A/N: Ok guys, so here's the deal. This is a challenge to write a Logan/Marie tag team fic and the guidelines are listed below. If you are interested in tag teaming with me then you can email(is in my profile)/review or if you wish to start your own tag team I fully encourage you to do so. ) Perhaps we could even make it a competition? love && smiiles

But any who… about those guidelines…

Must have at LEAST two authors per story

Pairing: Rogue/Wolverine A.K.A. Marie/Logan

Rating: Any

Length: Each chapter no shorter than 500 words

Setting (MOVIEVERSE): sometime (anytime) after the first movie

Conflict: Must find an ORIGONAL way to get around Rogue's mutation (NOT clothing) and gradually bring Logan and Rogue together (not just magically one day they kiss and BAM marriage and children blah blah blah)

Each Chapter must be based upon a song (lyrical usage optional) to create a somewhat soundtrack for the story


Must stay as true to the characters as possible

Be original in your ideas (we don't want to see anything that has been done a thousand times)

Use multiple genres in your writing. for example: Humor, Angst, Romance, Action, Adventure ect…

Keep in mind readers want depth

Have a decent developing plotline