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Title: Kissing in the rain
Rating: PG
Pairing: Kaiba/Jounouchi
Spoilers: None.
Warnings: Usual.

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Jounouchi remembered his first kiss with Kaiba. It hurt, really hurt. He subconsciously rubbed the back of his head at the memory.

They had been fighting. Dark clouds loomed over the pair as thunder boomed, drowning out an insult from the blonde.

"Tch. You aren't worth my time." Kaiba strode over to his limo.

Jounouchi growled, storming over to the taller boy. He was not going to get the last word. "Oi! Kaiba!" Jounouchi reached out and grabbed Kaiba by his jacket, spinning him around. He stood there for a few moments just staring at him, his fist clenching in the material.

The skies opened, soaking them both to the bone. Jounouchi fisted both of his hands into the lapel of Kaiba's jacket. "Kaiba," he pulled Kaiba down into a fierce kiss.

He was frustrated. He hated Kaiba… he hated that he constantly got under his skin… constantly made Jounouchi want him.

Much to Jounouchi's dismay, Kaiba easily dominated pushing him against the wall of the school. Jounouchi grunted as his head connected with the concrete. Kaiba soon pulled away, calm as ever. Jounouchi, was left breathless. He glowered. How did Kaiba manage to remain so passive?

Kaiba opened the door to his limo. "Get in."

The blonde stood there for a moment before sliding into the warm car. Kaiba followed suit, rambling Jounouchi's address off to the driver.

Kissing in the rain isn't as romantic as movies lead you to believe. Not only did Jounouchi end up with a massive headache but he ended up with the flu. Kaiba? Jounouchi shot a glare at his boyfriend who was lost in his own world, he walked out unscathed. Jounouchi decided Kaiba must have had some sort of freaky immune system.


-Yami Sango