Well Gang I'm sad to say this but it looks like this fic has come to an end due to the choices the writers have made for the direction of Lost. I will of course wait until the last episode runs but from what I've heard, I really don't like Kate right now and don't think I can write her in a good light. I just want to thank everyone for all the support you guys gave me it really has meant more to me that you'll ever know. For those of you still hanging on to your Jate faith I say good for you and keep hanging on. I do believe there is still hope for Jate. However triangle aside I have found the actual show disappointing to me. I find some of the plots and twists almost ridiculous so for right now I am done. I found myself getting way too upset over a television show and I'm sure that isn't healthy so I'm actually pulling away from all things Lost right now. I actually won't even be around when next weeks episode runs so I'm kind of thinking that's a blessing. I still would like to write and would love to hear from you about some of your other favorite shows and if we have them in common I would love to write you a fic. I'm also considering writing a Haunted fic because no matter what Lost does I will always love Foxy. So please don't hate me for bailing on you because believe me it isn't something I want to do. Random and Tired really don't need an ending and I regret leaving Changes Are Ahead the way it is. Maybe in a little time I will be able to come back to it and give it a proper ending. Also to some other questions I have received, if you want Jacket fics I can do those for you as well being I like Juliet right now more than I like Kate. So whatever the request is OC/Jack ,Lost, or any other TV show please let me know cause I love writing and I love writing for you guys. Ok that's it and I'm not going to cry so thanks again you guys have been wonderful and the best fans ever.

Hugs & Kisses