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Chapter 8 - THE END

"Shuuichi?" Hiei looked down as he cried out to the unconscious redhead beneath him.

"Baby, wake up!" When he didn't move Hiei moved off of his lover to gather him in his arms.

"Yoko, talk to me!" Hiei held him tighter as he called to Shuuichi's mind.

Suddenly, Hiei noticed a change in the redhead. He was emitting a faint demon energy. "Kurama?"

Holding Kurama against him Hiei raised his own demon energy feeding it to his lover. "Fox, can you hear me?"

Hiei heard a small groan and saw long lashes begin to flutter over big green eyes. "Come on Kurama, open your eyes Fox."

Kurama blinked several times as he tried to get his bearings. A frown crossed his brow as he his mind registered who held him. His voice broke uncertainly when he spoke. "H… Hiei, is th… that really y… you?"

Giving him a little smile Hiei nodded. "Yeah Fox, it's really me. Are you okay?"

Kurama's breathing was accelerating. "I… I don't know. Pl… please release me."

Reluctantly Hiei allowed Kurama to sit up on his own. Even in his current state of confusion Kurama understood the significance of their being naked in his bed. Clutching the sheet against him Kurama scooted away from Hiei before pulling his knees up to his chest in a protective gesture.

Sensing Kurama's distress Hiei slowly rose from the bed and slipped on his pants. He then picked up Kurama's pants and laid them on the bed. "It's alright Kurama. Put your pants on and we'll talk."

Hiei couldn't help but notice Kurama's hand was shaking as he picked up the pants. When the redhead stood and swayed Hiei was at his side. "Relax Fox, let me help you."

Not allowing Kurama to refuse him, Hiei helped Kurama with his pants before making him sit back on the bed. "You need to rest Kurama, your ki is very low and it's making you weak right now. Do you remember what happened?"

Once Kurama was back on the bed he pulled away from Hiei again, surprised at the hurt he saw in the fire demon's eyes. He knew he had to get control of himself or he was going to hyperventilate and pass out. Looking away from Hiei he nodded. "I remember, but it's all jumbled and confused right now and it's giving me a head ache."

As much as he wanted to Hiei didn't touch Kurama. "Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. There's no rush, I'm not going anywhere."

At the genuine concern he heard in Hiei's voice Kurama did as he was told and tried to clear his head. "That's it Sweetheart, relax."

When he heard the alien endearment coming from the usually unemotional fire demon Kurama's eyes popped open. "Sweetheart? Hiei, what the hell's going on. The last time we spoke you hated me."

The pain he heard in Kurama's words broke Hiei's resolve and he climbed on the bed and drew the redhead into his arms. When Kurama tried to struggle Hiei scolded him. "Kurama, stop it. I'm not going to let you go. I made that mistake once but never again. Damn it Fox, how could you think I hated you? Even while we were fighting I told you I loved you."

Kurama's struggles ceased but he lay stiffly in Hiei's arms panting. "You left me Hiei. You told me that if I didn't go home with you that you never wanted to see me again."

Hiei's arms tightened. "And you told me that if I left not to bother coming back because I wouldn't be welcome here anymore."

There was silence for a moment before Hiei continued. "We both said a lot of things that day that we didn't mean Kurama. We were hurting and we needed to hurt back. I swear I didn't mean any of it accept that I love you."

By now Kurama was trembling uncontrollably and his breathing was ragged. Slowly Hiei felt Kurama's arms creep around him. After a moment Kurama was clutching him so tightly Hiei could feel fingernails dig into his back but he didn't care, he had Kurama in his arms again.

When Hiei moved further onto the bed to make them more comfortable Kurama whimpered and held him even tighter. "Shhh. It's alright Kurama, I'm not letting you go ever again."

Held tightly against Hiei's chest Kurama tucked his face into the fire demon's neck. Hiei moved one hand into Kurama's red hair to stroke the special places he knew would soothe his fox. They lay like that for a long time before Kurama finally began to calm.

After a while Hiei broke the silence. "Kurama, I waited every day for you to come to me, but you never did. Gods Kurama, why didn't you come? Why didn't you let me help you?"

This time the pain was in Hiei's voice. When Kurama responded his voice was barely over a whisper. "I did come Hiei. I was devastated by our breakup but when my mother di… died… I needed you so much. I went to Alaric but Mukuro said you refused to see me. She said that I was too late, that she was your l… lover and you didn't want me anymore."

