Pain of the Innocent: Year One

by Avangeline

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or anything else familiar. If this sounds like another story, the resemblance is unintentional. Please make me aware of similarities and I will change them.

Summary: Harry Potter was not alone the night of the attack; he had a twin sister and younger brother. What happens when his younger brother and sister are thought to be the children who lived? What will this mean for Harry, especially when Voldemort played a cruel trick on the small boy? Not a story for Dumbledore lovers or Snape haters

Warnings: violence, pain and, much later in the story, possible slash

I plan on making this follow all seven years at Hogwarts. This is a major AU, so I will slowly work away from canon events and a lot of characters will be OOC.

I now have a beta who will be working on corecting this a lchapter by chapter. Thank you proftlb

Now enjoy the story and tell me what you think. The first chapter is simply the intro to give a little background before getting to the good stuff.


The original prophecy

The time for the reign of evil to end draws near

The downfall of the lord will be caused

By the two with minds bound

One marked by darkness

The other marked with love

When trust appears

Powers will awaken

Wary now the dark one holds power

Should he stray from then path of light

All shall be lost

Chapter one

A Night to Remember

It was on a calm, starry night that our story begins in a little place called Godric's Hollow where everything appeared peaceful, but all was not well in the tiny house at the edge of town. Shouts, crashes and bangs could be heard echoing down the road.

Lord Voldemort had finally found the Potters. It had taken him a year longer then he had hoped after his only spy Pettigrew had been caught and he had to wait for new information. Now that was all behind him and his target was in sight. He had already incapacitated Lily and James; they were stunned and bound at the foot of the stairs and Lord Voldemort was in the nursery looking down at the three brats. Two of the children were the same age and looked to be around two years old. One of the twins had jet black hair and brilliant green eyes, which were watching the Dark Lord's every move. He had a slender build and delicate features with an Elvin or Faerie cast to them; this one was Harry James Potter. His twin however was a small girl with all of Lily Potter's looks. She had dark red hair that curled and bright green eyes a shade lighter then her brother's; her name was Rose Mary Potter. The youngest child, who was about three months old, was another boy. Even at this young age he showed signs of looking exactly like James Potter with dark brown hair and hazel eyes; his name was Diarmid Nevan Potter.

When Voldemort stepped up to Diarmid and raised his wand, he was interrupted by little Harry's protest. "You don't touch my brother," he screamed, talking very clearly for a two year old.

Voldemort, irritated by the interruption, turned his wand on Harry as an evil smirk came onto his face. He wanted to make Dumbledore squirm, so he trained his wand at Harry and hissed a few words in Parseltongue that Harry was to far away to hear. The spell hit Harry and branded a Dark Mark directly over his heart. Despite the pain, Harry was stubborn as a mule and the only thing that escaped his mouth was a pathetic little whimper.

Rose watched with wide eyes as Voldemort cast the spell on her twin; she felt Harry's pain through their twin bond as Harry liked to call it. She managed to make it over to her brother on shaky legs just as another spell left Voldemort's mouth. "Avada Kedavra!"

The two children were frozen in place as the bright green spell shot out of Voldemort's yew wand straight at them. They held onto each other for dear life and when the spell hit them both twins screamed in fear, not noticing that a white glow had surrounded them reflecting the curse back to the caster. Voldemort shrieked as his spirit was torn from his body and he fled the room nothing more than vapor. The force from the deflected spell blasted the twins apart, each being flung to opposite sides of the room. Harry landed next to the wall farthest from the door and Rose landed next to their other brother.

That was not the only reaction; the house started shaking not being able to take the magical overload and pieces of the ceiling started falling in. Lily and James burst into the room; the spells on them had failed when Voldemort had lost his body. What they saw when they walked into the room was Rose and Diarmid clinging to each other, Rose bleeding from a cut directly over her heart and Diarmid bleeding from a cut that started over his left eye brow and arched over to his temple like a crescent moon.

Lily and James had been warned about the prophecy and they automatically thought these two were the two from the prophecy. Lily picked up Rose and James picked up Diarmid. They started cooing over them and left the room to go to Hogwarts and Madame Pomfrey. They totally forgot about little Harry shivering in the corner, the Dark Mark burning on his chest and blood dripping into his eyes from a lightning bolt shaped cut on his forehead.

It was not until the Potters were at Hogwarts and Pomfrey asked about Harry that James and Lily remembered about their other child. They acted only mildly shocked that they had forgotten him. They were most reluctant to leave the two soon-to-be famous children to go back for the other.

"I have a solution. Severus can go and get Harry; he is nearly healed from Voldemort finding out about his spying. That way you two can keep an eye on our saviors." Dumbledore said in answer to their dilemma. He walked over to the curtained off bed at the end off the ward where he saw Severus Snape, potions master of Hogwarts, asleep with purple and black bruises marring the pale flesh. "Severus?" Dumbledore said questioningly. Snape's onyx eyes snapped open. "Ah good, you're awake. I need you to do something for me."

"What do you want now," Snape said, his voice missing some of its usual strength.

"I need you to go to Godric's Hollow and fetch the eldest Potter child. In all the commotion, he was forgotten." Dumbledore explained.

Onyx eyes went hard at the thought of someone forgetting their own child. He let out a long- suffering sigh. "Alright I will go get him, but you of all people should know I am in no shape to fight back."

"Thank you, now go," Dumbledore said somewhat kindly, but Severus heard the order loud and clear. He pulled himself off the bed and transfigured the night clothes he had been wearing into his usual black robes. He stalked off to the floo in the hospital wing and called out Potter residence.

He got quite a shock when he stepped out of the fireplace at the other end. The house was in shambles both from the fight and the destruction of Voldemort. He could hear a small child whimpering softly, like some shy animal. Snape followed the sound to the nursery.

What he saw made even his hardened heart clench. This was the first time he had seen Harry Potter and his looks were very captivating. Severus looked down at the beautiful child and saw he really had little resemblance to either of his parents, seemingly having inherited from the recessive genes. He got closer and saw the cut on the forehead that still bled a little. He went over and picked up the child who was in too much pain to protest. He tried to settle Harry against him but as soon as the little chest came in contact with his robes Harry couldn't hold back his scream. That is when Severus moved the tattered t-shirt the child had been wearing and saw the Dark Mark.

Seething with anger he gently carried Harry back to the Fireplace and flooed back to Hogwarts where Harry's fate had been decided.