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Title: Switcheroo
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Kaiba/Jounouchi
Spoilers: Nope.
Warnings: Boys kissing boys.

I came up with this while my roommate was driving me to work yesterday. I was rambling on about Kaiba & Jounouchi and she was being awesome and just humoring me. haha.


Kaiba groaned, his head was spinning. He slowly opened his eyes. Black? What in the world was going on? It seemed he was blind folded. All the fuzzyness left his brain, he was also restrained. Kaiba growled, tugging at his arms. He was handcuffed. Was he kidnapped again? Someone had to have spiked his drink at the Industrial Illusions ball he attended. The last thing he remembered was sipping some champagne while conversing with Otogi Ryuji about the beta testing of his new dice game.

How could he be so stupid? Did they get to Mokuba too? If anyone hurt his baby brother… He tugged at his restraints again. This time a low chuckle came from the opposite side of the room. "Who's there?," he demanded.

A few moments later hand ran down his naked chest, it took everything in him to suppress a shudder. He wouldn't let this scum get the best of him.

Hot breath near his ear. "Just relax."

"Katsuya." Kaiba's arms jerked again, forgetting the position he was currently in. "What is the meaning of this?" He could practically feel his lover grin.

Normally, Jounouchi would be a little afraid, Kaiba never used his first name unless he was doing something really stupid. Like he was now for instance, but that hardly mattered. He wanted to dominate for once, he would deal with the repercussions later. "Oh," Jounouchi's hand wound its way into the CEO's hair, tugging at his hair almost painfully. "You know what this about." He pulled Kaiba's head back, "I'm going to make you do the begging tonight, Moneybags."

Kaiba growled before Jounouchi's lips crashed down upon his own.


I hope you enjoyed it! I have a few more one-shots on the way!
Yami Sango