Lion King: Of Lions and Dogs

Kiara, once again, wonders off from the Pride Lands. She runs into trouble, but is saved by mysterious creature that she has never seen before. It's a crossover. You'll just have to read the story to find out who it is.

Author's Note: The Lion King and its characters belongs to Walt Disney Pictures. Not me. Even the crossover characters don't belong to me.

Setting: It takes place in the middle of "The Lion King II: Simba's Pride." When Kiara was still a cub.

Pride Rock

Kiara ran out from her den. She looked at the beautiful savanna, which is called the Pride Lands. The Pride Lands were ruled by her father, Simba, and her mother, Nala. Kiara jumped excitedly.

"Yes!" She said. "I can finally go out and play."

Kiara was about to leave, when Simba grabbed her by the neck with his mouth.

"Whoa, easy there, Kiara." Simba said when he put her down.

Kiara gave him an annoyed look.

"Daddy, my two weeks of grounding is over now." She said.

"I know that." Simba said. "But doesn't mean you should out there so soon."

Kiara had been grounded for two weeks for going out to the out-lands. There she met a male lion cub that was her age named Kovu. They both were attacked by alligators, but manage to get away from them. Shortly after that, Simba found Kiara and Kovu. And so did Kovu's mother, Ziera. Both parents hate eachother. Kiara couldn't understand why. After a little argument, Simba and Ziera grabbed their cubs and left. Kiara would sometime wonder if she'll ever see Kovu again.

"Oh come on, Daddy." Kiara begged. "I've been good. So I deserve to go out and play."

Simba chuckled.

"All right," He said. "But not without Timon & Pumbaa watching you."

Kiara wined.

"No please, Daddy!"

"It's either that or you're not leaving." Simba said.

"Ohhhh." Kiara said. "Okay."

Simba called Timon & Pumbaa. A meerkat and a warthog came.

"You called us, Simba?" Timon asked.

"Yeah, I want you guys to watch Kiara." Simba said. "And make sure you guys stick with her."

"Don't worry, Simba, we won't lose her again." Timon said.

"You can count of us." Pumbaa said.

Simba nodded. Kiara just rolled her eyes.

"Okay, Okay, can we go now?" She asked.

"All right, have fun guys." Simba said.

Kiara, Timon, and Pumbaa then walk out from Pride Rock and on to the pride lands.

"Now, Kiara, after what happen last time." Timon said. "Please don't go running behind our backs again."

"You could've been hurt." Pumbaa said. "Or worst…"

Kiara shook her head.

"All right, all right, I won't run off again." She said.

"That's our girl." Timon said.

They continued walking.

Just as long as you guys don't disgust me. Kiara thought.

Meanwhile…At the Elephant Graveyard…

A strange Newcomer was panting for breath. He just got away from bunch of hungry leopards.

"That was close." said the Newcomer. "Now the only problem is how to get back home."

The Newcomer had no idea where he is. He isn't from around the Pride Lands. In fact, the Newcomer doesn't even know how he got there in the first place. The Newcomer looked at his surroundings. He saw nothing but bones and ugly mist.

"This place gives me the creeps." He said. "I better get out of here."

As he was looking for a way out, the Newcomer heard something. He stopped.

"Um…who's there?" He called out.

Nobody replied. The Newcomer continued walking. Then another noise came. The Newcomer moved his ears to the direction where it came from. He heard what sounded like laughing. Then he heard two more noises. Soon, three hyenas: Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed appeared. The three hyenas circled the Newcomer.

"Well, well, well," Shenzi said. "What do we have here?"

"I'm not sure, Shenzi." Banzai said. "I've never seen a creature like this before. Have you, Ed?"

Ed just laughed, stupidly.

"Well, whatever it is." Shenzi said. "It doesn't know what territory it went into."

The Newcomer watches the hyenas' every move.

"Look, I'm sorry if I walked into your territory." He said. "I'll just be on my way, and I won't cause trouble."

"Oh, don't be silly, friend." Shenzi said. "We love to have you stick around for lunch."

"Yeah!" Banzai said.

Ed just laughed stupidly and licked his lips.

The Newcomer felt a little uneasy.

