"Daddy, wake up!"

Dean tried to ignore the sweet, innocent and childish voice, knowing he was dreaming. His mind still had trouble believing what had happened to his family and he was almost used to it. Almost.

Ignoring the pain he knew he would feel when he woke up and saw that he was still in a hotel, he forced himself to open his eyes so that Sammy wouldn't worry. But before he could begin making his eyelids obey, he felt a slim, delicate hand stroking his cheek.

It was that touch. A touch he had missed so much he was hardly able to sleep at night knowing he would never feel it again. But it was here now, he was sure of it. Dean would recognize those long, tanned fingers anywhere.

Dean opened his green eyes to the two gazes that awaited him patiently; smiling and welcoming him back.

She was kneeling next to their bed, the hands he had recognized before laid gently on their son's little shoulders. The toddler's wide green eyes seemed to spark when Dean reflected those same eyes at him and Andrew threw himself in his father's arms.

"I missed you, daddy" he said in Dean's ear.

Sam opened his eyes after saying a small prayer and looked down at the three marble stones at his feet. His dark eyes lingered on the name engraved on the stone directly in front of him. This name was adorned by a simple inscription that read in solemn and truthful words, "Beloved husband, father and brother."

Kneeling in front of the grave, Sam gently put a little bouquet of simple white flowers as he had done with the other two. A small but amused smile appeared on his face as he thought of how his brother would surely react to such a present. The smile quickly vanished with a great sigh as all sorts of memories of his older brother flooded into his mind.

Sam remembered that night as clearly as day. The night it had all ended. It had been almost a year since then and yet sometimes Sam felt as if it had just happened.

He had remembered his brother's wishes to help the poor unfortunate spirit of Averill Park and so a few days after the incident he had paid an expert team to retrieve the bones from the bottom of the pond and after paying a little extra, he managed to keep the bones without the authorities ever knowing about them. He burned the girl's bones that night and she was never sighted again.

Sam hadn't forgotten the older man's selfless death wish either, which he had expertly disguised as a joke. Again Sam smiled remembering the playful tone and the cocky smirk as he said, how about you go back to New York and marry that girl of yours, huh?

And Sam had all intention of doing as he had asked. He had taken a long time to feel completely safe with his decision, Jessica's death being still too present in his mind. Hadn't it all happened because he had wanted to ask her to marry him? But now the demon was gone, and nothing could ruin his life this time.

"Hey, big brother," he muttered smiling a little, "I came to tell you something you've wanted to hear for a while… I know I made you wait but…"

He put his hand in his pocket and took out a small object. As he held it out, the small crystalline rock reflected the bright sunlight, overshadowing the gold ring. He smirked practically hearing his brother replying something along the lines of 'Sam! It's beautiful, but I'm sorry, you're not really my type…'

"See this?" he continued, "that's right, I'm doing it tonight. I'll ask her to marry me, Dean."

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