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It had been weeks since Anna's death, yet the sting of pain felt as if it happened yesterday to Gabriel Van Helsing. He couldn't sleep without dreaming of her. Her face lingered in his mind every morning when he woke from those dreams. It was as if she was trying to stay with him in his dreams. As much as he wanted to move on with his life, he couldn't bring himself to forget her. For the first time in his life, he felt love for another human being. Just as he realized that love, she was snatched away from him in a cruel twist of fate. Now he was condemned to be alone. Gabriel promised never to love another as long as he lived. He was thinking about Anna one day when Carl barged into the room, as usual, in a fit of confusion.

"Van Helsing, are you still moping around?" he asked, picking up some nearby manuscripts on a table.

"What is it this time, Carl?" Gabriel wearily asked.

"I'm just trying to cheer you up. I haven't seen you crack a smile since before Anna died. She wouldn't want you to just mope around all the time in mourning for her," replied Carl, trying to cheer his friend up.

"Carl, let me ask you something. If you just lost the woman you loved to something you could not control, wouldn't you want to be left alone to mourn?" Gabriel asked, raising his voice to indicate his annoyance.

"Well, yes I would," was Carl's reply as he realized what Van Helsing was trying to say to him.

"Then why are you bothering me with all this nonsense?" Gabriel snapped. "I will stop moping around when I please. Now if you don't mind, I would like to grieve alone. Is that too much to ask?"

"I'm sorry. I didn't realize you cared for her that much, seeing that you never show emotion ever. In that case, I'll leave now and let you grieve. Just remember what I said Van Helsing, Anna wouldn't want you to concentrate all your time on her death," Carl said as he opened the door and walked out of the room, muttering prayers as he went on his way.

In the back of his mind, Gabriel knew that Carl was right. Anna even said herself that Transylvanians always looked on the brighter side of death. When her brother Velkan died, she didn't cry for too long. Gabriel remembered exactly what she had said to him on that day.

"We Transylvanians always look on the brighter side of death. I will see my brother again."

Van Helsing knew that she was with her family now inside the gates of Saint Peter. She had saved her family from eternal damnation in the flames of Hell by killing Dracula. At least now she was at peace, but Van Helsing was not. They had spread her ashes by the sea. She had told him that she had never been to the sea, so he thought it appropriate that he say goodbye at the sea. That day he saw her face in Heaven with her family. Anna looked down on him from above and smiled. He couldn't stop thinking about her eyes and how they were so full of life, he Romanian accent, and her smile. The one thing he regretted most about her death was never telling her that he loved her. Even though he knew that she already knew that he loved her, he would have liked to have told her himself. Now he would never have that chance. It wasn't fair that he had done so much for the church in his lifetime to have something so precious taken from him. In a split second decision, Gabriel decided to talk to God about it. Van Helsing found a window and knelt beside it, facing the incoming light. For the first time in his life, without a priest or anyone nearby forcing him, he began to pray.

"God, it's Gabriel Van Helsing. I'm almost sure that you know who I am. For years now I have been working for your church, ridding the world of the evil that lurks within it. Werewolves, Vampires, and all other creatures of the night I have hunted and killed, all for the sake of your work. Until now I have never asked for anything in my entire life. I beg of you, grant me a favor for the deeds I have done. The one woman I have ever loved is dead. Anna Valerious was her name. She died protecting me from the curse of the Werewolf. I have been so lost and alone without her here. I beg of you, bring her back to me. Please, with all your goodness and mercy, send her back to me. I cannot go on living without her. If you find it in your heart, please bring her back to life. Amen."

By this time, Gabriel was crying. It was the first time since the moment of Anna's death that he shed tears for her. Until now he couldn't and didn't ever know why. He decided that God wouldn't listen to his prayer. Van Helsing collapsed to the floor in defeat after a few minutes. He didn't know what to do with himself other than let go and mourn. Suddenly, the light coming through the window grew brighter. In alarm, Van Helsing pushed himself away from the window in anticipation of something coming through the glass. Instead, out of the white light walked a figure. Gabriel stood up to get a clearer look on the figure coming out of the light. His heart raced insanely as he got closer and closer to that figure in the light coming towards him. The light suddenly dimmed and he realized that it was Anna.

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