"Um…no thanks," He said. "I'm not hungry."

"Oh…but we are!" Banzai shouted.

He then charged at the Newcomer. But the Newcomer dodges him, causing Banzai to hit a wall. Shenzi and Ed tried to charge at the Newcomer. But, once again, the Newcomer dodges them, causing Shenzi and Ed to bump eachother's heads. The three hyenas rubbed their heads. Shenzi growled at the Newcomer.

"Let's get this freak!" She shouted.

The three hyenas ran after the Newcomer. The Newcomer was faster than any of them. He climbed up a mountain of bones, searching for the closest exit. The Newcomer saw a way out from his left. He then heard the three hyenas climbing up the mountain of bones. The Newcomer ran to his left and used a dead elephant's rib cage as a slide and slid down. It was a rough landing, but he got onto his feet and started running. Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed saw what the Newcomer did. They tried to slide down, but somehow, they went farther than the Newcomer and hit another mountain of bones. The Newcomer was out of there.

"Look what you've done, Banzai!" Shenzi shouted. "You let our lunch get away!"

"What I've done?" Banzai said. "It was Ed's fault!"

Ed just made his stupid laugh again. The two hyenas slapped his head. The Newcomer was getting away from the elephant graveyard as fast as he can.

"Man…I've only been here five minuets and already I'm lunch for these strange animals."

Back at the Pride Lands…

Kiara was trying to have some fun, but Timon and Pumbaa were just making it boring. Every time Kiara try to play with a butterfly, Timon would stop her and tell her that she might fall down a cliff or a snake would go and bite her. Kiara would then try to practice her hunter lioness skills. But Pumbaa would tell that she's still too young. Kiara couldn't take it any longer.

"You guys, please." She begged. "I want to do something. Something fun."

"You want to do something fun, huh?" Timon asked. "Well, why didn't you say so?"

"We know something that's really fun." Pumbaa said.

"What?" Kiara asked, though she didn't really want to know.

Pumbaa lifted up a log. Timon then grabbed some bugs that were under it.

"Grubs." He said.

Kiara turned her from disgust.

"Not again!" She said. "I don't eat bugs and I'm not planning on doing so."

"Oh… Will, what about you, Pumbaa?" Timon asked.

"Sure." Pumbaa said.

Timon then threw a bug into Pumbaa's mouth.

"MMM-MMM Delicious." Pumbaa said. "More please."

Timon continued throwing in some bugs into Pumbaa's mouth. Kiara couldn't take it. Quietly, she snuck away from them. Kiara was finally on her own. She played with butterflies, pretending to be an excellent hunter. She then followed some birds. Then without realizing it, Kiara made her to the wildebeest valley. Kiara was amazed by it. She has never seen the valley before.

"Whoa…" She said. "These rocks are huge."

Kiara walks into the valley, forgetting everything her father told her about not going far off from Pride Rock. She continued walking, still amazed how wide and tall the valley is.

"Maybe I could practice my roars here." Kiara said. "Prove to daddy that I'm big enough to take care of myself."

She looked around, seeing if anyone's in the valley with her. She saw nobody.

"Okay." Kiara said.

Kiara started roaring. The first one she did sounded like a baby roar. She did another one. No better than the first. Kiara tried again. It sounded a little better, but not good enough. Kiara was getting frustrated.

"Come on, Kiara." She said to herself. "You've got to pull this off so you could prove that you're not a baby anymore."

Kiara took a deep breath. Then she let out nice roar. It echoed through out the valley. Kiara felt proud of herself. Then all of a sudden, the ground started shaking a little. Kiara looked and saw a massive stamped of wildebeest. They were running towards her. Kiara gasped. The stamped was getting closer. Before she knew it, Kiara was running for her life away from the wildebeest. She kept running where her little legs were taking her. The stamped was close behind. In front of her, Kiara saw little tree. She ran towards it and climbed up. Kiara was out of the wildebeest way, but the branch couldn't hold her weight much longer.


On top of the wildebeest valley, the Newcomer continued walking. He had no idea where he was going, but he had to try to look for something to get himself back home. Just then, the Newcomer heard something. He picked up his ears to where it came from.