Hiei stiffened as Kurama continued. "I don't know how I made it back that day. Once I got here I don't know what happened but I lost control. When Yusuke found me my apartment was a jungle of my most vicious plants and they were all attacking me."

The hand in Kurama's hair tightened, pulling the redhead to look at him when Hiei spoke. "Mukuro lied! I didn't know you were there and I've never touched that bitch accept in battle. I swear the only lover I've ever had is you Kurama."

The hand in his hair caressed his head as Hiei pulled him closer. Kurama's eyes widened momentarily before drifting shut as Hiei claimed his lips in a passionate kiss. Kurama could feel Hiei pouring all his love into that kiss. He sighed as he was enveloped protectively in Hiei's ki.

Hiei was rewarded with Kurama's mews and moans of pleasure. Suddenly Kurama's eyes popped open and he pulled back. Startled green eyes met red as Kurama touched the mark on his neck. "Hiei?"

Smiling Hiei leaned in to nibble and lick the fresh mark. "You're mine Kurama and I'll never let you go again. I love you Sweetheart."

Kurama shivered at the possessive sound in his lover's voice as well as the endearment. "Sweetheart? Hiei, what's happened to you?"

Peeking up from Kurama's neck Hiei blushed and gave him a little grin. "I've been dating a human since I came back, it must have made me soft."

Kurama laughed. "Oh Hiei, I feel like this is all a dream that I never want to wake up from."

Hiei frowned. "Oh no, you've been sleeping long enough Fox. This time you're staying right here with me."

As they kissed and cuddled a little longer Hiei felt Kurama's spirit energy rise and begin to stabilize. After a while Hiei pulled back. "Kurama, I need to ask you something if you're strong enough. Can I spend a little time with my Youko?"

Sitting up and scooting a little away Kurama looked reluctant. The Youko in his head had been eerily silent. "Are you sure Hiei? Yoko's had a rough time with our separation too."

Crawling over to Kurama, Hiei gave him a gentle kiss. "I'm sure Kurama. I need to fix things with both my foxes."

Kurama nodded before transforming. A moment later the beautiful silver Youko's golden eyes regarded Hiei. "I missed you Fox."

Hiei hardly had the words out before Kurama backhanded him across the room. Hiei had barely hit the wall and slid to the floor before the Youko pinned him down. Hiei found himself on his back with Kurama straddling his hips and his hands trapped beside his head. "Hello Hiei."

Hiei's heart was pounding but he didn't struggle as he watched vines grow from one of the plants in Kurama's room. When the vines wrapped themselves around Hiei's wrists holding him in place Kurama sat back and rubbed his behind on Hiei's growing arousal. "You always did like it a little rough didn't you Fire-Baby?"

When Kurama's claws raked down Hiei's chest leaving a trail of angry red marks they both moaned. "I'll love you no matter what Kurama. Just hurry up because I need you."

When Hiei bucked his hips rubbing himself against Kurama the Youko growled. "You're not in a position to be giving orders little one."

Hiei smirked. "That mark on your neck says I am."

Kurama's golden eyes widened as he reached up to finger the spot that reflected where Hiei had marked Shuuichi. He didn't flinch when the Youko growled. "We'll just see about that lover."

Hiei clenched his jaw shut so he wouldn't make a sound as Kurama practically ripped his pants away. He knew what the Youko was about to do but he refused to say a word in protest. Stepping back Kurama did a sensual striptease, running his hands along his own aroused flesh intentionally exciting his lover without ever touching him.

When Kurama pulled Hiei's legs apart, hooking an arm under one of his knees to get a better position, the fire demon gritted his teeth and took several deep breaths in an attempt to relax. It was with great effort that Hiei didn't flinch when the Youko gave onelong thrust and sheathed himself in Hiei's body.

Neither moved as they continued to stare into each other's eyes. After a few moments Hiei purred up to his lover. "I love you Kurama."

For a brief second a look of uncertainty crossed the golden eyes before they closed. When they opened again Kurama claimed Hiei's mouth in a passionate kiss and began the ancient dance of lovers.

Hiei's moans of pleasure joined his cries of love as Kurama make love to him. At some point the vines slid away and Hiei wrapped himself securely around the Youko. After what felt like an eternity both lovers approached their climax gasping and moaning. Just as Hiei cried out his release Kurama sank his fangs into his neck and waves of pleasure crashed over them both.

It was several minutes before Kurama had the strength to move off of Hiei, pulling the fire demon with him intoa tight embrace. Licking gently at the mark on Hiei's neck Kurama growled. "I love you Hiei. Now you can never leave me again."

