with the akatsukis. On Monday, the cycle repeats itself. They have already lost the damage deposit on their apartment and the neighbors bitch about them constantly, but the landlord for whatever reason keeps letting them live there. They have some trouble getting through the week, yet somehow they manage to still be friends spite the never-ending chaos…