This is just a little AU version of The Greater Good when Kate goes looking for an exhausted Jack when he's looking for Locke after Boone's death. There are a couple random names thrown in to represent some of the background people who don't really have parts.


"People are scared and upset. They don't know what's going on. We need you to come back, Jack. Please?" Kate asked Jack looking at him concerned. She was afraid that he would ignore her and just keep going; his stubborn streak could drive a person insane. She watched as he stopped and caught his breath. He had to be exhausted he had just spent the night trying to save a life and couldn't. He hadn't slept or eaten and she wasn't even sure if he had even taken a sip of water today. To make things worse he had given Boone his own blood, pouring his own blood into Boone was how Charlie described it. Even though Kate was glad to have been there for Claire part of her wishes she had stayed behind to be with Jack. Sun had told her that she had to literally yank the transfer tube out of his arm when he wasn't even paying attention to his own health just Boone's. Those were the thoughts that scared Kate, knowing that Jack gave and gave and never looked out for his own well being. How far was he willing to go? To the death, would he sacrifice his life in order to save another? A real hero would and Kate knew Jack was a hero, but she didn't want him to be. Heroes never think of themselves, heroes are the first to fall on their swords if it means saving another life, heroes die. Kate couldn't stand the thought that Jack could die.

She watched as he struggled with his conscience and she regretted telling him that everyone needed him. He's tired and the last thing he needs is the responsibility of everyone else, but it was the only thing Kate could say to make him stop and listen. She knew his guilt at leaving the other survivors would kick in and he would come back out of obligation to them. She felt like a bitch manipulating him like that but she needed him to come back so she could get him to rest. Running around the jungle looking for Locke was the last thing he should be doing. Kate's heart broke when he finally looked at her; he looked like a lost little boy.

"I can't save them" he said his voice a soft whisper"

"What?" she asked.

""I couldn't save Boone so why should they expect me to be able to save them? I failed Kate, they need someone who won't fail, who won't let them down, and that's not me." His voice sounded defeated.

"No Jack, that's not true, do you have any idea where we would be right now if it wasn't for you? You've done so much for us, that's why we follow you, we believe in you." Kate said moving to stand in front of him.

"They shouldn't, what have I done Kate? I couldn't save the marshal, Joanna, Scott, Boone, they took Claire and I didn't bring her back. All I've managed to do is screw things up. So let me go Kate, just let me go into the jungle and you guys find someone else to lead you, someone who won't do more damage than good." Jack said turning from her.

Kate leapt forward and grabbed him by the shoulders turning him to her angrily. "How can you say that? How can you actually believe that? Let's talk about the good you've done, how about our first day here, you pulled Randy from under the wreckage and fixed his leg, you kept Claire calm, you revived Rose the whole time bleeding from your own wound. Since we've been here you united the camp, you found us fresh water, and you kept Shannon breathing when her asthma overtook her. Jesus Jack you brought Charlie back from the dead! You listened to Claire and eased her fears about being a new mother, hell you've even helped Sawyer out a couple of times. You fix peoples' wounds Jack but that isn't just it, you help people by talking to them asking them how they're doing, making daily rounds and checking in with everyone. Whether it's joking around with Hurley or talking politics with Mr. Henderson you are the one we see the one we trust." Kate said looking into his eyes desperately trying to get through to him.

"Anyone can do those things" Jack said softly.

"But no one has" Kate yelled her eyes filling with tears of frustration. "God Jack I see the way you beat yourself up for these people and it kills me. Part of me says if you want to go in the jungle then go for it. Get away from this crap and live your life without the stress. But the other part of me, the selfish part, couldn't stand it if you left. You have become my best friend and it's been a long time since I had one of those. You're a good leader Jack and everyone knows that you've done your best, but you also need to realize that it's ok to take a step back every once in awhile. Let other people handle things while you take some time off. You need to take care of yourself Jack." Kate said

"I'm so tired" he whispered, his head down staring at the ground. Kate watched him and decided to take a risk. She stepped up and slipped her arms around his neck and hugged him tight.

"I know you are, I know you're tired and that's ok, you've earned the right to be. I promise you can rest soon, let's just go back to camp." Kate leaned back and could see the pure exhaustion on his face. She gently rested her forehead against his and closed her eyes just enjoying the feeling of having him so close.

"I figured you were going to tell me to go back to camp to take care of everyone" Jack asked his nose accidentally brushing against hers.

"Jack I'm selfish, if you decided right here and now that you didn't want to be in charge I would support you a hundred percent because I hate the way you run yourself down trying to make everyone happy. But you also need to know that in the time you have been in charge, you haven't let us down. You have done so much good for everyone and I won't allow you to believe otherwise. Now if you decide you want to go back and be in charge I will also support you a hundred percent but I need to ask that you take care of yourself in doing so, if not for you then for me." She said huskily.

Jack opened his eyes and found himself staring into the deep beautiful eyes of Kate. Without even planning to he leaned forward and gently took her lips with his own. Kate froze for a second but then relaxed into the kiss. She had fought her attraction to Jack for so long but for now she just wanted to be swept up in it and enjoy herself. Jack slipped his arms around her and pulled her closer as he deepened the kiss and gently slipped his tongue past her lips and into her mouth. Kate returned the kiss with a little more force pulling him even tighter to her. Their tongues intertwined as their mouths made love to one another. Kate enjoyed the feel of Jack's body as he pressed against her. He was hard and strong where she was soft and pliable. When the need to breathe became too much they gently broke apart but continued to place quick, soft kisses against each others lips.

"Thank you" Jack whispered.

"I didn't do anything" Kate said back.

"You make me feel worthy Kate" Jack said seriously. Kate heard the exhaustion in his voice.

"You were already worthy Jack. Now come on let's head back, then you can come to my tent and show me how gracious you really are" Kate said with a cheeky grin.

Jack chuckled, "I thought I was going back to catch up on my sleep"

"Oh you are" Kate said flirtatiously, "In fact I insist you get all your strength back cause when you wake up you're all mine buddy." She said placing a quick kiss across his lips. Taking his hand in hers they headed back to the camp.

So I was thinking of continuing with each chapter being an AU version of certain Jate moments throughout the series. If that sounds interesting please let me know and I'll continue. If it sounds hideous and awful then you can let me know that too. :)