Hiei grinned and nipped the cute Youko ear that was just within reach. When Kurama yelped and looked up at him Hiei gave him a quick kiss. "I love you Kurama and not even death will separate us again."

Finally content the two cuddled together and slept peacefully on the floor.

Two hours passed before Kurama was woken by Hiei's lips and hands exploring his body. With a vulpine grin the Youko willing surrendered to his mates lovemaking.

They spent hours making love then shared a very gratifying shower before Kurama changed back to his human form. Hiei spent the rest of the afternoon coaxing moans and cries of pleasure from his redheaded mate as they made love.

It was now early evening and the lovers had showered, dressed and were cuddled together on the sofa. Hiei sat with his back against the arm with Kurama stretched out along him tucked against the back of the sofa. They had been talking for over an hour, each trying to understand how they could have strayed so far apart.

Hiei held Kurama's wrist, his thumb gently caressing the scars there. "When I saw these and later Yusuke told me that not only had you hurt yourself but that you had erased me from your life I felt like all meaning had been sucked out of my life. I didn't exist to you any more except as a stranger. Everything we had, the love and the pain, all of it was gone."

Kurama remained silent as Hiei spoke of his feelings. "At first I thought that I had become so unimportant to you that you threw me away like everyone else."

Kurama gasped. "Hiei, no!"

Hiei kissed Kurama to calm him. "Then I realized that it was the exact opposite. I had become too important. That you did it because it hurt too much to hold on to something you thought you couldn't have. That by leaving I drove you to do things you never would have allowed anyone else to do."

Heart swelling with emotions Kurama asked the question that had been on his mind since his memory returned. "Hiei, why did you stay? You always hated that I was human and yet you stayed with me. You loved me as a human."

Hiei's arms tightened. "I have always loved you Kurama. Human or Youko didn't matter so long as you loved me... and I know you loved me. If I was lonely, hurt, stubborn even angry you always gave me kindness, warmth and love. You deserved to be loved the same way you loved me. Even if you never remembered me or if you did and hated me it doesn't matter, I will be with you always and I will love you always."

Kurama was close to tears. "I'm sorry I was so weak Hiei. I loved you and needed you so much I just couldn't go on without you."

Hiei drew Kurama into a loving kiss. A few moments later they were interrupted by a knock on the door and Yusuke calling out. "Open up you guys, we know you're in there!"

Kurama smiled as Hiei growled back. "Go away Detective!"

There was rattling against the door before it opened to reveal Yusuke with Kuwabara and Koenma behind him. "It's a good thing I have the spare key since you're too lazy to let us in. You two really should try to contain your demon energy better when you have sex. Every lowlife demon in the area either ran for cover or made Kuwabara and I chase after them with all the youki flying around here."

When Kurama blushed Yusuke smiled at him. "Welcome back Kurama."

Giving him a genuine smile Kurama inclined his head. "Thank you Yusuke. I want to thank all of you for watching out for me and not leaving me. You're good friends."

Kuwabara grinned. "After all we've been through together we're more than friends Kurama, we're family."

Green eyes turned to Koenma. Before he could ask the godling spoke up. "I know I promised to make your memory loss permanent but I just couldn't do it. It was just your human emotions that weakened you to that point and I knew Hiei would come back eventually. I just needed to buy some time. With how much you loved each other I couldn't make it permanent and so I leftHiei a loophole. If he loved you enough then you would be together again."

Hiei grunted. "Sex is a pretty flimsy loophole Koenma. What if that's all I wanted? Kurama would have been hurt again!"

Koenma smiled. "That was only half of it Hiei. You had to mark him and claim him for his memories to return. If you marked him then he would have to know you were a demon. Why block memories of his lover and demons if he knows about them both anyway."

Hiei still didn't look happy. "Your timing was still lousy. His head split with pain and he passed out just when he was supposed to be feeling pleasure."

Kurama grinned and blushed. "Um, Hiei? The pain didn't come until after the pleasure Koi. Believe me, I didn't miss a thing."

Pacified, Hiei allowed Kurama to steal a kiss. When their eyes clouded and their lips lingered Yusuke laughed. "I think that's our cue to leave. We just wanted to make sure everything was alright with you two. Congratulations."

Hiei and Kurama paid little attention as their friends left, locking the door behind them. Before long clothes scattered the floor. When Kurama would have slid beneath Hiei strong hands stopped him. Green eyes looked questioningly into red as Hiei positioned Kurama above him. "I've been loving you all afternoon. I want to feel you loving me this time Sweetheart."

