For Whatever Intentions are Worth

When she was but a toddler, she intended to be the most beautiful girl anyone had ever seen. But Fate decided that she be called the Forehead Girl.

When she started school, she intended to have fun like all other children did. But Fate decided that school be the bane of her existence. She had been alone and sad, until one Yamanaka Ino came along and helped her stand.

When she met Ino, she intended to be like the girl she admired the most. Her best friend, in whom she had always believed, was her goal. But Fate decided that one Uchiha Sasuke be the reason their friendship turned into petty rivalry.

When she became a genin, she intended to win the heart of Sasuke-kun. But Fate decided that his dark past and bitterness be too much for him to handle. He left one day, leaving her with an unrequited wish and a renewed conviction.

When Sasuke-kun, now no more than a broken soul, was finally returned to his rightful companions, she intended to find a way to his heart that she could see the light returning to his soulless eyes. But Fate decided that Hatake Kakashi be the one who found his way to her heart and saw the light returning to her jade orbs.

Fate had a way to tamper with everything she intended to do. But as she watched him sleeping peacefully, her gaze fell on the scar that ran across his one Sharingan. She realized then, that probably Fate had also interfered with his life more than he cared to count. And yet he wouldn't want to have it any other way.

She knew now that she wouldn't either.

- The End -

A/N: I wrote this a while ago for the weekly challenge in Kakasaku drabble community at LJ. Just now I decided to give ita home in FFdotNet.