One Thing That Never Happened to Joe Yakavetta
Archive: let me know first, yes?
Rated: PG for monsters under the bed
Warnings: AU – but not so much like whoa
Fandom, Pairing: Boondock Saints, Gen: Joe Yakavetta
Summary: The one thing that never happened to Joe Yakayetta.
Disclaimer: not mine, never was mine, never will be mine. all is someone else's.
Word Count: 200. Double drabble!
Authors Notes: Inspired by a One Thing That Didn't Happen at Seattle Grace the Time Everyone Almost Blew Up by annakovsky (Grey's Anatomy) and Five Things That Never Happened to Connor McManus by inlovewithnight (Boondock Saints). Both are awesome.


He was almost nine when he went down stairs alone at night for the last time. He'd woken up at night, thirsty, and had gone down stairs for a glass of water. He'd never thought to go and ask his mother. It was night, and he was at home, and what bad could happen there?

He was almost nine when he began to have nightmares. He'd never had them before, not really. Never woke up screaming, never saw things in shadows, never imagined dangers and evil men out to get him, not at home.

He was almost nine when he began to believe there were monsters under the bed. He'd never thought monsters were real, not until then. He'd never been afraid of anything until then. He believed in monsters from then on.

He was almost nine when he became afraid of the dark. Even thirty years later, he would still sleep with a light on near by. Never a night light, but an actual light. Maybe a bathroom light, maybe a hall light. But always a light.

He was almost nine when he went downstairs to get a glass of water and came face to face with Il Duce.