Kurama shivered at Hiei's sexy words. "I love this new side of you Koibito. The sweet endearments and a little vulnerability, it's so sexy. I'd say your time with me as a real human was time well spent."

Kurama rewarded Hiei by sliding down his body to pleasure him with his mouth until he screamed before settling between his legs to make love to his mate.

Hiei and Yusuke sat in the grass watching Kurama and Kuwabara spar. A month had passed since Kurama's memories had returned and Hiei insisted he begin to train. They watched amused as Kurama's plants played with Kuwabara as they fought.

When genuine laughter escaped Kurama's red lips Yusuke smiled. "He looks good."

Hiei nodded. "Hn."

Never taking his eyes from the fight Yusuke asked. "Now, how is he really?"

Hiei sighed. "Better, a lot better. He didn't release me for almost a week. For the next week he had to be close enough to touch me. Yoko's been stronger but neither will let me out of their sight yet."

He didn't know Yusuke could sense Kurama's spirit energy constantly reaching out to touch Hiei's. Kurama still needed reassurance that his mate was near and wouldn't leave.

Yusuke grinned. "So, how did the Youko take all of this?"

Hiei smirked as he fingered the mark on his neck. "Like a demon. He flexed his muscles a little and let me know he wouldn't tolerate being left alone ever again."

With a laugh Yusuke shook his head. "I'd bet that's not all he flexed. He's legondary for his lovemaking, come on Hiei, you can kiss and tell me."

"Hn." Again Yusuke laughed.

Both grinned as Kuwabara cried uncle after being pinned to the ground by one of Kurama's sinister plants. Yusuke's heart swelled at the beautiful smile the redhead gave Hiei at his victory. "It'll take time Hiei but he will be alright. When are you returning to Makai?"

Hiei shrugged. "Not for a while. Kurama's not strong enough yet. Yomi keeps me informed on things at Alaric. He put one of my best generals in charge until my return. I just hope I don't have to kill him to reclaim my territory."

Yusuke nodded. "Sounds like things are going to be just fine."

When Yusuke would have risen to challenge the redhead Hiei stopped him. "No Detective. This match is mine."

When Yusuke saw the obvious relief in Kurama's eyes that his mate was his next opponent he knew Hiei was right. Kurama needed Hiei right now. Settling back in the grass he called out to Kuwabara, laughing. "Come on you big wuss. Hiei and Kurama are going to show you how it's really done."

Kuwabara pulled himself up to crawl over by Yusuke and collapse in the grass beside him. "Bite me Urameshi. You fight that fox and let's see if you come out on top."

Watching Hiei and Kurama half spar, half seduce each other Yusuke laughed. "The look in Kurama's eye says he's hoping Hiei will come out on top, if you know what I mean."

Sure enough in less than five minutes they sparred their way into the woods and away from prying eyes for a private session. The only thing Yusuke and Kuwabara could still see was Kurama's shirt dangling from a bush.

Yusuke had a twinkle in his eyes as he looked at his friend. Kuwabara quickly stood and headed for the temple. "Oh no, there is no way I'm letting you talk me into following them. First off I don't want to know who's on top and second Hiei would feed us to his dragon for even thinking about watching."

Yusuke followed Kuwabara into the temple. "Come on Kuwa it'd be fun to peek at them having sex. We'd have blackmail material to use for years."

Rounding the corner into the kitchen Yusuke was brought up short by Yukina and Keiko both glaring at him. Kuwabara was behind them laughing. Yusuke might not be the brightest bulb in the box but he wasn't stupid, he new when to run.

A month later Hiei walked hand in hand with his fox. Kurama held a beautiful bouquet of roses the same blood red as his hair. Reaching their destination Kurama gave Hiei a gentle kiss before kneeling.

Kurama placed the roses in the vase attached to Shiori's grave marker. Feeding his ki into the flowers, sharp thorns pierce the base of the vase and the roses took root in the ground beneath. To the human eye they would simply appear to be a vase full of roses but Kurama knew the ground beneath would feed them and keep them beautiful for many years to come.

"I miss you Mother. I love you so much. I am so proud to have been your son. I'm going away but I'll come back to visit you. Goodbye Mother."

When Kurama stood Hiei could see the unshed tears in his eyes and slipped his arm around his mate. He gave Kurama a kiss before looking down at the grave marker. "I promise to love and protect your son, always. Goodbye Shiori."

Kurama drew a deep breath and smiled lovingly at his mate. "Let's go home Hiei."

Arms around each other the demons left the human world behind forever.