/N: I originally decided that this story was going to be a one-shot, but then my sister thought that it should be a full story! So I hope you enjoy.

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No-one Knows Her Better Than Him.

Chapter 1

Harry walked down the cold marble staircase on a frosty Christmas morning. The snow was settling silently on the window ledges surrounding the tall Head student's tower. There were certain perks of being Head Boy for Harry, especially as Hermione was Head Girl. One was that they shared their own private common room and it was days like today that Harry appreciated that. During the previous week, many of the students had returned home for their Christmas break. Ron and some of the other 7th year students that remained, were helping out in the Great Hall for the Christmas feast that awaited everyone that night. Harry decided that today was a good day to get to know Hermione better. More personally.

As Harry's feet met the soft carpet in the common room, he looked around the and something caught his eye. In the far corner, a Christmas tree stood there, with its lights twinkling all around it. Hermione's been up early again. Harry thought as he looked down at his watch and read the time off of it. 8:30am.

"Hermione?" Harry called out into the lifeless room. As he had expected, there had been no answer from one of his best friend. He turned round started to wonder back up the stairs to Hermione's dorm, when he stopped in his tracks. A murmured whisper could be heard from the fire area. Harry walked over to it, and to his surprise, there was Hermione lying fast asleep on the sofa.

Harry sat down in the armchair, opposite Hermione, and gazed at her whilst she slept silently on the mahogany sofa. It wasn't long until Harry saw Hermione stirring in her sleep, indicating that she was soon to wake up and realise he had be watching her sleep. However, Harry still remained fixed in the soft armchair.

"Huh?" Hermione groaned as she sat up straight on the sofa as her vision cleared. "Oh, hi Harry. What time is it?"

Harry peered down at his watch. "9:15. What made you sleep down here again this time!" Harry said inquisitively as he wonder over to the long wooden table by the Christmas tree and grabbed two bottles of chilled water.

"Not much." Hermione lied. The truth was Hermione didn't really know what had made her fall asleep on the sofa. To her recollection, she had awoken from her sleep sometime during the night and then she wondered into the common room to do some late night studying, as she couldn't fall back into her peaceful sleep. She could remember that she was constantly thinking about Harry and his safety now that he was determined to get revenge on Voldemort by killing him after risking his life once again to find the mysterious Horcuxes that lay around the world somewhere. Hermione looked up as she realised she had been oblivious to the fact Harry was still there watching her closely. "Harry, why are you observing my every move today?"

"No reason" Harry shrugged.

"Come Harry. I know you better than that. With you it's always something and never nothing." Hermione tried to catch his eye but he refused to let her do it. "So what are we going to do today? Are we meeting Ron?"

"We can't. He's down in the Great Hall with Professor Flitwick doing something, remember!" Harry's last word was dripping with sarcasm but Hermione smiled.

"Ok then. So what do you want to do? Go into Hogsmead, because as Head Boy and Girl we can go any weekend, you know!." Hermione said like her usual textbookish self.

"No!" Harry said strongly but calmly. "Lets stay here! I want to know you -"

"Harry, you've known me for 6 years now. What else is there left for you to know?" Hermione interrupted.

"If you let me finish. I was going to say I want to know you more personally. Like how does your mind actually work?" Harry stared at Hermione as she realised he was actually being serious. A small sound of laughter could be heard coming from her direction.

'Oh my god!' Hermione thought. 'He actually wants to know me. ME! He can have any girl in the school but he decides that he wants to know me. It just seems a little strange because were best friends and all, but what the heck.'

"Ok, alright. I give in. What do you want to know?" Hermione sighed as she pushed back her straightened hair into a high ponytail, leaving her eyes to be revealed brightly as the sun bounced off them as it streamed through the windows. Harry got up to leave for his dorm when Hermione grabbed his arm and pulled him back to her.

"Hey let go!" Harry pulled his arm out of Hermione's grasp. "Don't worry! I'm coming back, I'm going to get changed and grab something from my dorm." He added as he saw the pleading look Hermione gave him.

Harry turned round and retreated back up the marble staircase to his private dorm and shared bathroom. Hermione followed him up the stairs and entered her dorm and straight into the bathroom. The bathroom was bigger than the common room downstairs. The bath was like the one in the prefect's bathroom on the 5th floor, although there were some minor differences. There were mirrors on the opposite wall where the bath lay in the bay of the window. In the far left-hand corner of the swimming pool like bath, lay a small rocky waterfall. Hermione climbed into the bath, after magically securing both doors, and swam towards the hard pounding water falling from the waterfall above. As she sat there with the rushing water falling onto her back, Hermione fell into a sort of daydream. Flashbacks of her adventures over the past 6 years with her two best friends flooded into her mind. The three of them had had many journeys and adventures over the recent years. As Hermione's mind wandered, she didn't notice the noise coming from Harry's bedroom.

Beyond the right-hand side bathroom door, Harry stumbled and fell about the room as he failed to find the certain object that he was searching for.