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For the longest time, I've dreamt of a TMNT/Teen Titans crossover. I just couldn't figure out how to do it. But now, my stepfather and I have come up with a tale! And it works!

So, here we are. For your knowledge, this fic will be rather long. At the moment, I'm thinking twenty chapters or so.

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Important info! For those of you who might not know much about the DC comics world, the Teen Titans live in Jump City. Other DC cities include Gotham (or New York) and Metropolis (or Chicago).

Disclaimer: I, unfortunately, do not only not own the TMNT, but the Teen Titans are not mine as well. I missed out on the all these big cartoon shows.


Somewhere in Jump City

Thunderous claps of gunfire and metallic scrapings. The sounds of battle were by no means unfamiliar, but were, of course, altered every time. Old foes, new strategies; new opponents, different methods. Each adversary had unique pictures of the fight, their own desires to come out of the outcome.

A dull and heavy clank revealed the winner. Slade paid no attention to the head of one of his androids, which had rolled into the light.

The quiet, calm steps that followed did not stir him. Nor did the unfamiliar face. A man, looking to be in his forties perhaps, came onto the scene, face void of the joy of victory, but set in confidence. He was flanked by four masked men, each holding a gun.

Adjusting his glasses, the man spoke. "I would suggest you design better sentinels, Mr. Slade. They're not much of a problem for someone who knows what they're doing."

Not even this provoked him. Finally, Slade placed the porcelain cup, holding his tea, onto the table beside him before bothering to address the man. "They serve the purpose well enough. A person who can't get pass them certainly isn't worth my time talking to, much less combating with."

The newcomer grinned darkly. "Interesting philosophy. But let's cut to the chase, shall we? My name is Agent Bishop; I represent a branch of the government. We have become aware of a certain work of yours that, with some adjustments, could possibly aid us in one of our… projects."

"And what might that be?" He asked, gloved hands folded, referring to the matter that Bishop was interested in.

"Your work with nanotechnology is interesting, Mr. Slade. Were you to give us your work, I have resources that could even improve upon it."

Voice monotonous, Slade kept his gaze fixed. "I'm not interested."

The man before him kept his own eyes equally as hard. "Of course, you would not go empty-handed. Everything comes with a price, and yours has no boundaries." He said, hinting to what could be payment in money, favors, power.

Slade allowed himself a grin, concealed under his mask. "You have nothing I want."

Now it was Bishop who grinned. "On the contrary, Mr. Slade. We know more about than I think you realize. There is one thing that greatly interests you, and I believe I have the means to get it."

Mysterious, this government agent was. But Slade felt he understood what the man was talking about. Now he was interested.


New York City

Since youth, Follow the Leader had been a favorite game among the four turtles, running across the rooftops of the city below them, height and shadows concealing them from view.

For the moment, Michelangelo was the leader. Behind him was Donatello, Leonardo himself, and Raphael. One after the other, they moved in perfect harmony; were they to see them, and partaker in a synchronized event would be green with envy.

Rarely were the motions performed with difficulty. As ninja, Leo and his brothers were able to move easily in ways some other people could do only with difficulty, if at all.

The only thing that brought the game to an end was slight fatigue; they'd been playing this game for a few hours or so now, taking turns being the leader.

Stopping on one rooftop, overlooking the city that never sleeps, the four teenagers relaxed. Donny glanced at his watch. "Well guys, we probably should be heading back now."

The orange-clad turtle raised his hands up to the night sky. "All right!" He exclaimed, checking his own watch. "If we make it home in time, we can catch the sci-fi movie marathon!"

In seconds, Mikey was on the ground beneath them, searching for the nearest manhole cover. Shaking his head, a grin on his beak, Don followed him, with a little less enthusiasm.

Raph was about to do likewise when he turned back around, noticing that Leo wasn't even paying attention. "Hey, Leo. Ya comin'?" he asked.

The eldest turned slowly, brow furrowed. "Yeah…" he said, before looking back once. Cocking his head, he made his way over to where his brother was.

"What?" Raph questioned him.

Leo just shook his head. "Nothing." He told him as they made their way down, quickly catching up with their brothers.

I guess… That's all it could've been. He'd been silent that whole time on the roof, studying their surroundings, and had found nothing. Nothing but the shadows around them; the silent whispers of the night wind.

But, for some reason, he'd felt as if they'd been watched.

Little did he know, this was merely the beginning.


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