The Newcomer went and looked at the bottom of the valley. There he saw a young lioness cub on top of a small tree where a stamped of wildebeest was going by. The Newcomer gasped. If the young cub let goes or if the tree breaks, the wildebeest would crush every bone in the cub's body.

"Hold on!" The Newcomer shouted to the cub. "I'll save you!"

Without hesitation, the Newcomer jumps down to bottom. The Newcomer then tried to think of how to get through the stamped. He has to be careful. One mistake could be his last. The Newcomer saw a gap and went through. Being a quick thinker and a fast creature, the Newcomer was getting close to the tree. Just then, a wildebeest hits the tree, sending the cub flying, screaming. With one great leap, the Newcomer caught the cub in his mouth. The Newcomer then tried to find a way out of the stamped. Taking one gap and leap at a time, the Newcomer finally got out of stamped. He climbed his way out of the valley. He then lets go of the cub. The cub has past out from that near-death experience. The Newcomer grabs the unconscious lioness cub and started looking for shelter.

A few hours later…

Kiara woke up. The first thing she noticed was that she was in a cave.

"How did I get here?" She asked herself. "And how long have I been a sleep?"

Kiara got up and headed towards the mouth of the cave. Just then, she saw a mysterious animal coming in, carrying a dead antelope in its mouth. Kiara backed away. She has never an animal like him before. The animal was a little short, walking on four legs like any other animal Kiara has seen. But the animal had brown and dark gray fur with a muzzle that Kiara has never seen before. But the animal's golden brown eyes showed that the animal was peaceful.

The animal looks at Kiara and drops the dead antelope.

"Good to see that you're finally up." He said. "I brought this for you, in case you're hungry. Not sure you like this, but it was easiest thing for me to catch."

"Yeah…I do eat antelope." Kiara said. "Thank you, sir."

The animal nodded.

"Don't mention it." He said.

Kiara started eating, realizing how hungry she was. The animal just watched her eat. When she had a full belly, Kiara made a relaxing sigh.

"That was good." She said.

"It looks like it." said the animal. "You ate it faster than I thought."

Kiara blushed.

"Sorry, I was really hungry." She said.

"Don't worry about it." the animal said. "I've never had 'antelope' before. Well…pretty much any animal here before."

"What do you mean?" Kiara asked, forgetting that the animal was a complete stranger.

"Well…I've never been here before." The animal said. "In fact, I don't even know how I even got here."

Kiara gave a puzzled look.

"Well…maybe remember if you try to remember, you'll find out how you got here."

The animal chuckled.

"I've been trying all day." He said. "And I still can't figure it out. Anyway, what's your name, little girl?"

"My name is Kiara." She said. "Princess Kiara to be exact."

"Oh, excuse me, Princess Kiara." The animal said, making a bow.

Kiara laughed.

"You don't have to do that." She said. "I get that enough as it is."

Kiara then realized something.

"Oh no…" She said.

She then ran towards the mouth of cave, but stopped because it was dark and pouring rain outside.

"Oh man, my parents are gonna kill me." She said.

The animal went close to Kiara.

"It looks we won't be going anywhere for a while." He said.

"Man, my father is gonna flip." He said.

"Does he know that you're on your own?" The animal asked.

"Well…I think he knows now." Kiara said in a low voice.

The animal looks at Kiara.

"You weren't supposed to be on your own, were you?" He asked.

Kiara looked away.

"No." She said. "I was supposed to be with these two disgusting guys that were my babysitters. But I snuck away from them went on my own."

"And that's where I found you at that valley." The animal said.

Kiara nodded.

"Well…all I do for you is to escort you back to your home, once this rain stops." The animal said.

"What will you do then?" Kiara asked.

"Try to find my way home." The animal said.

Kiara sort of felt bad for the animal. He has been so nice to her. He even fed her and offered to take her home. But she didn't even know his name yet.

"Excuse me, sir." Kiara said. "But who are you? And…what are you?"

The animal chuckled.

"My name is Balto and I'm a wolfdog."

Well there you have. It's Balto. Balto is the property of Universal Studieos and Albin Entertanment. Please review and let me know if you knew it was him from the begining.